Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room Reveal!

FRIENDS!!!  It’s is finally time for my LAUNDRY ROOM REVEAL!

This space has been so fun to create because we started from scratch.  Last fall, we added this room to the back of our house, and I designed it to fit our needs.  Here are the main areas that I wanted my laundry/mud room to include:

1.  A coat rack.

2.  A concrete sink (to wash off those muddy shoes.)

3.  Washer and Dryer area with cabinets to hold supplies.

4.  Folding station with baskets for each child’s laundry.

So are you ready for the full tour?!  Let’s start when you walk in the back door.

To the left, you will see a coat rack that Cy made with some wood and hangers that we got at Hobby Lobby.  This will be a great place to hang our coats and umbrellas.  I also found the metal basket on the wall at Hobby Lobby, and the clock at Target.

Several years ago, I found those vintage folding chairs at an antique store.  They have been hanging out in the boys’ shoe closet until now, but I thought they would be perfect for this area in our laundry room.  I might change them out later for a bench, but for now, they are exactly what we need.

To the right of the folding chairs is my favorite part of the entire laundry room!  My vintage concrete sink!

Y’all, I know it may be silly, but I love, LOVE my concrete sink!  We found it on Craigslist and drove all the way to North Carolina in one day to get it, and it was worth every penny!  It is perfect for washing dirty shoes and water plants.  The faucet from Lowe’s is perfect for this sink!

Another feature I love in the laundry room is the beautiful farmhouse pendant light that hangs right in the middle of the space.  (**Product links at bottom of post.)

It goes perfectly with the barn lights that I spray painted black for over the washer and dryer.

We finally finished DIY’ing our picture frames for each of my kiddos photos this week, and I think they look great under the barn lights.

And I am so glad that I painted the grids on the windows to coordinate with the other touches of black in the room.

The gray tile on the floor does a great job of hiding dirt and pulling the space together!

To the left of the washer and dryer is an area where I decorated with some laundry detergent and clothes pins.  I found the “Nellie” container at Marshall’s and I had to get it!  My grandmother’s name was Nellie, so I had to get it.

I also keep a bottle of Purification oil by my washer for those times that I accidentally forget to take the wash out in time and I need to get the “stink” out. :)

The DIY cabinets we built for both sides of the washer and dryer are great for holding supplies like detergent, bleach, rags, cleaning supplies, etc.  The black hardware on the doors is also from Lowe’s.

I LOVE the extra light that the barn lights give me when doing the laundry, especially at night.  It makes the room feel so bright and cheery!

And I love that my lights shine on the faces of my precious kiddos.   Seeing their sweet faces makes doing laundry not so much of a chore!

To the right of the washer and dryer, I put a small trashcan (that I found at Marshall’s) for the lint from the dryer.  I also put the fluted white bowl  there for all the extra coins that I find in the wash.  I consider it my tip jar! :)

I also added a little candle and basket of towels, cause….why not? :)

I found this replica of a vintage drying rack online, and hung it on the wall.  Below it is a little stool from Hobby Lobby with a gorgeous green ivy plant from Lowe’s.

The little bucket and towels are both from Marshall’s.

To the right of the bucket is the doorway that leads into our “soon-to-be-butler’s-pantry” that leads into our kitchen.  But since that space is not finished, we are just going to jump past that doorway right on over to my folding station.

I knew that I wanted a space to fold all of my kiddos clothes so I asked Cy to build me this folding area.  The cabinet holds six baskets, one for each of the kids, and one for me and Cy.  After I fold all of the clothes, I put them in the correct basket, and then the kids have to take their baskets to their rooms and put their own clothes away. It is a great system that works perfectly for us!  The little baskets hanging on the wall are for keys and wallets.

I found this cute little white bowl at a store called At Home.  Doesn’t it look great with yellow mums in it?  I am sooooo ready to start decorating with even more mums around the house!

That’s it!  My full laundry room reveal!  Thank you for coming over!

If you have any questions at all, just leave a comment, and I will answer them.  :)

This laundry room project was sponsored by Lowe’s.  All ideas and opinions are 100% mine, but the products from the studs in the walls, to the wood planks on the wall, to the tile on the floor, to the lights on the walls and more, came from Lowe’s!

