Sania’s New Nectar Mattress! {Enter my giveaway to win your own mattress!}

Y’all!  I have a wonderful post and giveaway to share with you today!!!

Let me give you a little background first.  I got an email several weeks ago from Nectar mattress company about working together on a post in exchange for a mattress.  I immediately said YES because Sania was in desperate need of a new mattress!  

little girls bedroom

She has been sleeping on a mattress that used to be my mom’s, and Mom used it for a long time before she gave it to me.  That mattress was probably 15-20 years old!  It sagged in the middle and just wasn’t that comfortable.

But guess what?  Sania still loved it.  

You know why?  It’s the biggest bed she has ever had, and it was certainly better than the one she slept on at the orphanage with all of the other children in her room. 

Bedtime with Sania has always been special to me.  Ever since we adopted her (almost 2 years ago,) I have loved tucking her in at night and kissing her sweet face after bedtime prayers.  Then she just snuggles up in her covers and peacefully closes her eyes.  And my heart swells up with an indescribable love as I watch her drift off to sleep.  I smile knowing that she sleeps peacefully because she has the love and safety of a family FOREVER.

Sooooo, you can imagine how excited I was to provide my sweet girl with a BRAND NEW MATTRESS from Nectar!  I knew it would make her sweet dreams even sweeter. :)

When I told her she was getting a new mattress, she was ecstatic, and she anxiously awaited it’s arrival on our doorstep.  I captured some video of the day it arrive and put it in the short video below!

It’s crazy how it comes rolled up to tightly, and we had so much fun watching it all quickly expand into a large mattress and two crazy cozy pillows!

The mattress is seriously SO SOFT!  Have you ever tried a foam mattress?  It is like sleeping on a bed of marshmallows! :)

Or as Nectar says, it’s like sleeping on a cloud!….


All I know is that WE LOVE IT!!!

And you guys!!!!

I get to give one away to YOU!!!

Say what?!


But before you enter below, take a second to watch this short but sweet video of my precious girl getting her new bed!!



Enter to win a FREE NECTAR MATTRESS below…

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    1. Man that looks like sleeping on what I call. a real mattress. Would love to have that. Sania looked like an angel on hers. Love this family to death

    2. Gosh this mattress looks amazing!!! I can see why she loves it! My guests would love sleeping on this in my guest room….and then maybe purchase one of their own!!!

    3. I would use this mattress in my master bedroom. We have been needing a new mattress for years. But there is always something more important. My son is graduating this year and my husband been laid this winter.

    4. I would give mattress to my daughter who has been wanting and needing a new mattress for years but can’t afford to buy one just yet. She’s looked into getting a nectar before…

    5. I would use the mattress in our little granddaughters room. I have been working on redoing it. Thank you for the opportunity to win this mattress. Sounds like it is fabulous!

  1. I’m in need of a new mattress as the ex-fiancee’ took the bed and I had to borrow a twin bed with an old mattress from a friend. My actual childhood bedroom set is in my spare bedroom, where my mother sleeps as she is now living with me due to the onset of dementia.

  2. Want a cute video. It would be great to win and share Sania’s joy of sleeping on a cloud. Just began the process of mattress shopping last week.

  3. Love this and how excited she was, I have been following you before you adopted her and give my husband updates on her all the time. He always ask me would use this in my guest room. e if I know her and I say I feel like I do… So happy for you and your family.

  4. Would love to try this mattress in full size. Mine is pretty old and since my body is getting pretty old, this would be wonderful!! Love your posts about Sania!

  5. I’ve been looking at all the different “mail order” type mattresses and find this so interesting and so different from how I grew up purchasing a mattress. One question is – what do you do about a box spring? do you need one? I like my beds higher off the floor and without a ‘box spring’ it would be lower. I’m intrigued :)

    1. and I love seeing Sania so happy! what a blessing you have been in each other’s lives. Gives me all the feels!

  6. My mattress is 19 years old (I just went to the mattress store last week to confirm when that was) so I have to selfishly say my own room! My guest room really needs a new mattress as well so if I won, I’d probably buy a second to save the backs of my guests.

  7. Awwww – special place for you in heaven. Your kids are lucky to have you.
    I’ve always heard good things about these mattress’s and would love to have one to try.

  8. My 82 year old mom needs a new mattress very badly!! Tracy, the room you decorated for Sania is truly the prettiest room ever!!

