Home Office Inspiration (even if you don’t have a room for it!)


I’m sitting in my now VERY CLEAN office writing this post.  Tuesday, I spent from 2:30-10:30 yesterday cleaning out and organizing my office!  I took a little break to fix dinner and see the kids, but other than that….I was working it!

My office was out of control!  I couldn’t even work on my desk because it was covered with basically everything I threw on it in the month of December. haha!

I was avoiding my office like the plague, because it was a hot mess, but the mess was also making me not be organized in other parts of my life this new year.  #ugh.  So Tuesday, I had had enough, and I went to town in here!

I threw away a large garbage can full of papers and junk that needed to go after cleaning out my file cabinets and drawers.  It felt so good!  I also brought in a piece of furniture that used to be in the boys’ room to help me store and organize some of my stuff.  I’ll share some pictures in another post, but for now, I thought I would share some home office inspiration pics I found on Pinterest. 

A lot of us do not have a room in our homes that we can dedicate solely for an office, so I’ve also included some creative ways to have an office without a room!



source:  Driven by Decor




source:  Love Grows Wild



Source:  Be True Image Design


Maybe if you had space under your stairs, you could try something like this…



This is a cute idea!  You could use a bookcase and find a table at a thrift store and cut it in half to create this space.

Source:  The Cottage Market






source:  Centsational Girl


Put a desk in a corner of a room for an immediate office space!






I’m going to have to buy a new office chair soon, so I’ll share some inspiration for that soon too!  

Do you have a home office?




  1. I love getting organized – and I stay pretty well that way, except like you, things tend to pile up at the end of the year. I desperately need a desk/work space, but since we downsized I don’t have room, and it makes me sad and disorganized :(. These are all beautiful offices and I’m thinking I may try the bookcase one and put it in our guest room and it can double as a night stand if I only put the table on one side – whoop! thanks for that idea! Good job getting in order! it feels good!

    1. Hi Sharon, Yes, it is so hard to find space when you downsize, but you definitely can do it! I think the bookcase sounds like a great idea. :). Have a blessed weekend! xoxo

  2. Hi Traci! I have an antique vanity, that was my MIL’s, that I use as a desk. My desk chair is a very old piece that was my parents, so both items hold a special place in my heart. My challenge is where to keep all of our files. I am currently using decorative portable expandable file holders that I keep sitting under the center of the vanity. I have a separate large plastic file container for all of our medical papers. My current method works, but … I have always hated filing, so having to look thru 4 file boxes to find the one I need does nothing but fuel my dislike of filing. The shape of our rooms in our small home are such that the furniture has to be against the walls, and we don’t really have vacant space. But there has to be a more viable solution that will look nice and not cost an arm and a leg. I can’t wait to gain more inspiration from you!

    1. Hi Ginger! I love that you have special antique pieces to use in your “office space.” How awesome! And yes, filing is the thing I dislike the most too! I’m horrible at getting important papers in the file folders in the first place, which makes them extra hard to find when I need them. #UGH! Have you looked for filing solutions on Pinterest?

  3. Before people started having designated home office we used the dining room table. You kept your files in something and when you needed to work you brought the files to the table. Paid bills, reviewed important things etc. then you put it all away til the next time. Ahhh the simpler way.

    1. Yes, Ann! That’s exactly the way my mom did it and what I remember growing up. I remember seeing all those bill scattered across the table! Truthfully, I love having an office, but when I need to organize papers, I take them to the kitchen table and get it done. haha!

  4. I’m fortunate enough to have a dedicated home office. Currently in the process of repainting the walls to my favorite shade of yellow. I work from home, so function is extremely important (using 2 -24″ monitors), so they take up a lot of space!). Decor consists of my travel photos, which take me to my happy place. 🤓

  5. Oh my! You definitely spoke to me in this post! Our home office has always been at the bottom of my priority list and it’s about time it moves up to the top! It functions as a dumping ground, among other things. For several years we’ve had to keep the doors shut and locked due to our very active, VERY curious little guy we adopted from China. He has made great progress; however, and I’m now leaving the doors wide open! My husband and I each have a “desk” (mine is a 6 ft folding table currently). There is also a filing cabinet, the family printer, and my scrapbooking cabinet that can’t even be used properly because of the stuff always piled on and around it. This also happens to be the best room for watching for the school bus on these cold, snowy mornings in IL! Can one room do all of this?!

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