Product List:

Style Selections Galvano Charcoal Porcelain Granite Floor and Wall Tile

Quoizel Railway 15.5-in Imperial Bronze Barn Single Warehouse Pendant

The Baltic Butcher Block 8-ft Natural Straight Wood Birch Kitchen Countertop

Portfolio Ellicott 10.75-in H Galvanized Dark Sky Outdoor Wall Light

Style Selections 96mm Center-to-Center Matte Black Bar Cabinet Pull 

30″ x 60″ Pella 450 Series



  1. I LOVE your laundry room!!! It is so well thought out, and I just love all the decor items you put in, especially the pictures of your children!

  2. I love, love, love your new laundry room!!! Everything about the room makes you want to hang out there and do some laundry! The room is very functional, but also so pretty. Absolutely love the pictures of your kiddos! Awesome job and I know it will make it easier for you and a pretty place to be.

    1. Thank you, Pam! :). It’s about the only room in my house that looks good right now. ha! So I don’t mind spending time in there at all. :)

  3. Cy and you did a great job again! Most of all I love your sink, lamps, windows and washing / dryer area!
    Do you mind if you would take a short video of your laundry room?! I think it would make the laundry room tour more complete!

    1. Absolutely, Tanja! That was the plan, but the weather didn’t cooperate. :(. Hurricane Harvey was here, and it was dark outside. I was able to change the settings on my camera enough to make my photos bright and cheery, but I couldn’t do it on the video, so we are going to take a video as soon as the sun appears again. haha! I’ll be sure to share it. Thanks!!

  4. Your laundry room turned out amazing!! I love the photos under the lights and your tip jar is a great idea! I really enjoyed watching this transformation!

  5. I can see only one thing wrong with your laundry room…..It’s not at my house! Great job! Beautiful yet functional!

  6. Hi Traci,
    I love your laundry room! I’m curious; how did you decide which washer/dryer to purchase? I know you were debating on front load versus top load. I’m redoing my laundry room and have to pick a new set. Thanks!

    1. Hi Cheryl! We went with a Maytag top loader from Lowe’s, and we love it!!! After getting a lot of negative feedback on my blog about the front loaders, I decided to go with the top loaders. The guy at Lowe’s also said that the front loaders get returned more often and need more service, so I went with the top loader. Hope that helps!

      1. I made the same decision – a Maytag top loader – when I replaced my old washer and dryer several years ago. My new machine does not have an agitator which I learned (after I had purchased it) some people disliked because they said their wash came out all bunched up and twisted together. Hmmm. I already had the new machine so I did research online and came across a woman who had solved the issue by NOT just throwing the wash into the tub (remember, no agitator) but instead, placing it around the edges of the tub. I’ve continued to follow her advice and have never had the twisted-up issue. My drum is large as well and I’ve washed comforters for several friends in it.
        I was telling a friend about my new washer and she came over to see it. My machine has a clear glass/acrylic lid. You would have laughed at seeing two grown women staring down into a washing machine (as if it was the most fascinating thing in the world) as it went through its cycles. Long story short, she and her husband bought one a week later. Lol.

  7. It is a beautiful fantastic laundry room! I’m curious about your washer and dryer. Brand? type? I have a front loader and when we build am seriously thinking of replacing it with a top load for better abilities to soak. The room is truly beautiful!

    1. HI Rachel! We got our Maytag washer and dryer at Lowe’s, and we love it! It is an extra large capacity because we have so much laundry to do. It has really cut down on the time I spend doing laundry because I am able to wash and dry so much at once!

  8. Wow wow wow!! It looks great and makes laundry not seem like a job. By the way, how’s the kitty? Are her legs ok?

    1. Thank you, Bridget! Journie is doing great! Her leg is just fine! :). She was just so weak that her legs were wobbly and we thought it was broken, but it’s not! yay!!

