Our HGTV “Sizzle Reel”

Friends, I’ve been keeping a little secret from ya!

Last year was a pretty exciting year for us because we worked on a possible pilot for an HGTV show with Pitch 5 Productions!!!

In January of last year, my agent asked if I would be interested at all in possibly shooting a pilot for HGTV.  Of course, I said YES!

In February, we did a few Skype calls with our production company, and they put together a little 5 minute “teaser reel” of our family  to send to HGTV.  Then crickets….

It wasn’t until late spring until we heard back from Pitch 5 that HGTV had “bumped us up to the top of their list” and wanted to create a more in depth “sizzle real” for a possible pilot.  We were nervous and excited at the same time. 

After a ton of phone calls and emails, the HGTV camera crew and Pitch 5 Production manager, Grace, were set to come to our house this past September to shoot  us doing a makeover.  I took this picture when they first showed up!  We were freaking out! haha!

Since we didn’t have any specific clients that we were working with at the time, we decided to have them sho0t us adding the kitchenette to our guest house in our backyard.  We recruited two of our best friends from college, Dave and Jen, to pretend to be our “clients. ” haha!  They were awesome, and we had SO MUCH fun shooting with them that day!

We also filmed at Old World Timber with our other college buddy, Nate and his sister, Liz.  They created the shelves for the kitchenette in our guest house.  I love the heart of this company and the beautiful products they make!

Pitch 5 was at our home for four days shooting for the sizzle reel.  It was exhausting and exhilarating.  Cy and I had a blast together, and truly did not feel nervous at all in front of the cameras.  We were just being ourselves and did what we have done together for the past 20 years!

The HGTV crew was AMAZING, and it was such a blessing to work with such a talented group of people. 

The kids were AWESOME and did so great in front of the camera!  I was SOOOOO proud of them!  They worked their little tails off to help us on the guest house!

They wanted to film us around the campfire after the first day of working, and we all enjoyed doing that together as a family too!

It was so cool to work together as a family on this project.  We were all supporting and encouraging each other, and it was truly a special time.  I will always have so many precious memories from this pocket of time in our lives.  

After the shoot, it took a few weeks for them to put the sizzle reel together and send it to HGTV.  The process is kind of lengthy…HGTV would make some revisions and send it back to them to edit.  They went back and forth about 8 times, and each time, the notes from HGTV were very positive.  

Right before Christmas, we got an email from Pitch 5 saying that HGTV was pushing for us to go to pilot!!!  I couldn’t believe it!!  That meant that HGTV would come back and sho0t a full episode of us to possibly air on tv.  It doesn’t mean that it would actually ever air….the possibility was still very low.  It’s crazy how small the chances are to actually get a show on HGTV! 

But I didn’t even care if it didn’t make it to tv!  I was just so honored that they were even considering us, and I looked forward to creating the content and filming the pilot regardless…that’s my favorite part!  And to think that I would get to do work that I love with the ones I love the most, my family, was just more than my little heart could take. 

On a personal note, in a way, I felt that the Lord was answering some of my prayers, and I was so excited to see what He was up to.  It is so cool to be walking forward in what you feel the Lord has planned for you. 

However, just a few weeks ago, I got an email from Grace saying that HGTV decided to pass on our pilot.  

Not even going to sugar coat it…I cried.  A lot. 

I read the email when I was in my car and getting ready to run into Kroger’s to get some groceries for dinner.  All of a sudden, 2019 went from a year full of exciting possibilities, to nothing.  What I mean by that is that I really didn’t have much planned for 2019, as far as my business was concerned.  

For a year, I had been in talks with our production company and HGTV about a possible tv show!!  That’s crazy!  Since then, every thing that I have planned has been contingent on the possibility of having a tv show.  This year could have looked crazy different for our family.  We could have been planning and shooting a pilot for HGTV, which would have taken up a lot of our time and energy, and possibly cause job changes for both Cy and I.  So I had kind of left my calendar and my plans “open” for this year, just in case…..ya know?