  9. I’ve heard about those mattresses and I hate mine of only 5 years, it has a large sag in the middle and I wake up with my hip joints hurting. I think I need a softer mattress for my aging bones, lol. Thanks for the information.

  10. I am so happy for Sania!!!! Have lovely dreams! My boys would love this too. We all cram into the bottom bunk for story time before sleep and I hear (and feel) the springs sproinging. Thank you so much for the chance to win one! (They can share for a little while, until we save up enough for another :-))

  11. I would love a new mattress for our guest room, maybe my out of town family would visit more often! :)

  12. What a sweet video. As a Grandmom of four precious adopted children, I know how much they appreciate things others take for granted. My winning mattress will go in guest room for grandkid visits.

  13. Such a sweet girl and I still just love the room– everything about it is so sweet. And obviously I would LOVE a new mattress.

  14. I would totally use this in our master bedroom. Our mattress is 25 years old and it’s time for an upgrade.

  15. Looks like an amazing way to purchase a new mattress. I would love to win one to use in my daughter’s room. Thank you so much for hosting the contest.

  16. I could really use a new mattress in my spare bedroom. The one we have in there was bought when my daughter became a teenager and now she has teenagers. 😉

  17. I would really really enjoy giving my son a new mattress. He moved home to start up a new irrigation company. And he works long & hard days. So it would be a blessing. He sleeps on the couch. Because the bed is so uncomfortable. Thank you very much for this opportunity 😊

  18. First – my heart melted watching Sania’s excitement over her new mattress. What a sweet video!

    I’m in need of a new mattress since moving to GA – the one I’m using was formerly in the guest room of my place in MA and probably isn’t the greatest quality (it’s certainly not very comfortable!) I would love something softer. Who wouldn’t like to sleep on a bed of marshmallows?! Definitely like the fact that it comes delivered to the house and so neatly packaged. Something little ole me can manage ;)

  19. My daughter just turned 13! She needs a new mattress. After sleeping in her bed during a night of her being sick. There’s no denying it…. She needs a new bed!

  20. I would use the mattress in our master bedroom. Our mattress is 12 years old and is starting to sag so we are in need of a new one. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  21. That looks amazing. Our mattress is about 20 years old and we both roll to the middle. Sure could use a new one like this beautiful Nectar mattress!

  22. I would love to start replacing the mattresses in our 5 kiddos’ beds, as they are sleeping on older hand me downs right now:) so happy for Sania!!:)

  23. We would need it in our master bedroom! Ours is the same age as Sania’s old one! We’ve compensated by putting a 3 inch foam mattress topper, but a whole new mattress would just be so lovely!

  24. Oh gee — that is a difficult question! I need a new mattress in SOOOO many rooms! I guess it also depends on the size — I didn’t note what it said in the contest news…….but I need one in the master bedroom at home and I need one in the master bedroom of the shore house that we are so lucky to own. It’s not huge and not directly on the beach but it’s my home away from home where I can renew myself. I wouldn’t be picky and would be happy for a new mattress for ANY room in my home! Thank you for the generosity Nectar! And I did sneak a peek back so I see it says any size! Woohoo! Happy dance!

  25. Loved the video………………I would get one for my spare bedroom my granddaughter uses.
    And yes, what a great way to buy a mattress !

  26. I ordered a similar mattress for my camper and it was so fun to watch it expand. Disparately need a new one for my master bedroom!

  27. I would put the mattress in my son Chances room, we are remolding our 1900 farmhouse his room is almost done, looking for a new bed and mattress the final finishes for his room. Chance is 11yrs old and has Down syndrome and he’s a blessing to our family.

  28. Oh boy this is perfect timing, if I win of course :) We are repainting our son’s room today, who moved out five years ago (why rush into it right?!). We’d love to get a new mattress (since the one in there is over 30 years old) for when he comes home to visit.

  29. Such a sweet video. How special for her. I would love to win a mattress for my guest room. My son moved out and took my bed. :(. Blessings.

  30. Hi, awesome gift for your sweetie. Thank you for the opportunity to win a new mattress for my son. It’s important to sleep comfortably every night.

  31. I have the same issue as you. My daughter’s mattress is wore out. Time for a new one! Thank you for the chance to win one!

    Have a great day!

  32. My husband and I need a new mattress desperately. We would love one for our master bedroom.

  33. My grandkids are moving back to our area after being 11 hours away for the past 6 years! So I would use it in the guest room and get thing a super comfortable for them!!

