My Secret to Thicker Hair, Less Wrinkles, and Healthier Nails

Y’all, I have a secret to share with you.  I’ve been sitting on it for a while because I wanted to make sure I was confident in sharing it with you. 

What I mean by that is… I have been using a product for a while, but I wanted to make sure it worked before I shared it with you, my sweet readers. 

It is called BioSil and is “Advanced Collagen Support for Hair, Skin, Nails, and Joints.”  My chiropractor suggest that I try it for joint support.  As we age, it is very important to have healthy joints.


I was familiar with collagen support because I have taken this powdered collagen off and on for a year or so…

I had seen several of my favorite instagrammers talk about using it, so I gave it a try.  However, I did not see any of the results that I have seen with BioSil. 

I read somewhere that people have had better results with this liquid form because it is absorbed more quickly.  (And I definitely agree!!)

When my chiropractor said  it would help my joints, she said it also had a great side effect which was that it may make my hair thicker, skin smoother, and nails stronger.  I was like, “Heck yeah!  I like those side effects!”  haha!  She said that her nails were the strongest and prettiest they had ever been since she started taking BioSil, and she thought her hair felt a little thicker too. 

Since I want/need healthy joints, I went home and purchased BioSil on Amazon that night.  


My chiropractor also told me that it tasted horrible, but if you take it quickly with some juice, it’s not that bad.  Again, I could handle that. 

So I ordered it a little over a month ago, and y’all, I kid you not, I began noticing that my hair felt thicker, and I was getting new hair growth within a couple of weeks!   It has blown me away.  I also feel like my skin is looking healthier, and my nails are growing super fast!  I get my nails done with SNS at the salons, but I am looking forward to not having to do that anymore if my nails continue to get stronger. 

I take 5 drops every morning and every night.  You have to be consistent to have results, so I put it by my face cleanser and creams and make it a part of my daily routine.  Instead of taking mine with juice, though, I just put it in my gelatin caps (just like my essential oils,) and swallow it down.  Easy!

These are the gelatin capsules I use:

I did think my skin was looking better too, but it was my thicker hair that I noticed the most.  And if I can see the results in my hair, then I know that this stuff is doing it’s thing on my joints as well.  yay!

I kept thinking that I was going to write a post and tell you about BioSil, but I am one of those people that worry that others won’t have the same results, and then they’ll think I wasn’t telling the truth.  But every single day, I am amazed at how much thicker my hair feels, and it is the longest it has been in a while, so I just had to share the good news with you. 

And if you read the reviews, they are pretty amazing.  

I just bought my second bottle of biosil last week, and it will be a staple in my beauty routine.  And I am so impressed with the results, that I might have Cy start taking it too.  He has what he calls a “scar” on the back of his head, (aka: bald spot) haha!, that I think BioSil may be able to help. I will let you know!  :)

You can get BioSil for you HERE.

Have you ever tried BioSil?

If you do, let me know what you think!  I’d love to hear about it!

Have a blessed day, friends! 




  1. Sounds great—I like the side effects too—but mostly I need joint health. Have you noticed a difference in your joints?

    1. Jeannie, I have not noticed a difference in my joints, but I was taking it mostly for my spine. I have scoliosis in my neck and back, and I know the joints in my spine probably could use a little more cushion. I suffer from chronic back pain because of my scoliosis, so I don’t notice a big difference in my joints with biosil, but I feel confident it is working because of the great results I am seeing in my hair, skin, and nails. :)

  2. I use a pasture-raised and grassfed collagen powder. The BioSil says it’s a collagen generator. It sounds great but I would need to research the ingredients before I would try it.

