Three DIY Painted Furniture Projects

Today, I wanted to share with you Three DIY Painted Furniture Projects that I have completed and used in our master bedroom.  

The first two pieces of furniture are ones that I painted for our current home, and the last piece of black furniture was actually painted when I was renovating the master bedroom in our previous home, but I still use it now in our current bedroom. 


First off, check out this desk I got for $2.00 at a thrift store and painted for a little corner in our master bedroom.  It’s a amazing what a little bit of paint can do, right?!

DIY Thrift Store Painted Desk Makeover

diy painted furniture projects

We still have this little desk in the corner of our bedroom, but it has our desktop computer on it for my kiddos to use.  


Next, I have another piece of DIY painted furniture in our master bedroom that was my mom’s.  It was a cherry piece that I wanted to use, but it didn’t fit the style of my room, so I gave it a little makeover.  It’s ANOTHER example of what a HUGE difference a little bit of paint can make!

Some people don’t like to paint cherry furniture, but I knew my mom would rather me paint this piece of furniture and USE IT than to let it sit in storage.  :)


DIY Painted Bedside Table Makeover

 diy painted furniture projects




This last piece was painted in 2010, when my boys were SOOOOO little!  I about cried when I saw this post and pictures of our family on Easter Sunday.  The boys all have matching outfits on, and they are so young.  It breaks my heart to see how quickly they have grown up.  I would give ANYTHING to be able to go back in time for just a few moments and hug and kiss their sweet faces.  

This piece of painted furniture was way more expensive that I usually like to purchase, but I explain in the post why I bought it any way. 

DIY Painted Dresser Makeover

diy painted furniture projects

Do you have any favorite DIY Painted Furniture Projects in your own home?

What is your favorite color to paint with?


  1. All your painted pieces have turned out beautiful! I have a bedside table from my grandparents(old varnish is coming off) and I have wanted to paint it…and then don’t. I think this summer will be the year of painting! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I am so impressed with what you did by painting these furniture pieces. They are lovely. I have some old pieces of furniture in the basement that I have been wanting to paint, but I wasn’t sure how to go about the process. I was hoping to find a previous post on your site that would include the details of how you treated, sanded, etc. the pieces your refinished but it looks like the posting no longer exists. If you have such a post could you point me in the right direction?

    1. Hi Linda!

      The process I use is different for every piece because it depends on the condition it is in and whether it is painted or stained. But for most pieces, I apply a deglosser (liquid sander) then paint it my color of choice with a foam roller on the smooth surfaces and a brush on the corner or hard to reach pieces. Hope that helps a little! Thanks! Traci

  3. Wow!!!! They all look so great with just some paint. You are sooooo talented. I’ve said before I would love to know how to decorate etc like you. You should be a interior designer for a job.

  4. Those pieces look amazing! Do you brush paint or spray paint? I have a few pieces I would like to paint, but not quite sure how to approach them.

    1. I use a foam roller brush usually on smooth surfaces, and a brush in the corners or hard to reach places. The foam rollers give a better finish.

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