Get the Look: My Niece’s Fall Front Door!

This past weekend, we celebrated my great nephew’s 6th birthday!  The party was at my sweet niece’s home (Courtney) in Lexington.   I’ve always loved her front door, and it looked especially beautiful all decked out for fall, so I snapped a picture on my phone to share with you.

I shared it on Instagram and had several of you ask me the color of the door.  It’s called French Moire by Sherwin Williams.




Isn’t that a beautiful color?!  She has the prettiest front door on her street! :)

I also found some similar items to complete the look of Courtney’s front door for your own home!

(affiliate links included)


I have this rug from Target, and I love it! HOME SWEET HOME rug from Target



New outdoor lights can do WONDERS to your home’s curb appeal!


And here are some beautiful wreaths I found, full of the color orange, that would look gorgeous on your front door….


Have you put up your fall wreaths yet?  I haven’t, but after seeing my niece’s front door, I may be putting mine up tonight!  ha!

Have a blessed day, friends!



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  1. I have not put up my fall wreath – BUT I want to :)! My door is black – and I wanted something new this year for fall. I found a really pretty gold and ivory wreath at TJMaxx. It has ivory pumpkins, pinecones, gold leaves, some brown leaves with touches of gold. It was relatively inexpensive but looks like it cost about 3x what I paid. I’m excited to put it on the door!
    I love the color of Courtney’s door too! It is such a pretty blue – and I shared it with my friend in SC who has been looking for inspiration.

  2. All my fall decor got put up and out yesterday! I normally would probably wait a bit yet but we have company that comes the weekend after Labor Day because it’s our small town’s festival so I want it to look cute and festive. I LOVE the color of her door. It’s perfect!

  3. I also love the color of her door. My house is red brick – what color is her roof? I have tried a different color every year on my front door. Nothing seems to look quite right. Glad you always share these wonderful decorating ideas!

  4. I have to check out this color for my door! I have black (changed from white), but have always wanted a blue! These pics make me think this might work!

    If I’m wearing flip flops daily in New England, it’s not time for Fall decor!

  5. My door is the same color but I have never put an orange wreath on it. Stunning. Its also Sherwin Williams but don’t know the color name off the top of my head. I usually wait until after my end of the month b’day to put out Fall decor. Plus I wait until I clean and I need to do that now. :) UGH!!!! Does anyone else hate to clean after doing it for so many years? Speaking of Courtney……did she quit her blog? I haven’t gotten an email from her forever.

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