  34. That is awesome!! I would love to win a new mattress for my daughter as well. She’s been sleeping on an older one as well that is a hand-me-down from my mom. This looks like a wonderful night’s sleep!! Question, do you put this Nectar mattress on top of a traditional box spring or something else?

  35. So happy for Sania on the arrival of her mattress. She is so sweet and so grateful!! Such a wonderful family!!
    I would live to try that new type of cool mattress in our guess room.
    I don’t have Facebook or Instagram, I know I’m boring, but I’d love to sign up for the free give away. Not sure if this post will do?

  36. I really need a new mattress, so this would be going in MY room! Thanks so much for the giveaway….Sania looks so happy!

  37. My husband and I are desperately in need of a new mattress. We would be as excited as sweet Sania if we had one.

  38. I would love/we need a new mattress for our master bedroom. Just purchased a new foam one for our adopted daughter last year and it is so comfy.

  39. I would use a twin mattress on my boys top bunk. We have an IKEA mattress up there now and you can feel every wire in it.

  40. Loved the video. Adorable… I would absolutely love to win a new mattress for master bedroom. My mattress was purchased in 1979. Yikes! It’s time to replace.

  41. Would love a new mattress for our bed as my hubby has been having back trouble. We were in the market for a new one anyway, but winning one would be too cool!! ☺️

  42. That was such a cute and precious video. She is growing up so fast! My daughter and her husband, and my nephew recently bought a foam mattress and they all LOVE it. I’ve heard a lot of great things about how comfortable they are. Thanks for this opportunity to win one!
    We sure could use a new mattress!

  43. Oh my goodness! I definitely need a mattress in my bedroom. Ours is ancient! I have been looking at this company for awhile, but didn’t know anyone who had one. Thanks for posting your and Sania’s thoughts!

  44. I would use this mattress on myself!! I have a 10 year old mattress lol mommy and daddy need some love too! These looks amazing!

  45. I would love a new mattress for our bedroom! This pregnancy has made sleeping so difficult lately, and I’ve been trying to convince my husband a new mattress would be the perfect solution. 😉

  46. How fun – my oldest would love this mattress as she is the only one in the house who has not gotten a new mattress in the past 5 years…

  47. WOW, how cool! I’d love a new mattress for my master bedroom. We’ve been looking into memory foam and this looks great. We’re so used to a mattress and box springs. Do you just put the mattress on a platform?

  48. Your little girl is so cute, sweet dreams tonight! I would love to have one for our master bedroom. Thank you!!

  49. I would love to have a new mattress!!! I love that fact that this new mattress is for your little girl who had very little before being adopted by y’all! God bless you!

  50. how sweet is your girl?
    love this way to have a mattress sent to your home.
    thanks for the contest

  51. Looks comfy and so much easier to bring home than a regular mattress! I would definitely use it in my bedroom.

  52. What a sweet surprise for your little Sania Louise! We would love to replace our master bedroom mattress! :)
    Thanks for hosting such a nice giveaway, Traci!

  53. I am amazed by it’s delivery! I thought that was so neat how it puffed up! I would love to put one in my master bed room. It really looked comfortable! Thanks for sharing with us, Traci!

  54. The mattress AND your daughter’s room look awesome! If we won The Nectar mattress, we would use it in my 15-year-old daughters bedroom. She is sleeping on a mattress that was in my husband’s apartment 20 some odd years ago!

  55. Love your blog and your sweet little girl’s bedroom, so excited she got a new mattress! Thanks for the chance to win a mattress!!

  56. I’d be using a king sized mattress on our master bedroom bed. About 4 yrs ago we invested over 3,000 dollars on a Serta I-Comfort mattress and two gel foam pillows. We absolutely HATE them! The mattress is pitted where we sleep (we are both side sleepers) and it is very hot to sleep on at night. We really need to invest in a mattress topper according to advice from others but a king size good quality mattress topper will run about 200 dollars and when you’ve already invested over 3 grand on the set to begin with, it’s hard to think about spending more. If we won, ours would be donated and replaced with this one! I am sure we’d be a lot happier with it than the expensive horrible set we have now!

  57. What a big smile you put on Sania’s face! I would love to do the same. The new mattress would go in my daughter’s room. She always gets the hand me downs and it would be so fun to give her a new mattress!

  58. My husband and I are empty nesters. We are turning our sons old bedroom into the new guest room. This mattress would be perfect but our guest will might never leave! 😊😊😊

  59. My husband and I really need a new mattress. The one we are using was his for years before we got married and we’ll have been married for 17 years in July. It needs to go!

