My Trip to Salt Lake City with YL!

I can’t even begin to write this post without sharing how hurt my heart is over the shooting in Las Vegas.  I woke up Monday morning to the news, and I stood in front of the tv in shock.  It affected my mood all day yesterday, and I had to step away from the news for a while.    All I know to do is pray.   I am praying for all of those affected by this horrible tragedy, and I pray that this clear display of evil in our world leads people to the complete goodness of God.

Today, I wanted to share with you the trip I took to Utah a few weeks ago!

I had the honored of attending the Young Living Silver Retreat for four days in Salt Lake City.

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know I LOVE MY ESSENTIAL OILS!  I started using them in 2013, and I love them more every day!

I use the oils because I love them, not really because I want to have a “business.”  But since I am a blogger, and I share everything about my life online, I have built an accidental business in Young Living.  It’s been the cherry on top of using essential oils.

Because readers have signed up with Young Living through me, I reached the level of Silver last year and qualified to go on an all expenses paid trip to Salt Lake City for the Silver Retreat!  (I was actually supposed to attend last year, but couldn’t make the dates, so I got moved to this year.)

Y’all, Young Living is the most amazing company EVER!  I know in the past, we have all been taught to not like MLM companies, but things have changed.  MLM is one of the best business models out there, especially when you have a product like essential oils.  I have the blessing of using essential oils for me and my family, and then I have the blessing of sharing them with others.   And as a result, my “business” grows, and my family reaps financial blessings as well.  So many lives have been changed for the better through Young Living, and I thank God everyday that I signed up with Young Living four years ago.  Best. Decision. Ever.   (Truthfully, it was because of  the money I made from Young Living that we were able to adopt our sweet little girl and bring her home from Latvia.  Every check I received from Young Living each month went straight to helping us pay for our adoption.)


I flew to Salt Lake City on a Thursday and checked into a beautiful room ALL BY MYSELF!!  I love staying at a hotel by myself, do you?  So much peace and quiet. :)

Anyway, there was a welcome reception that night, of course, they spoiled us the whole time we were there with gifts.  I think there were about 2,000 of us in attendance from all over the world.  I was amazed to see how many countries around the world are using Young Living essential oils.  It was so beautiful to see so many countries represented.

On Friday, we got to tour the Mona Farm.  This place is AMAZING.

They harvest Lavender here, and you can smell it as soon as you enter the farm.  Check out this aerial view of the farm…

Isn’t that gorgeous!

This farm can be toured by the public, and if you live anywhere near Mona, Utah, I highly suggest you visit there.  They have all kinds of fun things to entertain the kids.

The owner, Gary Young, loves horses, and they are all around the farm.

They are a sight to see!

And those Utah mountains!  Oh my word….

We had access into the distillery, which was a huge honor, and it was crazy cool to see how they put so much care into how they distill the oils…

I believe they were distilling Goldenrod that day?  Whatever it was, it smelled amazing!!!

The greenhouses were beautiful as well…


Guys, let me stop here for a minute and be kind of “preachy.”  haha!!

Essential oils are all the rage right now.  You can even find them in Krogers and TJ Maxx!  ha!  But y’all, PLEASE DO NOT BUY YOUR ESSENTIAL OILS FROM A RETAIL STORE.


You are NOT getting good quality oils.  You may get something that smells good in a diffuser, but that is all you get.  Those are not HEALING OILS.  There are other ingredients in those bottles as well.

If you are truly interested in using high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils, you need to purchase them from a reputable company like Young Living.  Young Living has been producing oils for 25 years, and are the most reputable essential oil company out there, which is why I use them.

Okay, okay….I’ll step down off my pedestal now. :)

I’m just very passionate about people using quality essential oils.  I could write a whole other post about it. (maybe I will!)

Anywhooooo, back to my trip!

Touring the farm was an amazing experience, but the highlight of the whole trip was getting to listen to Gary Young talk about Young Living.  Gary is the founder of the Young Living, and I have always heard amazing things about him from other YL members.  Truthfully, I thought they talked a little too highly of him.  I was like… he’s just a man.  :)

But then I heard him and his wife, Mary, speak at the farm.

Y’all, I wanted to eat him up!  He is as cute as a button!  He is in his late 60’s and came in with his big cowboy hat and boots on.  He is a simple man who saw the potential of using God’s creation to heal our own bodies many years ago.  He’s a dreamer.  He’s a hard worker.  He’s humble and tender hearted.   He’s a believer in Jesus.

I was so impressed with both him and his wife, and I LOVED hearing all they had to say about Young Living and their oils.  It truly was my favorite part of the whole trip, and now I know why he is so loved.

On Saturday, we had some training days, and I learned a ton of stuff which I can hopefully share with you in the future.  It was so fun to be surrounded by so many people who love essential oils like I do.

I got a lot of good sleep at the retreat, which I loved.  And I even ordered room service!  ha!  I flew home early Sunday morning, and was back home that afternoon.

I am so very thankful I had such a wonderful opportunity!

This Thursday, I will be teaching an online class about the basics of essential oils if you want to join me.  You can even come in your pajamas! :)  I will be sharing a little about each of the oils in the starter kits and there will be time for you to ask me questions about the oils as well!

It will be this Thursday night at 9:00 pm EST.



To attend this event, just add your email address below, and I will send you a reminder email with the webinar link 30 minutes before it begins!

If you already know a lot of about Essential Oils, but haven’t started your “oily journey” yet, click on the button below to learn how to sign up with my member number.  :)







  1. Some years back I went to school to become an aesthetician, that is when I was introduced to ‘Thieves’ and how well it worked on molds and mildew. A perfect solution to spray on the bathroom tiles after a good cleaning!
    Is not the Lord good, to have furnished us with so many wonderful herbs and such for our well being?

  2. I signed up … now hope I make it! Am going to be coming home from a conference on autism at Boston University with Temple Grandin. Yay for a night away with a girlfriend whose 7 y/o son was diagnosed earlier this year.

  3. Traci, I just contacted Young Living and added you as my new “up line” since I had been a member for over 10 years, albeit an inactive one. I spoke to Joshua E and gave him your sponsor #, Joshua says you have my e-mail address if you want to reach out

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