Meet me at Magnolia! {Texas here I come!}

Hey friends!  

I wanted to let you know that I will be headed to Texas this week with Jonathan!  WOOHOO!


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I haven’t been to Texas since I was in college on a summer missions team called Crosspoint, and I fell in love with the state!  I’ve wanted to go back for a loooooong time, so I was so excited when Jonathan was asked to speak and sing to a group of deaf/hard of hearing students in Weatherford, Texas.  The event will take place at Weatherford High School.

Since we are flying all the way to Texas, I thought we could spend a few extra days visiting family in Austin and spending a day at the Magnolia Market in Waco.  #duh


So I wanted to let my readers know that if you live near Waco and wanted to hang out with Jonathan and I on Friday, March 10th, we would LOVE to see you!!

We also want to drive around and enjoy other parts of Waco as well.  Maybe visit some antique shops?  Maybe do some Chip and Jo seeking?


If you are local to Waco, any advice would be appreciated! :)

And if anyone has connections to Magnolia or Chip and Jo, could you ask them if Jonathan could sing at the Silos next Friday night?  :)  #howcoolwouldthatbe?

Email me at if you think you can make it!  We will have so much fun!








  1. Singing at the Silos would be amazing.
    I just loooove Chip and Jo!!!!! & I’m totally jealous of you going to Magnolia. :)
    Glad Jonathan is having opportunities to travel and sing. That’s so exciting!

  2. Ahhh, TEXAS…. I hope you have a great trip. I also hope the weather will be great for you. ENJOY, ENJOY. There’s no place like TEXAS. I’ve lived in Texas all of my life.

  3. How fun!! I would love to go to see Chip and JoJo’s store! We love their show and them!! Have fun!!

  4. How exciting! I would love to visit Waco. I would try to visit Round Top too and look up the Junk Gypsies, maybe Jonathan could sing there too. For some reason I think Round Top and Waco are near each other, but maybe I’m wrong, I forget how BIG Texas is! Have fun.

    1. Wrong direction (Round Top and Waco!) I live in the suburbs of Austin and used to spend a ton of time in Waco as my old college roomie is from there and still lives there. Round Top is east of Waco about 2 1/2 hours (give or take) going towards Houston where as Waco is going north to Dallas/Fort Worth.

      Have fun and plan on eatin’ good, girl cuz Austin has a TON of fantabulous restaurants. Chuy’s is my favorite tex-mex and their creamy jalapeno dip is so yummy to dip your chips in or to put on a salad. I know you are trying to eat healthy, but while in Austin, you can’t pass up some of our foodie trucks either. We are known for them! I wish I did not work, I would love to meet you and Jonathan, but I have a job that doesn’t allow me to take off when I want, so I will be with you in spirit. Have fun, be safe and watch out for all the crazy Austin drivers (they are HORRIBLE!!!). IH35 is horrible, so I apologize in advance for our very poor traffic road system.

  5. I got to go last month while taking my daughter to grad school auditions (viola) at UT Austin. It truly is a delightful place. The employees are so welcoming and there is just a joyful feeling about the place. Everyone is so happy to be there.

  6. How exciting to be going to Texas. I am Canadian and have been to Texas 3 times! I love that state and I would love to go to Waco (especially Magnolia Market).
    Liz @ Love Grows Wild blogged about going to Magnolia Market and meeting Chip and Joanna, maybe she could connect you!

  7. That sounds great! Welcome to my state! I hope you and Jonathan have a great time. I have never been to Magnolia Mkt, but I hear it’s fun!

  8. You guys are something else! Your life is a continuous adventure. I am a hugh fan of Fixer Upper and Chip & Jo Jo, I hope you get to meet them. One thing I know for sure is that your family and their family share something wonderful and that is your faith and love of our Lord. AND….yes, how cool would that be if Jonathan could sing at the Silos. Whatever you both get to do, please share with us….your fans also!! God Bless

  9. How exciting Jonathn has been invited to do this and Mom gets to tag along. What a great opportunity. I would love to meet up with you but am about 8 hours away, so maybe next time. Enjoy your visit and we’ll look forward to hearing all about it.

  10. Have an amazing time!! I have always wanted to go to Magnolia Farms!! I can’t wait to read about your adventures when you return! Susan

  11. I live just noth of Dallas and I believe it’s Round Top/Warrenton spring flea market. It’s totally awesome….miles and miles of antiques & junking from small town to small town. I’ve also been to Magnolia Market in Waco. If time is a factor……Hands down go to Round Top/Warrenton flea market. It only takes an hour or two to visit Magonlia (that is unless you get a set up with Chip & Joann). It was fun to see Magonlia, but not that much to see. Antiques in Waco, just OK, nothing exciting. Not trying to be a party pooper, so please don’t “excommunicate” me. Just my opinion….speaking from living in Texas all my life.

  12. I’m a Texas gal…just on the opposite side of the state. Hope you connect with Joanna and Chip and that Jonathan has an opportunity to sing for them! Safe travels.

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