  60. I use a new mattress for my son. I has moved out and has my old mattress. Love the video, her little face was so sweet.

  61. My granddaughters sleep in the same bed when they come to visit and they end up squished together in the center of the bed by morning. So a new mattress for their comfort would be great!

  62. My grandson needs a mattress. He’s 8 and sleeps on an air mattress. This is what I’ve been wishing to be able to give him!

  63. What a blessing it would be to win a new mattress! My husband and I gifted ourselves a new mattress for our 1st wedding anniversary, we have been married 21 years. 🤪

  64. The master bedroom! I would love to have a new one, because we, too, have been using ours for 20+ years! Love the video of your sweet girl!

  65. I would use the mattress in mine and my husbands bedroom! We moved last August and threw out our old mattress since it was really old! We’re staying with family now but moving out soon and we don’t have a mattress for our new house!

  66. That is too sweet! She looks happy and loved! God bless you! Oh and ghe mattress looks super comfy! 😜

  67. We desperately need a new mattress in our master bedroom. We both have back issues and ours is so old!!

  68. This would make a great mattress for my daughter who is moving out of her college dorm and into an apartment next semester.

  69. Oh my goodness ! That mattress look so awesome! My son is moving back home after going thru rehab. God is doing some awesome things in his life. We are turning our office into his bedroom and we need a bed for his room. And I have been praying. So who knows I might win!
    Loving your blog and Instagram posts….love your realness. Blessings!

    1. Leslie… Just wanted to drop you alittle not to let you know that I am going thru the exact same thing with both my son and my husband. I would love for you to pray for my family as we so desperately need it. God is so good!! And he can work a mighty miracle in someones life when they just call out to him and ask for his help. But if you like to talk just email me privately at And I diffently keep the prayers coming your way. I pray that god continues to heal your family. I know that addictions of any kind will not only hurt the person that has the addiction but will destroy a family in the process of it all. Well looking forward to talking with you! May God give a blessing to your family like you never experienced before!! Amen!! Thanks,, Shawn

  70. I would love that pillowy marshmallow feeling for a mattress. I’m sleeping on a 10 year old mattress as well. I gave my kids all new ones but have yet to get one for myself ;-)

  71. Oh my, do I ever need a new mattress on my bed. This would be a awesome blessing to win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  72. I would put a new mattress in our master room-I would love to get rid of the deep ruts in our mattress!

  73. That was SO sweet! She is so blessed to have you as her family and I’m so glad that God blessed her with a new mattress!

    I’m certainly going to enter to win. Not for myself but for my daughter. She is currently separated and while she’s working full time she just does not have enough to get her own place with my two grandsons right now so they are living with us. We were able to buy her a new bedroom set but she had to use an old mattress that we already had. She’s not sleeping very well so could certainly use a new mattress. But I’m sure she’s not the only one who could use one. So for whoever wins congratulations!

  74. I always love videos of your daughter; she’s just so warm and loving and seeing the world through her beautiful eyes makes me appreciate our little life we’ve built over the past 40 years! I think there’s a Lot of us that need a new mattress! ☺️ I think it’s time for a new one for us…25 Years is a bit too long, don’t ya think?!? ( I don’t know if my entry went through, there is not button to complete the Giveaway 😱)

  75. I would love to give one of my kids a new mattress! They both have hand-me-down beds that are fine, but not great. :)

  76. I would definitely use the mattress in my spare bedroom! I am converting it from an office to a bedroom and a Nectar twin mattress would be perfect!

  77. I’d use this mattress in the bedroom where our sweet grandsons sleep! Thank you for the chance to win!

  78. I would love to win this mattress to give to my Mother-in-Law. She has Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis and she is in need of a new mattress. Thanks so much for the chance to win :)

  79. I would use this in my youngest sons room he is the only one still using a hand me down. He is patiently waiting for his turn for a new one.

  80. That’s cool how the mattress is compressed and then expands when you open it. And Sania is so cute! I would either use the mattress for my daughter’s room or our guest room.

  81. I’d love to have a new mattress for my youngest son. He’s been using the same one for twelve years! Sweet video of Sania.

  82. What a cool mattress. She looks so excited. I could use one as my husband’s daughter is coming to visit. He would be thrilled to get her a new mattress.

