Where in the World have I been?!!

You guys!!  I am sooooo sorry!  I have not posted in over a week, and I’ve missed you. :)

Last week, I was in North Carolina for a LaZboy event on Wednesday through Friday, and I just didn’t have time to post.  If I was one of those “organized” bloggers, I would have planned ahead, but well….you know….

Jonathan was singing in a wedding in California, and Cy went with him this time, so I had the other four kiddos by myself this weekend.  I was going to work on my blog this weekend, but well….you know…

By the way, Jonathan sang at a wedding of one of my blog reader’s daughter, Cassidy.  Their family has been following my blog for many years, and they have always been big fans of Jonathan and his music.  We got to meet their family this past summer when they were traveling through Kentucky.  I ALWAYS love when I get to meet my blog readers!!

Anyway, Jonathan was so honored to be asked to sing at Cassidy’s wedding, and they had a wonderful trip!

So last Wednesday, I had the wonderful experience of flying to North Carolina for the LaZboy “Design Dash.”

This is the third year for this event, and I was so excited to participate!

Basically, they bring in bloggers to design spaces around one of their LaZboy sofas.  I got to pick out the style and color of my sofa a few months ago, and then they created my sofa for this event. 

They treated us like royalty while we were there.  We even got our own director’s chairs!

I will share more about the event at a later date, and you will be able to see the room I designed, and all of the other bloggers’ rooms, and then vote on the design space that you like best.  

Here is a sneak peek of my room…

This is sweet Tessa, one of the LaZboy designers that helped me with my space.  She and I worked great together and had so much fun!!

We both love white hydrangeas, so these definitely made it into my room…


This is Leandra.  She is the social media expert for LaZboy, and such a sweet soul.  She also reminds me of Ivanka Trump.  :). Stunning.  

Kelly Edwards was there as well.  Kelly spoke at the Haven Conference two years ago, so we have met before, but it was great catching up with her!  She is best known for hosting the successful HGTV series, “Design on a Dime” as well as STYLE Network’s “Tacky House”.

There were other amazing people from LaZboy that I got to work with, but I didn’t get pictures with everyone.  :(

Of course, the best part of any blog trip is being able to see my other blog friends and spending time with them.  They make everything sweeter. 

I roomed with my buddy, Marian, aka Miss Mustard Seed.  (Sorry for the blurry pic.  I snagged it really quick as we were leaving.)


And I LOVED spending time with my sister from another mother, Sarah, Thrifty Decor Chick


We played a mean game of bowling the last night we were there together!  Lots of fun and laughter!

And then there is the beautiful Cassidy from Remodeholic.  We roomed together at the SNAP conference a few years back, and I adore this girl!  She is a wealth of knowledge and always challenges me to think outside of the box. 



There were a few more bloggers that I didn’t get a pick with and that is Gina from Shabby Creek Cottage, Debbie from Refresh Restyle, and the Glitter Guide girls.  It was the first time I ever worked with them, and they were super sweet. 

The trip was short and quite the whirlwind, but it was such a blessing to be a part of.  Again, I will tell you more soon, and you will get to see the whole room I designed.  They will even have a video of me while I am creating the space.  It should be a lot of fun!

I will try to post more this week.  #fingerscrossed

But until then, I hope you have a great week! 





  1. Sounds wonderful. I wish I had a gift of decorating. I need to buy new family room furniture and keep putting it off because I don’t know what I’m doing and going into the furniture store won’t be fun to me. Thanks for sharing. Wish I had you to do my room. :)

  2. You and Tessa look like sisters except for her blond hair! Honestly. But then, you and Sarah do as well. Looking forward to seeing your room design! BTW, I love La-Z-Boy reclining chairs! :)

  3. Hey Traci! Glad to hear you came to beautiful North Carolina, my home state. Were you in High Point, our furniture capital?? Sounds like you had a grest time! I can’t wait to see your entire room! God Bless.

  4. What fun and to be with other bloggers is just “icing on the cake.” What exciting time for Johnathan, I know you are so proud of him. Have a restful week! :o)))

  5. Traci, I’ve missed you!
    I’m in Charlotte. I would’ve loved to have been your assistant. Ha!
    Looking forward to the room reveals!!!!

  6. What fun Traci! You are so talented and I have to say you are so beautiful! Seriously in every picture you look fabulous!

  7. Always fun to see your adventures! DO TELL – I love that cold shoulder leopard print shirt you’re bowling in! <3 You look fabulous!

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