Sania’s 4H Speech on Adoption

Lately, I have shared some special videos of Sania Louise on my Instagram stories, and I have been blown away from the response!  

I have shared posts about our adoption and pictures of Sania Louise on my blog and on social media, but I haven’t shared a lot of videos of her.  Partly because her speech is sometimes hard to understand, and she is developmentally behind, and I wasn’t sure how she would be received online.  The internet can be a cruel place sometimes, and I felt protective of her. 

But as she has continued to grow and thrive, I have felt more comfortable sharing our sweet girl through video with our “online family.”  And let me tell you something, y’all have fallen in love with her just like we have, and you have been so loving and encouraging of her and our family.  I ADORE YOU!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving on us!

In early December, I shared a snippet of Sania giving her 4H speech on adoption at school.  So many of you asked if you could see the whole video, so I uploaded it to youtube.  It is not public on youtube, but you can view it here on my blog.  

When I got the note from school about all 5th graders giving a 4H speech, I truthfully thought, Sania can’t do that!  I mean…that’s terrifying and hard for even a regular 5th grader, let alone a child who has only been living in America for two years and is still trying to catch up.  But atlas, Sania was required to participate, so we began talking about what her speech should be about.  It was to be a persuasive speech, so we decided that she could share information about why adoption is a good thing. 

We began to talk about why she felt adoption was good and what she liked about it.  She said things like…“Because I have my own bed and room…I like when you hug me when I get home from school…I like when I wake up and my whole family is there….My daddy makes me feel special….”

We also discussed how adoption can be good for adoptive parents, the birth mom, and for the orphan, and we drafted up her speech.  

Cy shot the video of her practicing on his phone, so I apologize that it is not the best quality.  It was her first time practicing it, so she struggles with some of the words.  She got much better at it as she practiced more.  Cy and I sat and watched her in wonder.  She is so BRAVE, and STRONG, and simply AMAZING!  I loved how she was trying to so hard to read her words and look up and make eye contact as well.  So, so precious!

Let’s just say that Cy and I fought back tears (and lost that battle,) each time she practiced.  Sania even teared up one time.  She understands how much her life has changed since she has been adopted, and every night she prays for her birth mom and the other kids in the orphanage that still do not have forever families.  I told her that just maybe… someone would hear her speech and consider adopting a child.  That blew her mind!  And made her very excited at the same time. :)

Here is her practicing her speech.  It is a little hard to understand at times, so I typed out her speech under this video to help you as you listen.

Imagine going to bed at night in a bed that is not yours, in a building that is not a home, and without a mom and dad to say goodnight to.

That is what my life was like when I lived in an orphanage in the country of Latvia.  That is why I am glad that my mom and dad decided to adopt me three years ago.  Now I have a bed of my own, in a house that is mine, and a mom and dad to tuck me in bed at night.  This makes me very happy.

Did you know there are approximately 153 million orphans worldwide?

And there are over 100,000 orphans in the United States waiting for a family?

That is why I wanted to talk about adoption today, and to tell you three reasons why adoption is good.

First of all, adoption is good for couple who dream of having a family, but are unable to have children of their own. Adopting a child allows them to have a family.  It gives them the opportunity to love and care for a child and have a wonderful life together.

Secondly, adoption allows the birth mom to give their child a better life than she can give them.  There are many different reasons why birth moms decide to give up their rights to their child, but it is usually because they are not able to care for their child.  They show great love for their child to give them up for adoption.  I am thankful for my birth mom, and I pray for her.  Because she chose to give me life, I am in the family that God meant for me to be in.  Because of her, I am a Hutcherson!

Lastly, adoption is the best thing for orphans because it gives them feel safe and love.  Adopted children do better in school, in relationships, and in life.

I am so thankful that I was adopted.  I love my family.  I love going home every day from school knowing my mom will be there to hug me.  I love sleeping in my own bed at night.  I love knowing that every morning when I wake up, my family will be there to love me.  It makes me very happy and makes me feel special.

That is why I think adoption is so important, and I hope more families chose to adopt orphans in the future.

Thank you.


Her teacher texted me after Sania gave her speech and said she did a GREAT job!  She made some of the teachers and students tear up.

