Loving on my Lawn this Spring!

Well, March has had more snow that we expected, {#bleh} but y’all, Spring is starting to peek out in little places!! yay!!

I am sooooo ready for FULL ON SPRING!  The ground is warming up and our lawn is starting to turn green, and I cannot wait to spend more time outside!

But before we can start enjoying our outdoor lawn, we need to prepare it so we can enjoy it all summer long.


WHY?  Spring is the perfect time to reseed those bare or thin patches in your lawn, or maybe you want to establish a whole new lawn space?  The winter can cause a lot of damage to our lawns, and we want to reseed so we will have beautiful, healthy, and strong grass before summer arrives.

WHEN?  The earlier the better!  That’s why we are starting to seed now, so that we have a better chance for root development before summer.  The longer the roots, the deeper the plants can draw water from the soil when the warmer temperatures of summer arrive. It also allows your grass to be strong enough to fend off pesky weeds naturally. 

WHICH KIND?  Take a little time to do a little research or ask your nearest lawn care expert about which seeds are best for the region you live in, because of course, it differs across the states. 


Step 1: Rake – This is an activity I like to get my kids involved in!  We rake our lawn to remove dead grass and old leaves left over from winter.   This helps us see where any bare patches are in our yard, and helps young grass grow more easily.

Step 2: Aerify – Sometimes our soil gets “compacted” over the winter, so you need to aerate it.  You can do it yourself or hire it out, but aerating your yard increases the movement of water, nutrients, and oxygen into the soil.  

Step 3: Seed – This is another step your kids can help with!  They actually have fun seeding those bare patches, and it will help allow the grass to grow healthy and strong just in time for summer.   If you don’t know what type of seed to plant in your area, just talk to your local lawn care specialist, and they can help you.  After you plant the new seed, water lightly but regularly to make sure the reseeded areas stay damp until the new grass grows in.  


A couple other things to think about….

-If your lawn has been overrun with crabgrass or dandelions in the past, you may want to consider applying a pre-emergent herbicide in the spring before the weeds emerge. A healthy, lush lawn will squeeze out weeds, but a damaged lawn may need some help. Talk to a local garden specialist about which herbicide is right for your lawn and the best way to apply it. Herbicides can kill grass seeds, so if you’ve applied seed you’ll want to make sure you use a product that will not affect the new growth.  
Get ready for the first mow by giving your lawn mower an annual service that includes changing the oil, changing the spark plug, swapping out or cleaning the air filter, and sharpening the blade. Most lawns are ready to be mowed when the grass reaches a height of 3 inches, although newly seeded areas or recently overseeded existing lawns should be mowed closer to 2 inches until the new grass is established. Remember to mow with a frequency that allows you to cut less than one-third the height of the grass. An easy-to-follow rule is to let it grow no taller than 3 inches and cut it to no shorter than 2 inches. 

If you follow these easy steps, your lawn will be in tip-top shape for summer, and then you can enjoy all of those outdoor activities that we love so much!

Like making s’mores, playing games, or just relaxing!


What is your favorite spring activity to do outside?



About Grass Seed USA:
Grass Seed USA is a national coalition of grass seed farmers and academic turf specialists with a wealth of experience in studying, growing and harvesting grass and grass seed. The coalition seeks to inform and educate residential and commercial customers about the benefits of grass and best practices for responsibly growing and maintaining healthy turf. For more information, visit www.weseedamerica.com and follow @WeSeedAmerica on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


  1. Please don’t encourage killing the dandelions. They area vital source for the survival of our honey bees! Plus, the pesticides are horrible for our planet, animals AND people. Thanks for considering rethinking this!

  2. We have TruGreen ChemLawn service because the violets almost destroyed our yard about 3 years ago and they worked very hard to save it. It has been great to see the difference it has made. and yes, aeration is extra important :). I love the warm weather BUT the mosquitoes are so bad in our area – gotta get on a solution for that problem because once June hits I can’t go outside after about 6 in the evening – which doesn’t make me happy.

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