Using Baskets as Wall Decor

Using Baskets as Wall Decor

Sometimes I have trouble figuring out what I want to decorate my walls with because I get stuck in the rut of thinking I have to always hang pictures on the wall.  To me, I feel like I have to hang up family photos or pretty art.

But one of my favorite looks for wall decor, and something I have been incorporating more in my home, is using woven baskets on the wall.

They add color, texture, and warmth to each space that you use them in.  They are also an easy and affordable way to fill up a lot of wall space!

Alicia from Our Vintage Nest used woven serving trays of different sizes to flank the side of her tv in the living room.  

Using Baskets as Wall Decor

If you like a more colorful, eclectic look for a gallery wall, try hanging a collection of African Baskets on the wall like Kelly did from…

Using Baskets as Wall Decor

Tobacco baskets are probably my favorite to decorate with right now.  They are large and can make such a huge statement in a room.  They look great over a fireplace…

Using Baskets as Wall Decor

source:  Ballards Design


Or you can stack two smaller tobacco baskets on a wall like my friend, Bre, from Rooms for Rent did in her dining room…

Using Baskets as Wall Decor

source:  Rooms for Rent


I love the large tobacco basket resting behind this beautiful vignette on a buffet table…

Using Baskets as Wall Decor

source:  Judith Balis

Here is another example of how a woven basket can fill up wall space behind a vignette.   I found a basket very similar to the one below at Goodwill for just a few bucks.  You would be so surprised at all of the wonderful woven baskets you can find at thrift stores!

Using Baskets as Wall Decor




Baskets also look great with a wreath inside it.  I LOVE how my friend Karianne, from Thistlewood Farms, added some greenery inside this large woven tray above her fireplace mantle…

Using Baskets as Wall Decor

Thistlewood Farms


I love these FLAT RATTAN WALL ART from the Hearth and Home Collection at Target!  If used over a desk, they are not only beautiful, but functional.

Using Baskets as Wall Decor

You can also use them in different sizes over a fireplace…

Using Baskets as Wall Decor


Those are just a few of my favorite ways to use baskets as wall decor in your home.  

Do you have any baskets hanging on the walls in your home?  Where?

Have a blessed day!

xoxo, Traci


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  1. Lovely idea! Baskets are plentiful in my home but non are on the walls…yet! You never know what tomorrow may bring!! Now, if I was lucky enough to own 1 or 2 of those gorgeous tobacco baskets like you have I’d need a hammer and some nails right now!! Oh, my! Honestly, I have always loved them but didn’t know they were tobacco baskets! Thanks for the information!

    Your blog is great so I keep coming back for more! Take care of you! Lucy

  2. Wish I could find photos of my 1st apartment after my husband and I got married in 1982. I had a big tobacco basket on the wall with other baskets surrounding it. Had two huge woven palm fronds above our bed as we had no art. Still have my tobacco basket! Have always loved baskets.

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