  9. You did such an excellent job in your new laundry room. Painting the windows was so smart! My one question is, where does your dirty laundry reside? Do you have a hamper of some kind? Piles on the floor LOL? Dianne

    1. Hi Dianne! Good question. :) Right now, the dirty laundry is in bins in the room right beside our laundry room (which was actually our old laundry room). It will eventually be called our “butler’s pantry” because one side of that space will be a custom built cabinet holding our extra kitchen dishes and on the other side of the room, closest to the laundry room, Cy is building me a cabinet that will hold and hide our laundry hampers. Of course, I will share all of that on the blog. :) xoxo

  10. I’m so in love with this laundry room!!!!!
    As always, all your projects are incredible!!!
    Did you custom made the frame that holds the sink or did come with it?

  11. I’m finding it hard to find my favorite thing in this fantastic laundry room. It’s between the sink and the folding cabinet. Everything is so organized and I’m jealous. Love it.

  12. I love your room! I’m planning to remodel my laundry room in October so you have given a lot of great ideas! Did you make the sign over your folding table? I would love to have one like it? Thanks, Debbie

  13. Beautiful! Just curious… have you used those Pella 450 windows in the past. If so, just wondering what you think of them.

  14. You are really good At this Traci!!! So well thought out, put together, and decorated!
    I hope you know how lucky you are to have Cy. He can build anything!

  15. Love your new laundry room! Everything was well thought out even down to the decor. I know y’all will enjoy it for many years. Where did you get the little rug under the chairs?

    Alicia Miller

  16. We have concrete sinks in the house (1950s) I grew up in; my mom used to bathe me in them when it was to hideously hot to be upstairs! and i see black framed windows are becoming a thing now aren’t they? Lovely room

  17. So jealous this isn’t mine! I wouldn’t mind doing the laundry! lol Did you make the sign over the folding table or buy it? I LOVE it!

    1. There is not too much more that I can say, other than, p.e.r.f.e.c.t. in every way! You and your husband are just amazing, I have been following you since you and Cy made the Ballards look-a-like cafe shelving, I have been hooked every since!

      I also keep you and your family in my prayers!

      By the way, how are the kitties getting along these days?

      1. You are so sweet, Denise! You’ve been following us for a long time! LOVE IT! :)
        Thank you so much for your prayers.

        Our outdoor cat, Sassy, is still not too fond of our new kitten, Journey. We’ve decided to just keep them apart by making Journey an indoor cat. :)

  18. Someone please punch me, I think I must be dreaming! What a beautiful space! Please tell me where you got the baskets for your folding station?

  19. This is so beautiful and functional! Thanks for the inspiration. Can you share what color stain you used on the wood top as well as any additional coat you used to seal it. Thanks!

  20. Oh, my gosh, Tracy! I absolutely LOVE your laundry room! I had been waiting for that moment! You are SO talented! 🤗

  21. I have never seen a concrete laundry sink look so good! I had one and got rid of it a few years ago, sold it for 20 bucks. I had it sitting on cinder blocks outside and it drove me crazy. It looks great on the black metal base and with all the shiplap walls. Nice room!

  22. Like everyone else, love the sink!….Quick question…how does it drain? Did it come with holes in the bottom?

    1. Hi Diane! Yes, it already had drains in the bottom of each side of the sink, and my husband ran new lines into our own plumbing. :)

  23. Traci~ I love everything about your laundry room. From the kids’ pictures, to the lights, to the plank wall, to the folding station with baskets. Oh my goodness!! The whole room is beautiful!!!! Great job! ~Linda

  24. Hello
    Your Room is beautiful! Where did you get the cabinets that sits by the washer and dryer, and what are the dimensions? Please give more info in the cabinets!!
    thank you

  25. Hi!! I was just wondering if you knew how far above the laundry sink you mounted the faucet? I have single basin concrete sink and am trying to figure out what makes sense for the faucet? It looks like yours is maybe only a couple inches above? Do you like that height? Thanks!!!

  26. The laundry room is gorgeous, functional, and has lots of storage. I especially love the folding cabinet area. I’m thinking about this for my laundry room. What are the dimensions of your cabinet? Also, do you have a tutorial to show steps?

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