  83. My 14 year old son just had his annual check up. This kid has grown 1-1/2” since September! He is 6’2’. Am thinking he needs a new mattress—his twin isn’t cutting it!! This looks amazing. Sania looks so happy!! Thanks to you and Nectar for the opportunity!

  84. Lordie we just talked last night about needing a new mattress for us and Gray!!! Pick us! pick us! grant always wins so its already decided! Hahaha!

  85. What a great opportunity for one lucky person. Sure could use a new bed in our master. Currently we have two old twins pushed together to make a king size. Trust me, they’re ancient.

  86. So cute to see your little girl love her mattress so much. I would use my new mattress for me! Mine is 24 years old. Time for a new one. Thanks

  87. Sania is so sweet and thankful for all you do for her. You and your family have been such a beautiful influence on her. We would definitely replace the mattress in our master bedroom. It’s getting very lumpy! And sags in the middle!!

  88. Your daughter seems very happy! I just realized my mattress is 22 years old. I bought it when I moved into my home in 1996.

  89. I would put it in our master room. My hubby is 100% disabled vet and we can’t find anything that helps him get comfortable but this sounds amazing.

  90. So happy for Sonia. I would love to put a nice new foam mattress in our guest room. I’m sure our guests would appreciate it also.

  91. I would have to say we’d put it in our room, we haven’t treated ourselves or made our room our oasis in a long time so this would be wonderful!

  92. Would love to win this mattress for my son’s room. I have been disabled for 2 yrs now and unable to buy him a new mattress so this would be great .

  93. I would use it for my mother she had back and neck surgery and it would definitely give her some relief :)

  94. Love her room! I’ve wondered if these kind of mattresses sleep hot?? If they are really comfy and don’t leave a hot sleeper waking up in a sweat, I may get one for my two year old who has been on a twin mattress on the floor for over a year since rejecting her crib! I fall asleep in her room when she wakes up during the night sometimes and there is a plastic cover under her sheets that makes me very warm — so a cool and comfy mattress is very important!

  95. Your family has surely been blessed with pretty Sania! Such a pretty room for sweet dreams on a new mattress!

  96. The mattress in my master bedroom sags and it is very uncomfortable. My hubby and I wake up with sore backs most days. The Nectar mattress looks amazing and sooooooo comfortable, andI bet it has great support!
    We would be so grateful to win a Nectar mattress!

  97. I love how happy she is about getting a new mattress!
    Thanks for the chance; I could definitely use a new one.

  98. Yay for giveaways! Thank you! I’m embarrassed to say two out of our three bedrooms are in dire need of a new mattress, so either room would celebrate a win!

  99. She looks so thrilled with her new space!! We would love to use a new mattress for when the inlaws stay in our guest room. This seems like it would be great for their backs.

  100. Love the mattress. I can only sleep on soft mattresses and mine is 15 years old so I would love to win this!

  101. What a great way to get a mattress and looks so easy to set up! I could really use one!

    Btw, Sania is growing up so quickly! I loved the video.

  102. Sania is a lucky little girl! Her bedroom is just gorgeous! I would love a new mattress for my sweet daughter!❤️

  103. Probably our master bedroom. Our mattress needs to be desperately replaced. I’ve started to look at a few different mattress like yours but this one looks so nice. I loved the sweet video of your daughter Sania!! She is so sweet and appears to have completed your family!

  104. The mattress would be used by my husband and I in the master bedroom! I’ve heard of these new mattresses and would love to try one! Your sweet girl, Sania, is absolutely beautiful. My heart swells when I read something you write concerning your love for her😍.

  105. She is precious! What a sweet way to capture the excitement and magic of something that will give sweet dreams. My littlest desperately needs a new mattress it’s so old the springs make a crinkling sound.

  106. That is the sweetest video , I am so glad she loves her matteras, I would use it in my bedroom especially if it is as comfortable as Sania says it is

  107. I would love to surprise my husband with a new mattress!! We are redoing our bedroom and a new mattress would make the room complete!

  108. What a sweet room for your daughter. We just started looking for a new mattress so this drawing came at a good time. We will use it in our master bedroom.

  109. Wow does that look comfy! Looks like a good night sleep to me, thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  110. Nectar looks so comfortable! I’ve been sleeping on hand me down mattresses forever! This 63 year old body would love a new one! I’d be running and jumping in excitement like Sania!