    1. Debra, I am new to this too, but I used to take a powdered collagen that was grassfed and pasture raised as well and saw no results. As soon as I started taking biosil, I started seeing a difference. My chiropractor said something about the collagen “generator” working to make the collagen we already have even stronger? Instead of adding outside collagen to our bodies, biosil helps strengthen the collagen we already have, which is more natural? Or something like that. Don’t quote me. haha! All I know is that it’s working for me! :)

    1. My main issue with joints is in my neck and back because I have scoliosis. I cannot say that I have felt an improvement in my joints, but I truly believe they are getting healthier due to the difference I have seen in my hair, skin, and nails. I figure it can’t be hurting my joints, for sure! :)

  3. Hi Traci! First off I want to congratulate you on your son Jonathon’s success!
    I know you have been on the keto diet as have I for the last year. I’ve noticed a big difference in my hair since I’ve been on it. My hair has gotten noticable thinner and doesn’t look very healthy. Have you had this same problem since on keto? I am excited to hear of your results with Bioslk!!

    1. Thank you so much, Kathy!! I did not notice my hair being unhealthy while on Keto. It pretty much stayed the same, in my opinion. But I definitely have noticed a difference since using Biosil. My hair feels thicker and healthier.

  4. It sounds like a great product except my hair is so thick right now that I couldn’t handle it being any thicker. 😂 I could use it for my weak brittle nails!!

    1. I’ve always had fine hair, so I have enjoyed feeling a little “thicker” these days! My mom had VERY thick hair, but my dad is bald, so I guess I’m in between. haha!!

  5. I’m going to give this a try, Traci. My hubby has a “scar” and thinning hair on top that has gotten much more noticeable so I hope it helps both of us.

  6. Hi Traci I have been using BioSil for some time now. I first noticed my nails looking healthier. My hair was fairly healthy to start with but definitely noticed an improvement. My skin looks better. Not so dry especially in the winter. I ran out a few weeks ago and just haven’t got around to buying another bottle. I think I will pick up a new bottle tomorrow. Thanks

    1. From my research, the only thing I read was an upset stomach, I think? It wasn’t much. And I haven’t had any side effects. But definitely do your own research and even check with your doctor. I have no idea about using it with prescription meds. I think it would be okay? But I’m not a doctor. :)

  7. Hi Traci, I have never used any kind of collagen supplement. Just wondering……what happens to hair that you may not want, such as facial hair or hair on your arms? Does it become thicker too? That would not be a good thing!

    1. That is a VERY Good question, and I never even thought of that! haha! But no, I have not noticed any difference at all in my facial or arm hair. :)

  8. Traci,
    This sounds like a dream come true! Does it hype you up any at all?. I have a very sensitive nervous system right now from coming off of some nasty meds. And biotin seems to rev me up a little., I use to use the vital proteins in the blue canister. I’d love to try this!. Where do you purchase it?

  9. Traci – looking at the product I notice it comes in the liquid form you mention as well as a capsule, and the dosage of both seems to be the same. Is there a reason you chose the liquid over the capsules? For me, buying it already in capsule form seems easier. I’m wanting to try it! My hair is getting so thin, I could use the help!! My hair loss is hereditary I know….so not sure if it will help me, but I’m willing to try it out.

    1. Hey cuz! I just got the liquid because my Chiropractor said too. haha! I didn’t even notice that they came in capsules. :). I’m sure that would be fine.

  10. Hi Traci….longtime Fuller here. I have started the bio sil drops and wondered if it would cancel out the benefits (if any, ha!) I might be receiving from my apple cider vinegar that I have started taking? I have looked but could not find anything on it. Your thoughts?

    1. Hi Debbie! I don’t think it would hurt it at all. The apple cider vinegar is for a healthy guy, and the biosil is for healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints. So I don’t think they would cancel each other out at all. (but I’m not a doctor. haha!)

  11. Hello,
    I’m just wondering if you’re still using biosil and seeing
    Improvement. I know you started this several years ago.

    1. I used it for quite a while and then my hair grew thicker, so I stopped for the past year, but I have recently started taking it again because I’ve started thinning again around my hairline. I love this product. :)

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