Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Hello, friends!

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and I put together a gift guide full of items that I would love to get myself.  :)

I miss buying my mom something for Mother’s Day, and the first few years without her were very difficult for me.  But then like always, I could hear my mom say, “Traci, quit being sad that you don’t have a mother, and celebrate that YOU ARE a mother!”  

I know that my mom wouldn’t want me to be sad on Mother’s Day, but instead she would want me to soak up every minute of the day as the mother of my 5 precious children.  And THIS Mother’s Day is going to be even more special to me, as it will be my first Mother’s Day with my daughter.  

So yep, y’all!  You can bet I will be celebrating this Mother’s Day….loving on my children and thanking Jesus for the precious mom He gave me!

I had some fun looking up some pretty items that any mother would LOVE for this special day!  All of these gifts are very affordable and range from less than $10 to the most $200 (The KitchenAid, of course!)

Happy Shopping!!  Just click on the correlating numbers below the image to visit each product’s page. 







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  1. What a great list of gift ideas. I’d love any of those myself. But…..most of all, thank you for the reminder to celebrate being a Mother. I have my mother, but not my dad and I know for years I felt sad I didn’t have a dad, instead I could have been thankful for the wonderful dad my 3 kids have. :) Have a great Mother’s Day!!!

  2. all are great ideas Traci! happy early Mother’s Day to you! Your children have a great mom – I’m sure they know it :-). I know the feeling you’re talking about, having lost my mom too, I used to be sad on Mother’s Day, but also like you I realized she would never want me to be sad, but to celebrate with my daughter, and now my son-in-law who is the son I never had – love him! My daughter asked me what I wanted – I asked for knock-out roses to plant in my yard. They’re so pretty, and so easy to grow – they make me happy.

    1. I LOVE getting plants as gifts! I like them better than flowers. I thought more about this post this week, and it came to me that celebrating Mother’s Day with my kids and loving on them is the BEST GIFT I can give my mom on Mother’s Day. :)
      God bless you!

  3. Well you do have a mom. She is simply living in Heaven now(: I am certain that she was an amazing one too. You and your sister are just fabulous, and she sure did a great job with you both. Enjoy your Mother’s Day! I plan to send my husband a link to this post. Loving the pajamas and the fringe earrings!

    1. Thank you, Susan! Though my mom is not here on earth, I know she is always with me. :). Thanks for your sweet words. Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Thank you for the gift
    list. It must’ve been me as many of the links did not work for me🙃Good ideas though. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms everywhere 💗

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