So I sat in my car and cried.  I called Cy, and I cried more.  I just couldn’t believe that all of the hoping and planning had come to a complete stop.  Done.  Now what?

And of course, feelings of inadequacy and rejection settled in.  “They didn’t like me.”  “I’m too old.”  “I’m not good enough.”  It’s hard not to let your thoughts go there….

I finally got myself together and put a little bit of my eye makeup back on, and reluctantly walked in to Kroger’s to get groceries.  I held back tears as I walked up and down the aisles.  Feeling completely rejected and sorry for myself, I just couldn’t believe my dream was over. 

As I was checking out, I overheard a conversation of a lady behind me.  She was talking to a friend about her cancer being in remission, and all of a sudden everything came into perspective for me.   Cancer.   Now that’s something to cry about.  

Cancer took my mom’s life way too early.  As I stood there listening to the lady behind me talk about her treatments, I could hear my sweet mama’s voice… “Traci, honey, I know your heart is broken, but you keep your head up.  I’m still so proud of you.  Life doesn’t always give us what we want, but it’s still full of so many BLESSINGS.  Just keep looking for them.”

Thank you, mom.  

My sadness didn’t immediately go away.  I was still heart broken.  And that’s okay.  It’s okay to be sad…but it’s not okay to sit there and waller in it.  

I’m so thankful for the experience of working with Pitch 5 and HGTV.  I learned so much about myself, about Cy, and about my kids.  

And I still have dreams of doing work in front of the camera some day.  I don’t know what that means or what that will look like, but I’ll never stop dreaming.  I want my kids to always remember their mama as a dreamer.  They know how much I wanted this HGTV thing to work out.  They saw me cry.  They gave me lots of hugs.  

But they didn’t see me stay in my sadness.  I want to be an example to them off getting back up, wiping off the dust, and continuing to pursue my dreams and passions.  Life is too short to be sitting in a puddle of tears all day.  :)

A couple days later, I was scrolling through Instagram and this post by Beth Moore popped up on my screen. 

I know that at first it felt like we got a “NO” from HGTV, but we really got a “NO” from God. 

And you know, I’ll take His NO for my life anytime because I know that His NO is always what is best for me.  I trust HIS PLANS for my life, not mine or HGTV’s. 

His plans bring me more joy and peace than any tv show ever could!

So there ya go!  My little secret is out of the bag!

Of course, I was hoping to be sharing with you that HGTV was coming to shoot a pilot, and then praying that maybe that pilot would actually air.  But that’s not the news I had for you today.  And that’s okay.  :)

But I did want to share my favorite version of our teaser reel that Pitch 5 produced.  I love watching it, and I know I will love watching it years from now when all the kids are grown and gone.  Such precious memories.  

The “sizzle reel” is supposed to just be a “taste” of what our show would possibly be like.  It’s not tv quality and not a full episode…just a ‘teaser.’

I hope y’all enjoy it!  





  1. How awesome that you got to the point of them considering you and your family. Ugh I get your heat break but like you said, you can look back someday and feel so proud you got that far. Who knows what your future still has to hold….So proud of you and your beautiful family…God Bless

  2. Girl!!! So fun!!! I would watch you every day! But you are so right, God’s no is leading to your best YES! Love and hugs sent your way!

  3. Girl! So exciting!!! You guys would be awesome on TV! But you are sooo right! Trust God’s NO, He’s definitely got your Best Yet YES around the corner! Love and hugs sent your way!

  4. Traci – Love this teaser reel! It’s all about family and the love that shines through! This is so real and even though you didn’t get the pilot, God has a plan so just keep shining your light for Him! Love keeping up with you and your family! Such a blessing!

  5. I’m in love with your “show” after just 1.5 minutes. :) I am sorry of the disappointment of the ‘no’, but also know that God’s ‘nos’ often end up leading us into the most amazing ‘yeses’.

  6. I enjoyed watching the teaser – a shame that HGTV didn’t realize the potential that a show featuring your family & projects have. I can tell you that I would have watched every episode!

    Love your sweet family & feel God has great things in store for each of you!