  111. She is so precious!! I’d say the mattress would be in the master bedroom but I think one of my kiddos might want it and I’m all 😍 ok darlings…

  112. I love your posts with Sania! She is such a beautiful child. I love her adoption story and what y’all are doing for her, giving her love, family and a forever home! It makes my face and my heart smile. I’m so happy for her getting a new mattress! I don’t need a new one myself, but this new style of mattress looks very intriguing. Enjoy!

  113. Sania looks so excited about her new Nectar mattress! She’s adorable.
    I would love a new mattress for my master bedroom. Or, my guest room…

  114. I would love to have this cool mattress in my bedroom!! It’s been 15 years since I’ve bought a new mattress. So, I know it would be heavenly sleeping On the Nectar mattress. 😍😴

  115. Adorable girl & room. We’d definitely use it in our daughter’s room, too! She’s thinking of downsizing from a queen! Thanks for the opportunity. ❤️

  116. We bought our current mattress when we got married 20 years ago. It is time for a new one! I’m tired of tossing and turning all night and waking up sore.

  117. I’ve been looking into this mattress. I need a new mattress so badly so I’d definitely use it in my master bedroom.

  118. I’d love a mattress for our master bedroom. The kids always get the new stuff around here, so we’re sleeping on a very old mattress. 😉

  119. I would love to get a new mattress. I haven’t had a new in over 18 years. This would be a huge blessing.

  120. I can’t believe it has been almost 2 years since Sania joined her family. I would love to win this mattress and would put it in one of our 2 bedrooms that needs a bed. We are recovery from a flood and only have one bed!

  121. I would give it to my son. He just moved home to save for a house. I’m loving this time together!

  122. Love your daughter’s enthusiasm for her new mattress! I no longer have any kids living at home and now plan on turning my son’s room into a guest bedroom. I would love to upgrade to a new mattress for this room. Nectar sounds like a great mattress to keep our guests comfortable!

  123. I’ve been shopping around for a new mattress and the Nectar mattress is high on my list. I would love to replace my old, uncomfortable, hard mattress in my master bedroom with a Nectar mattress.

  124. My daughter is getting married in June and she and her hubby will need a mattress. Looks so comfy!! Thank you for the contest!

  125. I would try it in the master bedroom and if I didn’t like it as much as the one I have I would put it in one of the other bedrooms.

  126. I would either replace my grandson’s mattress or replace the one in our guest room. It looks so comfy, lucky Sania!

  127. I would love a nectar mattress in master bedroom. We are long overdue for a new mattress and I would love to try a Nectar!

  128. My seventeen year old granddaughter is coming to stay with me after she graduates high school in May. I’d love for her to have a new Nectar mattress in her new room. Your daughter, Sania, is so precious! I’m so happy to see the video of how excited she was over getting her new mattress. And when she and the boys were lying on the mattress together and the boys put their arms over her, my heart just melted. Such a loving gesture and true love for their sister. You have a beautiful family!

  129. My daughter would have the same smile, she has had her same mattress since she moved from her crib and that was 12 years ago!

  130. I would use this mattress in my daughter Brooklyns room. She really needs a new mattress!! Love your blog. I’ve been a fan for several years.

  131. Winning this mattress would be an answer to prayer! We REALLY need of a mattress for our son’s room. He’s currently sleeping on an air mattress because he hated his old one so much he took it to the curb…..

  132. Definitely our room! We were just saying we needed a new one. I’m sure you’ve covered this in the past, but where did you get her bedding? It is gorgeous!

  133. We’ve spent way too much money over the past four years on two king mattress sets for our master bedroom…
    We’ve given up and have been sleeping in our guest bedroom.
    Until your post about the Nectar mattress I had never heard of it!
    Then, this morning driving over to keep our grandkids, I heard their Advertisement on the radio!!!
    It’s meant to be, so win or not, I am definitely going to have their mattress!

  134. Very Cool! I’ve been thinking a lot about getting a nectar mattress, thank you so much for your input! I’d get one for our master bed, our current mattress is SO OLD ;D

  135. I would use this in a guest room! Sania is such a beautiful little girl. She is sweet and you can see how much she has grown and changed in the last few years. Such a beautiful story!

  136. That looks so comfy!!! What a sweet little girl you have. Amazing. I would use it on my bed. Looks heavenly!

  137. Love the video of your sweet girl! Reece is also sleeping on a mattress given to her by grandma that’s probably 20 years old and in desperate need of a new one!

