Small Bathroom Inspiration for our Guest House

If you have been following along on my Instagram stories, you know that we are building a small bathroom on the back of our guest house.  (If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you can do so by clicking HERE.)

It will be about 7ft x 8ft, so there’s not a lot of room.  I want to make the most of every square inch.  

  We will not have a tub, but a standing shower, toilet, and sink.  

Cy and I both love these wall sinks….


I thought maybe I could find a vintage one and paint the bottom black like the one above?  I love that look!

I also love this reclaimed wood vanity.  Cy could totally build me something like that, and I could get a vessel sink to put on top.  It would be so quaint and would give our guests an area to put their toiletries, blow dryer, etc.




I’m not sure if we will do a corner shower, but it would save some space.  I also like how the vanity and toilet are not right beside each other in the picture below. 


I’m not a fan of toilets right beside the vanity sink, especially in small spaces, but it is a very common layout for bathrooms. I like the black vanity and black/white tile on the floor in the picture below.



Our bathroom will probably have wood planked walls to match the rest of the guest house, so I was draw to the simplicity of this bathroom…(I also love that vessel sink!)


Every thing about the bathroom below makes me happy!  It is farmhouse charm at its best!



Another vessel sink that I love…

Maybe I could find an antique piece of furniture to use as a vanity?



This is my friend, Courtney from French Country Cottage‘s bathroom…

I like how she has a small table beside her pedestal sink to hold towels. 




I LOVE the contrast of this antique wood mirror on the white wood planked walls!  STUNNING!  I’m also loving those corner shelves for storage.



Here is another beautiful example of a wood framed mirror over a pedestal sink…

I love the pops of red in the pendant lights, and of course, that black door!



My friend, Jenna Sue, gave this small bathroom a makeover, and I love that she used brick pavers and a desk as a vanity.




This next bathroom….oh my goodness!  I love the wood ceiling, the white subway tile, the goose neck shower head, the claw foot tub, and that floor tile!!  PERFECTION!



As you can tell, I am loving the black/white/warm wood combo, and I’m loving vessel sinks too!  

I have to make a decision on the layout SOON because Cy needs to know where to plumb everything.  As soon as I figure it out, I will be sure to share it with you!

Which is your favorite bathroom?


  1. You have some fabulous ideas here! I love the warmth of the natural wood color… either in the vanity or the floors. I do also love the planked walls… even the ones that are painted darker on the bottom half. The sink you showed first is TO DIE FOR! Love that!!!! And the brick pavers… LOVE! How do you make those so that you can walk on them? Hmmm… wouldn’t those be hard on the feet?

    1. Yes, I love those brick pavers too! The ones they make now are more smooth than the old ones. They are less hard on the feet. Rugs would be a must though! :). Thanks for stopping by, April! xoxo Traci

  2. Traci,
    Like you, I really love vessel sinks, though not the bowl sinks, they look too trendy and impractical for my taste. Everyone of those bathrooms are wonderful, they remind me if our high mountain home in Tahoe National Forest, built in 1873 and the original walls are shiplap. I can’t wait to see what you will do!
    Warm affection,

  3. Ok my gosh, they are all lovely but that double wall sink…swoon! Number 5 (despite the tolie is next to the sink, which I agree on) the last one are my favorites. I’m a sucker for tubs. I’ll bet yours will be gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it!

    1. I wish we had room for a clawfoot tub, but we are trying to be practical for all visitors, and don’t have enough space. I love that double wall sink too! I’m on the hunt for one now! :). Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Traci! I have the black and white tiled floor in a guest bath and love it! You cannot go wrong with that or the patterned tile! I used a black patterned tile for my kitchen backsplash! Using a desk for a counter top and sink is awesome so you have storage if you have the space. All of those pics are so pretty! Big decisions!

    1. Thank you, Sharon! Yes, I’m sure I’ll change my mind a million times, but I’m looking forward to seeing it come together. :). thanks for stopping by!

  5. My favorite is the reclaimed wood vanity in the second picture. It is so unique and to me when you have things that are “handmade” they mean so much more. Your kids would look at that vanity and appreciate the craftsmanship of their dad. 💜

  6. I hate my vessel sinks in the BR, they are hard to keep clean and water splashes everywhere. Think twice! The first picture with the corner shower makes sense, I would add a medicine cabinet over the sink.

  7. They are all pretty, and it would be hard to pick one :)…I say keep it classic so it will be in style for a long time. White, black and white are always around and look timeless.

  8. I love the black and white floor tile in the last picture. I always question the use of white subway tile when I see it used on home shows, which is very often. I couldn’t wait to tear that out when we remodeled the master bath. It was so hard to keep looking clean and nice.

    1. Too funny! I have loved my subway tile in our bathrooms. It’s been very easy to keep clean for me. But I can totally understand your point. :). Thanks for stopping by!


  10. I will be very interested in seeing what you choose. We want to build a small bathroom off the back of a weekend home we have. I do like the corner shower and toilet on the other side from the vanity. I would rethink the bowl sink too because the ones I have used in different places, were so high and splashed everywhere! Good luck and please post your progress!! Thank you!

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