  7. Traci, bless your sweetest heart! I can imagine your disappointment after so much hard work. A similar situation occurred in our family last year. My daughter is part of an amazing family called “The Blended 10.” 10 kids in one house with 4 adults working together and co-parenting. Their story got out through a Facebook group called Love What Matters. Eventually they were put on a plane to LA and was on The Steve Harvey Show. That piloted them into signing a contract with a production company and your scenario was their life for months as they got professional photos made, head shots, and filmed for a week or two some “teaser reels.” If this show was picked up by one of the TV broadcasters for reality TV it could have been life-changing. The kid’s college fund would have been set for 10 littles if it became a series. It was months of dreaming, planning, and hoping. In the end TLC passed on their pilot. They were all heartbroken. But in the end they gained so much exposure and had so many people reach out to them from the US and abroad. They got to meet some really awesome people, go to some pretty fun events – stuff they’d never got to do if they hadn’t started on this journey. That post was correct that you stumbled upon. Sometimes God’s answer is no. And it’s always for a better reason and a bigger outcome that we are not always privy to. You are a rock star to me and so many others. You have the most wonderful, uplifting blog. There isn’t a show out there that can really portray what an incredible and talented woman you are. You have really lost nothing in this, to be honest, just as my daughter and her tribe have lost nothing. You will continue to do what you do and be wonderful at it. Just as they will continue to co-parent 10 wonderful kids and be successful at it. Life is about experiencing the what if’s – even if they don’t pan out. Much love to you and your amazing family!

  8. Traci! That was so good! It was fun to see you and Cy working together. I remember seeing you post about this project on Instagram last year. I know the Lord has big plans for you and your family. 💕

  9. What an awesome, clip….you all looked soooo natural during the filming. You would have rivaled Chip and Joanne. I sure do wish HGTV would have picked up on this show. I would have tuned in, for sure. You and our family is awesome. The best is yet to come for you.

  10. Awe Sweet Traci! I am so sorry! I would have loved watching you/your family on HGTV! Thank you so much for sharing the process and for (once again) being transparent with us. I know God is using your vulnerabilities in a significant way. (I also know that your dreams and God’s plan are still moving forward, it just might look a little different than what you thought?) That is an encouragement to me as I am hoping that God’s plan is for a specific job that my husband has applied for, but the answer might be no, and I will cry. (which I hardly ever do) I have prayed that he get this as much or more than I have prayed for anything. Whew! 2019 is going to be amazing! I can’t wait to see how your dreams will unfold. Love you Sweet friend. (Maybe we will meet someday?). LOL!

  11. Loved your little teaser trailer or whatever you call it. I’d watch your show.
    But I have to admit while reading your post I sighed a sigh of relief once you said you accepted God’s No!
    Yes He has something better planned for you and your family. Continue to trust Him. He cares. HGTV only wants to make money. And we know that’s not what life is about! But what fun you had!

  12. Traci, that would have been so exciting if you had a show on HGTV! I enjoyed the sizzle reel! I think HGTV is making a big mistake.

  13. Dear Traci, Cy and family,
    What a treat to watch the “sizzle reel”, all of you have so much “charisma”, I had fun watching it!

    Most importantly, as you expressed, the mist gracious and loving Lord has bigger plans for you, He.only has the very best planned for you, abundance beyond our dreams and our spiritual lives are of the greatest concern; I was so blessed after reading your story!

    As for HGTV, I wish that I could say that I enjoy the channel like I used to, I rarely watch anymore as I find that the content is lacking these days. If they gave you a show where you would engage in different DIY activities, showing your audience how to get a certain look, like the time you did “knock off” cafe shelving, etc, that is truly what I enjoyed watching., Chip and Joanna did a great show and because they seemed to be spirit filled, people were drawn to them, just like you and Cy.

    I joined your blog years ago, not to long after I lost my mom, I grieved with you and your family as your own dear mom was ill, I am still here with you and I left HGTV years back!

    Jeremiah 29::11
    For I know the plans I have made for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to
    Give you hope and a future.