  138. What a sweet girl! We love her bedroom and are excited for her to have a new mattress.
    My 2 year old daughter watched the video with me. She said “that’s cool Mom” when the mattress was unfolding. She also said “aww” when Sania was sitting on her new bed at the end.
    Children are so sweet! ❤️

  139. We’ve spent way too much money over the past four years on two king mattress sets for our master bedroom…
    We’ve given up and have been sleeping in our guest bedroom.
    Until your post about the Nectar mattress I had never heard of it!
    Then, this morning driving over to keep our grandkids, I heard their Advertisement on the radio!!!
    It’s meant to be, so win or not, I am definitely going to have their mattress!

  140. Definitely going into our new guest room. Recently became empty nesters and trying to make an inviting room for family and guests

  141. My husband and I are currently shopping for a memory foam mattress for our master. I have scoliosis and our current pillow top mattress is just not cutting it anymore so that’s the room ours would go in!

  142. This looks like the easiest, fun way to buy a mattress. I would let my daughter have it and have to get one for my son as they are both getting older and need to upgrade their mattresses.

  143. What a sweet girl you have!
    Read some review on this Nectar mattress, & it seems to be the real deal.
    I’d love to have this for my master bedroom. Have had the same mattress for 14 years, & frankly, can’t afford to replace it at this time. But my back keeps begging for more support!

  144. I would give this to my daughter and son-in-law as they at e busy, happy parents to four kiddos through international adoptions. Because of their journey, our family is so so blessed!
    I love following your blog and appreciate the joy and truth you share as your family has grown. Blessings to you all!

  145. Iam currently sleeping on an expensive mattress that is so hard it makes me sore at night! Would so appreciate a soft comfortable nights sleep.

  146. Your sure the joy in your daughter. What a sweet girl.
    I would use it in the master bedroom.
    Thank you.

  147. Our mattress is so uncomfortable. Would love it for our master BR. Sania is such a cutie! Love your bedtime story with her! :)

  148. So much easier than hauling a large mattress home from the store. Sonia Marie looked like she was resting on a cloud.

  149. Such a beautiful, happy girl!! We are closing on our house next month, after living full-time in our motorhome for 4 years, and we are in the market for a new mattress. Winning would be wonderful! Thanks for the chance!

  150. Our master is overdue for a new bed!
    Sania Louise is just the most adorable girl! Thanks for sharing the video and for a change to win a mattress!

  151. What a sweet and happy girl you have!! Both my kids need a new mattress, so one of them would be receiving it. Thanks!!

  152. What a fantastic giveaway, Traci!! We are needing a new mattress as our sweet son is moving into his own apartment next year and is taking his comfy bed with him!!

  153. I love following your sweet family and the goodness of the Lord! We would use our new mattress for one of our 4 kids, probably my oldest 17 year old special needs daughter.

  154. If I were to be blessed to win this mattress. I would really love it for our mattress bedroom. We would love to move up to king size bed from our queen we have now. But…. instead I think I would give it to my little buddy, MY 9 YEAR OLD GRANDSON!!! He needs a new matress since his bunky board mattresses that are on his bunk beds are not comfortable at all!! He’s been the LOVE OF MY LIFE the entire 9 years he has been on this earth. So I would just love to see him cuddle up in his new bed that felt like a cloud!! But may the person that does win have a blessing answered and may the bed give them many peaceful nights of sleep!! And if he loves it than I will invest in one for myself and maybe for my beautiful 6 year old granddaughter too!! Shawn

  155. Thank you for sharing such a sweet video of your daughter enjoying her new bed! If we were to win the mattress we would definitely utilize it in our newly renovated guest bedroom that will eventually become our sons bedroom! (He is 15 weeks old now lol) but the current mattress we use in there was mine growing up and is over 17 years old so a new one is needed! Thank you for this opportunity!! :)

  156. My son is getting married soon, so we will turn his room into a guest room. It would be great to have a new mattress for the room! We could also use a new mattress in our master bedroom since ours is getting old and we have never really loved it.

  157. I would use a new mattress in our guest room or for our son who is taking flight and setting up his own home soon!
    Happy for Sonia! What a sweet girl!

  158. My oldest son has the now over 20 year old mattress we were passed down as a wedding gift. He would be thrilled to have a new mattress!

  159. What a sweet video! It would be so exciting to win a mattress for our bed. Thank you for the opportunity!

  160. Quality sleep is a precious commodity and a good mattress is crucial to being well rested and supports your health and well being. So Happy for Sania. I would put this in my guest bedroom so my grandkids and friends can get a good nights sleep while visiting and they would want to come back often!

