Jonathan’s First Official Music Video for STRANGERS

Hey friends!

I’m writing to you from Nashville!  I’ve been here a couple of days, and I am heading back home to Kentucky in about an hour. 

I’m feeling a little sentimental today because it’s my birthday.  48 years old, y’all!  WHAT?!  How does that happen?!

Lately, I’ve been really reflective over the life God has given me and extremely grateful for each day I’ve been blessed with.  The older I get, the more I cherish the people around me and every moment I get to spend with them.  I treasure my family.

I think back to when Cy and I got married, and how young we were, and how we didn’t have a clue what we were doing.  I remember being broke and searching for coins in the couch just to get a Coke from McDonald’s.  haha!

And then one by one, the Lord brought four precious, adorable, full of energy and smiles, little boys into our lives and made us a family.   The ballgames….the messes….the extra bed buddies….the bugs and the dirt….I’ve loved every minute of it.


And then somewhere out of nowhere….God brings a daughter and a sister to our family…Sania.  And He taught us all a totally NEW kind of love….a BIGGER kind of love….a SWEETER kind of love.


And here we are now…The Hutchersons.

Crazy.  Loud.  Imperfect.  Forgiven.  Living and loving one day at a time.

And to think that in this ONE LIFE that I have been given, that I get to walk through it with these humans….  It brings tears to my eyes as I type.  What have I done to deserve this?


Last week, Jonathan was home, and we needed to shoot a music video for STRANGERS.  He and Luke planned it all out, and then we practiced together as a family.  It was going to be a “one shot” video where Luke filmed us continuously without stopping. 

Luke has found his “gift” in photography and videography, just like Jonathan found his in music.  It has been so much fun to watch him pursue this passion.

Jonathan wanted his very first video to be at shot home with his family.  He said, “Mom, this is the perfect first video.  I’m doing what I love the most, with who I love the most, in the place I love the most…HOME.”  

Those words made this mama’s heart fill up with joy.   

And so as a family, we shot this video.  Every single one of us are in it at some point.  It will always be a very special memory for all of us.  

If you click on the picture below, you can watch the video on youtube.  We would love if you could watch it over there and then click on the “thumbs up” to say you like it, and if you can leave a comment…that is even better!  

Thank you, friends!  For being on this beautiful journey called LIFE with me.  I am so honored to share it here with you, and on my birthday, I AM THANKFUL FOR THE GIFT OF YOU!!!






  1. You wrote: Jonathan wanted his very first video to be at shot home with his family. He said, “Mom, this is the perfect first video. I’m doing what I love the most, with who I love the most, in the place I love the most…HOME.”

    Tell Jonathan that someone suggested he work that last sentence into a song. It could become a classic.

  2. Traci, Happy Birthday to you, young lady! Your words were a blessing to me this morning, and I thank you for that. This time of year when some of us are missing family around the holidays (I lost my sweet daddy this year so first holidays are hard), it is uplifting to read your stories and the words coming from your heart. You have been so blessed with not only a beautiful spirit, but a beautiful life and a beautiful family. Wishing you a very happy and blessed day, and thank you again for sharing your life with us. I am off now to go watch Jonathan! Many hugs!

  3. Happy, happy birthday! I love Jonathan’s video and his song! So excited that he is pursuing his dreams! Best of luck to him!

  4. Reading your post brought tears to my eyes. I’m turning 47 this month, and it’s so true- the older we get, life and family become more precious every day. You have a beautiful and talented family! Thank you for sharing your life with us. Blessings…

  5. First of all Happy Birthday!
    Secondly I can only imagine how proud you are of the kids. Each one so precious. I watched Jonathan’s video yesterday. AWESOME. Absolutely love that song. Luke did a fabulous job. My brother has done many music videos for artists (most country) and I can spot a good one. A+++
    Cant wait to see all the “places” he will go 😊

  6. Oh Traci!
    It just makes a mama’s heart soar to hear one of your kids tell you how much family means to them doesn’t it?!?!! I think us moms are happiest when our family is surrounding us. How absolutely priceless to be in his very first music video!! So so sweet!!!
    Our life has been touch by adoption 5 times over … would love for you to see how our lives have been affected by one of our children we adopted from Russia. I wrote about it on my latest blog post :)
    Btw… happy happy birthday!!
    Hope you have an amazing day!!!

  7. Oh my goodness such a lovely tribute to your son and your family. Love conquers all. I love his song, play it in my car all the time! Congratulations to Jonathon and your family.👍

  8. Traci, Happy Birthday my friend. Thank you for all your expertise in essential oils, I have learned lots from you. And thank you for your support of Haven…you will be missed. And thank you for sharing your family and their talent with us and most of all…thank you for speaking about your faith. I always think of the verses, Matthew 10:32-33. God Bless you.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  9. Oh. My. Goodness. Wow. I love the song, love the video. Another talented son I see. It was gorgeous with the setting sun, (also very cool to see that sunset in the window on the porch), Dad arriving home, all the kids, and most of all, I teared up at the end when you were there to open the door and hug your son. So representative of so much love between moms and kids. Can’t even imagine how proud you must be.

    Btw, early on in our now 43-year marriage, we scoured under couch cushions and coat pockets and also came up with just enough change to buy one bottle of Coke at the corner grocery and share it! Made me laugh to hear you did the same thing. God is good and full of blessings, even though, as you said, we don’t deserve it.

  10. Happy Birthday!! I loved the song and the video!! So awesome to have done it at home and to include the whole family, definitely special memories for all of you. Proud mama moment for you. 💗 🎂

  11. I have followed your blog for many years and it has been amazing to see what God has done in your family through your valleys and mountain tops! It has also been fun to see your blog progress. Jonathan’s video is awesome! The fall season and lighting fit the mood and lyrics of the song SO WELL!! The song also draw emotions out. Anyone who has gone through a break up or a relationship with emotional distance, totally gets it. So I think most can relate! Your mom would be so crazy-proud of him!!

    God bless your journeys,

  12. Happy Birthday Traci! You have so much to be proud of and grateful for. Grateful to you for sharing it with us!!

  13. What a beautiful song, Jonathan has such a wonderful voice. And the video was excellent by your son, 2 very talented young men, but we know they have 2 very talented parents. Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy birthday. What blessings you have around you. Your family is so fortunate. I love the video and song! Thank you for sharing.

  15. Such a beautiful video and so meaningful with all of the Hutchersons included. You were great on the Voice but I can see you have grown even more since then. Keep up the good work.

  16. I just got the chance to listen to Jonathans video and absolutely loved it. He has a wonderful voice and I hope he makes it big in Nashville. You all have so much to be proud of.

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