    Much Love In Him,
    Denise U

  14. Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him . James1:12 I just love it when God puts things in perspective and reveals things to us! Your family is amazing and beautiful! Just because HTV didn’t work out, I am certain God has bigger and better plans for you!

  15. Jeremiah 29:11
    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future!

    Dear Traci and beloved family,
    I have been following you for years, even before you lost your dear mom, I had recently lost mine and I was grieving too! I have learned so many things from you and Cy, I am still with you today. Honestly, HGTV could use an infusion of loveliness from your family, I would have probably started watching them again, I haven’t for quite awhile!
    I did enjoy your “sizzle reel”, great fun!

    IN His affection,

  16. That was sooooooo good!! I would totally watch your show! Now, I thinking what did he do to fix that problem?? Cliffhanger!!

  17. Oh my goodness, I loved every minute of it! Now I’m terribly disappointed that it didn’t work out! What an awesome experience though, and wonderful memories for you all. I’m sure God has something even better in mind!

  18. That was awesome you guys did such a good job.
    You know there are other home improvements networks. There are lots of of media venues. EI Netflix, free form I think the show would be a hit !
    God has a plan for this show and your family

  19. Oh my stars Traci!!! That was sooooo good!! LOVED it!! I remember y’all working your TSILS off in that kitchen!! NOW we know why! 😊😊. I am really sorry that your show wasn’t picked up. Disappointment is so well…. shitty. 😖😖. You had such a good mindset about it though. Right now wasn’t His timing… who knows, maybe it’ll be later 😊. Either way… I’d watch the “the Kentucky Gaines” 😉😉. anytime it comes out!!

  20. Hi Traci! I am so sorry your sweet heart was broken but this looks like it was a fun and memorable project for your family! I love how you have been able to see the positive in this and not let it get you down! I love the “Trust God’s No” message in this – a great way to turn that negativity around! Still love all that you do!

  21. So sad! Your family would be perfect for a HGTV show!! Hopefully they change their minds but if not, God has something good for you in store.

  22. Disappointment is always a hard thing to swallow. I’m so sorry. I heard a statement once, during one if my life disappointments. It said something like…”Don’t call it rejection. Call it God’s redirection. ” I love that! He has wonderful plans for you, tv show or not! Life with Him is a great adventure!

  23. Oh my goodness! I loved it!! What is HGTV thinking?! I’m disappointed. Maybe they will come to their senses…

  24. Traci,
    I think all of us have been excited for something we thought God might be leading us into, and then…it falls apart…sometimes very quickly. It does hurt our hearts and causes disappointment. 🙋‍♀️ You and Cy would be so great to watch on tv. Right up there with Chip and Joanna!! Who knows what better things are coming for your family down the road. Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep blessing our socks off! We all love you where you are for now.

  25. I think your video was awesome. I would watch your show every week. HGTV should have gave you the thumbs up. Like you I trust God’s word for my life, so trust that you were GOOD enough for TV, it just wasn’t what God wanted for you and your family.

  26. HGTV missed out on a great family real life rehab program! This teaser was so fun to watch. I’m sorry for your disappointment, but good things, the right thing will come to you and your family.

  27. I love the teaser and soooo wish there was filming of the “rest of the story”. What a disappointment to find out the show wasn’t picked up. I would have loved watching it. Y’all could have been the next Chip and Joanna. 😢😢😢😢🥰.

  28. Sometimes a no is to pass the time until the yes…. thank you for sharing! laura (formerly not a trophy wife).. now I am all about the everyday edits…

  29. I thought you guys rocked it! I’m a big long time HGTV fan and would have loved the addition of your show! Love your style❤️

  30. So nice to watch you and your family! Sorry you are disappointed about the HGTV show, but I’m sure you didn’t get it because there’s something else you’re meant to do. I’ve been following your blog for a number of years now, back when you were in the other house. You and your blog have evolved so much since then and I’ve always enjoyed watching your creative, savvy, budget conscious ways. I’ve always loved that you are just like the rest of us and honest about it. You showed us your good days and your bad days. You successfully connect with your audience through your blog and that’s not easy to achieve. It’s easy to shoot a video and have a team edit and make it look great. But that doesn’t always show the REAL person. I don’t think HGTV shows convey the REAL person. Sure we love Chip and Joanna and their show, but that’s been done already. You are Traci and Cy and your five. You are MORE than a fixer upper show. You took cues from your mom and became Beneath My Heart. You followed your heart and found your daughter. You are something special, bigger than HGTV and you shouldn’t be limited by HGTV. Remember that as you move on to your new interests and projects. I am wishing you continued success, so keep your chin up!!!

