Melt in Your Mouth Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies (and other Valentine goodies!)

I’m writing this post from Nashville!

If you don’t follow my on Instagram, you may not know that I make a quick unplanned trip to Nashville Saturday night to see Jonathan perform at The Listening Room.  He was asked to sing with some of the top song writers in Nashville, and it was a really big deal to him.  It was one of the moments, as his mama and #1 fan, that I just couldn’t miss.  

So I jumped in my car at about 6:00 pm Saturday night and hightailed it to Nashville, just in time for the show.  I AM SO GLAD I DID!

Y’all, these moments….

They are priceless.  

And this boy…my, oh my.  What I loved more than hearing him sing, was how proud he was to have his mama there.  All the other writer’s had their girlfriends or wives, but Jonathan….his mama.  I’m always worried that I will embarrass him, but he always assures me how glad he is that I am there.  He introduces me proudly.   I know these days are few, and that someday the Lord will bless him with a precious young lady to stand by his side.  But for now…I will cherish every single second that I get to stand by him as his mama.  Being a mom to all of my precious children is the greatest gift I’ve been given in this life. 

Jonathan did a great job, and it’s so fun to see him living out his passion.  Some pretty cool and big stuff is happening in his life right now, and I can’t wait to share it all with you in the future. :)

Okay, now lets get to what this post is really about…haha! 


Y’all, I’ve shared these cookies on my blog before, but they are just sooooo good, that I had to share them again.  

CLICK HERE to see the full post.

Melt in Your Mouth Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies


I was looking through Pinterest to find some more Valentine treats to share with you, and here are some of my favorite…


Red Velvet Sugar Cookies from Dessert for Two


Valentine’s Marshmallow Pops by Two Sister’s Crafting


Valentine’s Popcorn by Mom Foodie


Molten Lava Cake for Two (Gluten free)


Oh my goodness…

Now my mouth is watering, and I am craving chocolate BIG TIME!  haha!

I’ve got a little more computer work to finish before I head back to Kentucky today, so I better get busy!

I hope y’all have a blessed day!




  1. OK, this has been my all time favorite, go to sugar cookie recipe since I found it on your website YEARS ago!! I’m so glad you posted it again because this TRULY IS THE BEST sugar cookie you will ever put in your mouth!!!! I have never been a sugar cookie fan. Too dry. Too bland. Until this recipe came into our lives! My kids ask for these to take to school for their birthdays!! That means a LOT!! I even wrote on the back of the recipe card that the recipe came from “Beneath My Heart”. :-) So when I share the recipe, I am sharing your blog. :-)

    How exciting for Jonathan AND your family!! Thanks for sharing his happenings with us. Please pass along to him our congratulations from California!

  2. I make these cream cheese sugar cookies & they are delicious! I don’t like almond flavoring so I leave it out. I have piped royal icing on these as well as put buttercream icing on them. My Sister & I have a home baking business & this is our go to sugar cookie recipe. We have sold 15 dozen of these for Valentine’s Day! Yummy!!!

  3. At least I can look at the cookies and appreciate the love that goes into the making; I have been on KETO for fifteen months and looking is all I have done!
    Thank you for sharing about Jonathan’s exciting opportunity in Nashville, now that is sweeter than any baked treat!

  4. The cookies look amazing and from the comments, they must be! I’ll have to try, but I wanted to say that I’m so glad you got to make it here to nashville to hear your son! What a supportive momma you are! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  5. I am so happy for you and Jonathan. So neat. I know you must be so proud and he should be for sure. Love the Valentine cookie recipes, even though I’m late commenting on your post. Love your sweet family.

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