How to Install Tongue and Groove Flooring

Hey friends!  Popping in here today to show you How to Install Tongue and Groove Flooring!  Y’all know that I have been working on my office, and I actually showed you some of the furniture we recently put in my office from Wayfair.  However, I had not put together a video of how we installed the flooring yet.

How to Install Tongue and Groove Flooring

How to Install Tongue and Groove Flooring

My office is only about 12 feet by 12 feet, so we were able to do this project in a day.  We started by prepping the room.

To prep the room:

  1. Remove the baseboard.
  2. Notch out the bottom of the door frames.
  3. Install a vapor barrier.  (We did not have to do this step, and Cy explains why in the video.)

After the room was prepped, we began installing the tongue and groove flooring.  The flooring we used for this project is actually reclaimed racehorse fencing from Old World Timber.   This wirebrushed and skip planed flooring has so much character it’s not even funny!  Being from the “Horse Capital of the World,” we love that we have repurposed racehorse fencing on our floors.  We are planning on using this same flooring in the bonus room above our garage soon!

Once the room is prepped, it is time to start installing the tongue and groove flooring.

Supplies needed:

  1. Finish Nailer with 2 inches nails
  2. Compressor
  3. Pneumatic Floor Nailer
  4. Miter Saw
  5. Tongue and Groove Flooring, of course! :)


You can definitely install flooring by yourself, but it goes more quickly if you have someone to help you.  Cy would mark where each plank needed to be cut, hand it to Luke through the window, and then Luke would cut each plank on the miter saw and hand it back to Cy through the window.

Be sure to check out the video because there is an exciting announcement at the end of the video!  At least it is super exciting for ME, and I hope that it is exciting for YOU too! :)

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Stay tuned for future post about our office process….


  1. Good job as always! I’m guessing from the “announcement” that y’all are going to have a wood mill? I kinda got that from a previous blog post or video too. Come on – tell us more :-)

  2. I wish my husband was as handy as yours! I’m lucky to get a light bulb change out of him. :-S Marvelous job Cy. The tutorial is very easy to follow and understand. Makes me think I’m brave enough to give it a shot. :-)

  3. Awesome video!! Love your announcement too. My husband and I lived in Kentucky 3 years ago. What a wonderful and special place.

  4. Thanks for this video! Puts an overwhelming (in my mind) project at a doable level! Love the floor and look forward to what “The Mill” is all about!

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