    1. Carla! Your comment was so, so sweet! Made me tear up. If my mom was still living, I think she would be saying the same thing..”You’re bigger than HGTV!” haha! Moms always believe the best in us, don’t they?! So thank you for stepping in for my mom today and encouraging me to keep pursuing my dreams. You’re the best! xoxo Traci

  31. Darling friend, my heart breaks for you. . . but my heart swells with gratitude and pride to think of how graciously you have handled this! You are just awesome. I would have watched every show, no doubt about it. Who knows? There may be something even greater than an HGTV show in your future. Meanwhile, may I just say that you are AWESOME on camera? All of you were so good–I can see why you’d make it so far!

    Love you like crazy. You are the best!

  32. I’m so disappointed that HGTV has YET to pick it up! I don’t believe there’s another show where the whole family actually participates. You guys were wonderful! And I’m REALLY bummed we didn’t see how it all came out! Have Faith, Tides Change.

    1. Hi Susan! Yes, HGTV really pushed the concept of our whole family being involved, so that is what the production crew delivered. We got nothing but positive vibes the whole process, but then a “no.” Ya just never know with these things, and we knew that going into it. But we have NO REGRETS! We had a blast doing it! xoxo

  33. I would have loved to watch your show! Apparently God has another plan for you, and I’m sure it will be just what you Need!

  34. That reel was just delightful!! I know you all could have done it and made it all work! I was so excited for you as I was reading, then so let down and sorry for you, until I read those 3 little words- “ TRUST GOD’S NO”. Then it all came into perspective! As Christians, we must take God’s gifts of “ goods”, knowing when the bad or the no’s come, that it’s ALL part of His plan for us. We can trust Him. Traci, he can do more than we could ask or ever imagine, so let’s TRUST his timing his best. It wasn’t your time. I’m with ya girl in being bummed, but knowing God’s in this, makes it so much easier to move forward. Keep doing your blog, remodeling your fixer upper, and being the best mom and wife to your family. I think that’s plenty for one woman! And wait expectantly because He will open new doors when the time is right! Love ya sister! AND you looked great on the tape and it wasn’t taken from an up angle! Lol!😜

  35. That reel was just delightful!! I know you all could have done it and made it all work! I was so excited for you as I was reading, then so let down and sorry for you, until I read those 3 little words- “ TRUST GOD’S NO”. Then it all came into perspective! As Christians, we must take God’s gifts of “ goods”, knowing when the bad or the no’s come, that it’s ALL part of His plan for us. We can trust Him. Traci, he can do more than we could ask or ever imagine, so let’s TRUST his timing his best. It wasn’t your time. I’m with ya girl in being bummed, but knowing God’s in this, makes it so much easier to move forward. Keep doing your blog, remodeling your fixer upper, and being the best mom and wife to your family. I think that’s plenty for one woman! And wait expectantly because He will open new doors when the time is right! Love ya sister! AND you looked great on the tape and it wasn’t taken from an up angle! Lol!😜

    1. Thank you, Lauren. Yes, my cup is still overflowing with goodness, and I will just keep doing what I do.:). Thank you for your kind words. xoxo

  36. Traciiiii! Girl that’s a whole lots secret. Lol. You’re right, you and Cy, actually all of y’all, were very natural in front of the camera. I loved watching every minute of it!
    I am sorry this pilot was a no. Makes me think of the verse in proverbs that says hope deferred makes the heart sick. I’m so familiar with that feeling and wish you didn’t have to go through that heartbreak.