  161. I would love to win . My husband and I could really use a new one. Ours is old. Your daughter is precious as always. 👸 Pretty princess!

  162. My husband and I have 6 kids (25yrs to 6 yr old twins that we adopted last year). In all the years we’ve been married, he and I have never had a spankin brand new mattress. I would just love to surprise him with one for our anniversary coming up!

  163. This is timely! I have plans to build my son a full sized bed whenever spring arrives here in North West Ohio!

  164. What fun to watch Sania’s joy over her new mattress! :-D She is a precious girl.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win a Nectar mattress! We could really use a better mattress in our guest room. Blessings to you!

  165. I desperately need a new mattress for our master bedroom! It seems like we always put ourselves last when it comes to things like this!

  166. How lovely! So glad to see Sania enjoying her new mattress! I would love a new mattress, too! I’m going through a really hard breakup and just moved out this week. I’m renting a lovely furnished studio for the next little while, but I will need a new mattress when I’m in my own place again soon. Thank you for the opportunity!

  167. If I were blessed enough to win. I would use it in my bedroom. Like many others ahead of me things have came up and buying a new mattress has always been put on the “back burner”.
    I am a single mom. Things happened with my babies dad and I dont want to go into full detail on a blog post. But me and my son had to leave everything behind but what I could carry. Its been a couple years. I still cant be in a relationship. I sleep alone on a horrible mattress it is so uncomfortable But worth it. We are happy and safe.
    I love tucking my kid in to bed to. There is a sign over his little TMNT bed that says always kiss me good night. I don’t need that sign. I love my son more than anyone else in the entire world. I have and will continue to put him first. Happily. I just know I could be a lot more comfortable in my first new mattress. If I dont win I will still consider myself a winner. Thank you so much for this wonderful chance.

  168. Our visiting grandkids have been sleeping on the floor, fun at first but getting old. I would love to have a bed for them.

  169. … and she sleeps like an Angel =) Loved how you ended your video. Just darling!
    If I won a new mattress, it’d be a wedding present for my daughter.

  170. Love following your precious family.My daughter is in the process of adopting who ever needs them. I could use a new mattress for the grands room.

  171. The new mattress would be for me & my husband! We’ve been sleeping on a hand-me-down for 6 years now!

  172. This would definitely be for my room. My mattress is almost 20 years old and I have been trying to decide on a replacement for a few years now.

  173. I would use the new nectar mattress in my room. my mattress is older and I am starting to have back problems. But I am just unable to afford a new one at this moment. Thank you for such an awesome giveaway. So generous of Nectar.

  174. I’d could use a new Nectar mattress in my son’s room – he’s graduating from a crib to a bog-boy bed!

  175. I’m thinking MB just because, but I REALLY need one for the guest room. Thanks for the chance and also for posting that adorable video. What a sweetie pie! : )

  176. I remember when you revealed your daughters bedroom. I love it just as much now as I did then. My youngest son (13) is the one in need of a new bed in our house. The youngest always gets the hand-me-downs, right?

  177. Have been hearing about the new Nectar mattress and it almost sounds too good to be true. We really need a new mattress. I don’t care for traditional mattresses and this sounds very intriguing and affordable. I think someone is going to get really lucky!

  178. This looks and sounds like such a great mattress. I would use this for my bedroom , which is the master. I am still sleeping on my Nana’s old mattress which is pushing 17 years old.. lol. She passed in 2016 and I have yet to get rid of it.:(

  179. I would use the mattress in my room. Our mattress was given to us when we were in high school 15 years ago. It was already used prior to that as well! A good sleep would be amazing!

  180. Aww Sania is so adorable & precious! :D My SO & I would love to have a new Nectar mattress in our bedroom – current mattress is way too old & in desperate need of replacement, but it hasn’t been in the budget! Thanks so much for such an awesome opportunity!

  181. This would go in my room. I was in a car accident a few months ago and now with all the pillows I use to support my body, my husband says I’m the one that takes up too much room now! This would be amazing! Thanks for the chance!

  182. Fellow P143 host family here! Just getting to see Sania so excited and getting to hear her voice makes us think of our Latvian host children and miss them so much! We watched this video four times in a row and loved every second of it!

    1. That’s awesome! Yes, I love listening to other Latvian children as well. Will you be hosting them again this summer? We miss Latvia so much!!!

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