Eli also gave his speech that day and did great as well!  Cy and I went to school at lunchtime and surprised both of them!  They loved it. :)


We had another very special moment with Sania last week in Georgia, but I will have to share that with you next week. :). I’m headed to Morristown, Tn tonight with my friend, Lori, for a Goal Setting workshop tomorrow, and I haven’t even packed yet!  I’m supposed to pick her up in an hour.  ha ha!  

I’ll be back tomorrow, so at least I don’t have to pack much, but I did want pick things up around the house before I leave too. 

You can follow along with me on my Instagram stories HERE.

Friends, I hope you know how much you mean to me.  You are special to me and to Jesus!  I pray wherever you are, whatever you are doing, and whoever you are with, that God would be there with you too…filling you with His indescribable Peace!  

You are the apple of HIS eye! 


Hugs and kisses,



    1. Amazing. Beautiful message. Thank her for me cause I know that was hard. Also that is one way that God is using her to be that light in the darknesss. So special.

  1. What a blessing you have in Sania …thank you for sharing! She couldn’t be any sweeter!!! She has my heart!!!!

  2. She did an awesome job! Is she getting a little Southern accent? So sweet and wonderful
    ya’ll are a forever family together!!!

  3. She is so precious! I cannot get over how mature she looks! She looks so grown up! Hearing her story and her feelings about being adopted makes my heart grow so much. I think if more people heard her sweet words about adopting they WOULD consider it! Thank you for sharing this special moment with us! Great Job, Sania!!!

  4. Sania is precious and her speech was very inspiring! Our littlest one was adopted out of foster care and she’s been such a blessing to our lives. I hope Sania’s speech gives courage to someone who might be considering adoption or foster care.

  5. Sania, you are an amazing young lady, full of love and grace. Your speech was excellent! Stay close to your family and Jesus, sweet girl.

  6. Traci, what a sweet, sweet child Sania is. Her speech really touched my heart…she is so fortunate to have your family as her family now and your family is wonderful to have given her a home with all this love to give to her. God has blessed all of you in so many ways by adopting this beautiful child!

  7. What a beautiful moment as a parent. You are all so blessed to have each other. I love hearing about Sania and your family …she did a fantastic job!!

  8. I Loved Her speech! She is growing and changing so much. You all are a blessing to each other! Wishing you wonderful days in 2019❤

  9. It’s amazing to see how far she has come. I love her little Kentucky drawl and am so glad that she is your forever daughter. For THIS child we prayed, God listened, and now she is yours! Thank you for sharing her with us.

  10. It is amazing to see how far she has come! I love her little Kentucky drawl. For this child we prayed, God answered, and now she is your forever daughter! Thank you for sharing her with us.

  11. Beautiful speech. I just know her words will travel into the heart of another mom who is seeking to find a child to bring home to love. 💕

  12. Bravo Sania!!! You did an amazing job! You are so right, God chose for you to be a Hutcherson! Cy and Traci, keep up the great work raising your family in the Lord! Eli congratulations on doing well in your speech as well! Wishing you a blessed year.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your precious daughter with us. She did such a great job. That sweet girl is so loved. God Bless her.

  14. Wow! Amazing! Sania, and the speech itself! I think she not only presented herself well, she spoke so beautifully about how she feels herself…I love where she says she’s a Hutcherson!! When you see how far she has come, how much she has gained from being in her family, you can see how far she will go. Very well done, Sania!!

  15. Well that was just beautiful and heartwarming! Brought this 68 year old wife, mama and grandma to tears! Sania is one lucky little girl! God blessed all of your family when she came in to you lives ❤️🙏🏻❤️

  16. Thank you so much for sharing this. Made me emotional. First time I’ve heard Sania’s voice. She’s so sweet. You and her are so blessed. My daughter and her husband are having trouble getting pregnant and she told me over the holidays they are thinking about taking classes to foster and possibly adopt down the road if it’s in God’s will. They are praying now about the process. I will show her this video. You are right….. her little speech could be affecting other orphans in a big way. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and doing what God called you to do. Not always easy.

  17. Traci- Sania’s speech is so heartfelt and full of so much love! You and Cy and family have surrounded her with love and through her, your love shines through! God is doing great things in her and in your family! She looks like a Hutcherson and she is so proud and happy to be one! What a gift you all are to each other! Isn’t God’s plan just amazing? May God continue to bless you and your sweet family!

  18. Are you kidding me? She’s doing GREAT! She is completely understandable and relatable. So precious! I am amazed at Sania’s progress in such a short time! May God bless her and you and your family as well!

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