Our Trip to Magnolia Market

Well, y’all, the blogging gods have been against me this month!  My server has been down twice, my computer was dead for a week, my videos wouldn’t upload, and my html has been wonky.  I have spent hours trying to write posts and edit photos, and yet I can’t seem to get anything posted!  ugh.  

My pageviews this month have taken a nose dive, so if you have an extra minute or two today, I’ve added some extra links to older projects at the bottom of this post that you could click on and check out.  Every pageview helps. :)

I’ve been wanting to share with you when Jonathan and I were at the Magnolia Market the Friday before last.   I’ve been wanting to visit Magnolia for a long time, so when Jonathan was asked to sing and speak in Weatherford, Texas, I KNEW I had to add Waco to our travel plans. 

magnolia market

All week, the forecast kept calling for rain, but thankfully, it stayed away and the sky was the brightest of blues!

magnolia market, waco, texas

Those silos and the market stand out so beautifully against the sky.  The whole atmosphere was so joyful!

A dear reader/friend of mine, Bee, and her sweet family came to meet us at the silos.  It was so good to see them and spend time with them.


We had fun shopping and eating lunch together. 

Later that day, Jonathan and I jumped in the long line at the bakery to snag some goodies!  They were delicious!

the bakery at the silos


Here is a two minute video with more pictures from our fun day there…


Our back patio reveal from last summer…

back-patio-reveal-18 (1)



Bathroom Makeover reveal….




Spring Rice Krispie Treat



  1. So glad you & Jonathon were able to manage a trip to Waco & Magnolia Markets while in Texas. I live in Waco but was out of town when you visited.
    Come back soon! I love following your blog & the adventures of your family!!

  2. Sorry for all your technical woes. The trip looks fun. I want to go. Love Chip and Joanna and Fixer Upper. Maybe next summer when I go to the Delta Kappa Gamma convention in Austin.

  3. Love the pictures. Went to Waco last fall and had the best time!! Everyone so welcoming. Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Glad you got a chance to visit Texas! I hope you got to see some of our Spring wildflowers, particularly the bluebonnets. It’s just too bad that we weren’t there at Magnolia & The Silos at the same time because that would’ve been loads of fun! Last weekend my daughter, granddaughter and I drove up from Houston to Waco to meet up with my sister and her husband. We were really there for my nephew’s wedding reception, but first we all had to visit Magnolia Market & the bakery. (Yum!) We were there on Saturday. It was crazy busy with lots of vendors. Sorry we missed you!

  5. Even on the busiest day, there is no need to pay for parking! First, we have a free parking lot that’s connected to the Silos; the entrance is on 8th street by CrossFit. Second, there’s plenty of street parking in the area. And third, take the Silos District Trolley! You can park for free downtown and take a 10 minute ride to the Silos.

  6. Did Jonathan have an opportunity to sing? Love the pictures! All of those baked goods look so decadent. And you, my friend, are looking most excellent. Adorable top!

    Technology troubles are the worst. Going to visit some of your back posts to help with those page view numbers.

  7. I wonder if those technical difficulties are related to your newsletter not being delivered to my inbox anymore? I had resubmitted a subscription, but it still never came. Just submitted again, so we shall see :)

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