3 Light Options for my Office

Happy Hump Day, y’all!

Well, the kiddos have another snow day.  #imsooooooversnowdays

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you know that we had a “dusting” come through Kentucky Sunday night that turned into about 8 inches!!!

Although I am NOT a “snow girl,” I will admit that this was one of the pretties snowfalls I have seen in Kentucky in a long time!  It was like Narnia in my front yard. haha!

We lost our power about 10:00 am Monday morning, which made for a looooong day home with the kiddos.  My computer and all of our devices ran out of “juice,” and the tv was out too.  So they usually things they do to keep them busy on a snow day were not available.  They did go play in the snow for a bit, but boredom sat in pretty quickly.  

Since we had no power, I couldn’t work in my office, or do laundry, or wash dishes, (okay, the last two I wasn’t very upset about!). :)

We ended up going to a matinee of Peter Rabbit, and it was so cute!  Our power was still off when we got home, and we found out it wouldn’t be back up until the next day.  We had not options for back up heat, so we got a hotel in Lexington for the night.  The kids loved it!! haha!

Yesterday morning, I had to go to a friend’s house to shower and fix my hair, and then our electricity finally came back on after lunch.  I have a whole new appreciate for electricity.  And a whole new level of sympathy for people who are without it for much longer periods of time.  We take for granted how much we depend on it every single day.  And I’d like to give a big shout out to those men and women who work on our electrical lines to get them back up and running!!  That is such an important job!

Anyway, I wanted to show you some of the light options that I’ve been looking for above the shelves in my office.  I shared this pic on Instagram yesterday…

I want three sconces above my shelves to light up my workspace below so that I don’t have to use lamps on my desk.  I like my desk as free from clutter as possible. 

I ordered these swing arm scones from Wayfair, and they were GORGEOUS!! 

But unfortunately, they did not look good above my shelves.  The arms were too long for the space, so I had to return them.  They are out of stock of this color now, but they do have black and silver still.  You can see those HERE.

Wayfair also has this similar sconces that I love!


I have two more choice that I have ordered and should arrive sometime today.  So be sure to follow me on Instagram to see them in my stories. :). CLICK HERE to follow.

These sconces from Wayfair are the ones that I am expecting to love, but we will see…


I chose the brushed brass finish with the matte white cased.  I’m hoping the come out far enough from the wall to light my desk space well.

I adore these scones from Ballard Designs but I don’t know if I will like them until I see them up on the wall.  I’m a visual person, which is why I will order products that I “think” I might like, and if they don’t work out, I just return them.  #noharmdone 

If neither of these work….well, the search will go on!  I have some I found on Amazon that I might try next!

I have a ton of work I needed to get done today, but it looks like I will be entertaining my kiddos!

Fingers crossed they have school tomorrow!

Y’all have a blessed day, okay?!!



P.S. I am teaching an essential oils class tonight at 8:00 pm (EST) on “THE PERFECT 20.”

If you would like to join me, just save your spot, and I will send you the online link to join the class at 7:30 tonight. 


  1. I purchased some really cute ones from..believe it or not…Bed Bath and Beyond and also got their 20% off with a coupon!

  2. That snow in your yard is BEAUTIFUL! We have folks just north of us who were expecting a “dusting” too and got several inches. School was called out for them very last minute. People were scrambling to make arrangements for kiddos.
    I’m interested to see what you choose light wise – I think all the options you’ve chosen are beautiful. I went thru a similar trial and error for pendant lights in my kitchen, but I finally found what I wanted at a local lighting store. It really makes a difference seeing the fixture in person. Your shelves are pretty btw – Cy did a good job!

  3. I am a fan of #1, but if the arms are too long, perhaps best to go with the last one. The one with the white looks too bathroomy.

  4. You might consider lights on each side of your desk if you have the wall space. It will give you a better light for work and much more suitable for your vision. Good Luck…..Enjoy the beauty of the snow.

  5. Those are the most beautiful snow pictures. Thanks for sharing….. BUT I’m glad I have sunny and 50’s today. You guys out East have really been hit hard. I’m NW. Hope you find the lighting you love soon. Love all the choices you picked. Blessed day to you.

  6. Hi Tracy,
    I am thinking the lighting from Ballard is going to light up the work space better. I think they will look great up. The other may not extend forward enough to give you the lighting you will need.
    Have a blessed day, the snow is beautiful but does make for long days :)

  7. I like the white sconces from Wayfair. Hope you can come to solution on your lighting! A few years ago we had an ice storm that took down trees and therefore our power. After more than twenty four hours of no power I was sure appreciative of those electricians who worked day and night in freezing weather! Beautiful snow pictures!

    1. Thank you! Those were my favorite, but I had to return them. :(. They didn’t stick out far enough from the wall to shine light past my shelves and onto my desk. Oh well!

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