    The rest of that verse says desire fulfilled is a tree of life. I cannot wait to see what desires of your heart get fulfilled. You’ve left your year wide open for it to be anything.

    Thank you for sharing your journey. Now we all will wait with you to see what God is up to.

    So much love to you and yours!

    1. Yes, my year is wiiiiide open! haha! I think it is so I can watch Jonathan explode in Nashville. :). It’s going to be a great year! Thank you for your sweet words! xoxo

  37. Traci, I am so sorry your heart was broken, but yes, God has a better plan!! It would have been a fun show but don’t give up!! Down in here in Texas, or Galveston, TX to be exact, there is a couple that made a pilot for HGTV and they were supposed to have a show that would have aired this past October and it still has not happened. They are on hold, I believe, and they were so dissapointed, but life goes on for them and it will for you all! My son and daughter-in-law have flipped sooo many homes in their sub-division and their motto is, “changing one house at a time”! I have wanted them to contact HGTV in some way but they really have no interest! :-( So if it happens, it happens. Hang in there and let God!! God bless you and your sweet, sweet family! I look so forward to watching your son’s singing career explode!

    1. Yes, the whole tv thing is so crazy! I’ve had so many blog friends create teasers, and pilots, and even shows and still get dropped. You just never know what HGTV is thinking and it can be kind of cut throat at times, but again, that’s okay. I’ve got more than I could have ever asked for or imagined! God is good! xoxo Traci

  38. Loved the teaser! You guys were so natural in front of the camera. It would have been so fun to see a local family and all the local businesses on HGTV! But you never know, maybe God’s answer wasn’t “no”, just “not now.” Love the blog…especially all about your beautiful family. Hang in there!

  39. favorite quote…..”I rarely make mistakes….just one every job”. I LOVE this….so real life! We love DIY stuff at our house too….we have a old house but love updating it to be practical but still “old” looking. Sorry for your disappointment but I too agree that in God’s world everything happens for a reason and all in “HIS” timing.

    1. haha! He probably should have said “just five or six every job!” haha! We are quite the comedy show in our DIY projects because something ALWAYS goes wrong! We didn’t plan for the counter top not to fit, and my stomach actually dropped when I saw it!! Of course the production manger was loving every minute of it! haha! Thank you for your comment, Sharon! God bless you, Traci

  40. Traci, I finally had a chance to read your blog post and watch the video. All of us can learn so much from what you shared with us and from what y’all have been thru. Now I know why you and Cy have made so many beautiful changes to your home, and why y’all are undertaking the flip of the little house in town. Both of you were brought up in a DIY home. Your children had a lot of life’s lessons shared with them during that process. They saw how the two of you handled issues, like the marble countertop not being cut right, and of course, not being selected for a pilot tv show. We know that when God closes one door, another door opens for us, but we still experience disappointment and heartache. That’s when we have a real opportunity to cling to our faith and trust Him. I wish I lived close by so that we would run into each other in a store, so that I could give you a big hug. Keep on Smiling! God bless!

    1. Thank you, Ginger! Yes, moments like these are the best moments for our children to see our faith put to the test and watch us trust God for ALL THINGS. I wish we lived closer too, because I would hug you right back!! God bless you, friend! xoxo

  41. I’m sad it didn’t go. It looks like it would have been a fun show to watch – I love your style!! Who knows what the future could hold still? (Well, God knows, but who of us knows what could still happen)?

  42. Oh my goodness, this was fabulous!!!! Now I am heartbroken that we won’t be seeing the rest of the renovation! :)

    Can’t wait to see what God really has in store for your family…I have a feeling it will be BIG!

  43. Thanks for sharing this! We always hear about people’s wonderful news, but rarely hear of opportunities that aren’t realized, and that is more often the case in real life… What a wonderful teaching moment also for your kids and a reminder also for me that we do need to trust God’s no!! Love your heart for sharing and also that you’re a dreamer!

  44. I want to see the end!!!! I think it was great. I would watch your show. I have followed your blog since your boys seemed like babies! But I know that Gods answer is best.

  45. Hey, you all did GREAT – I loved it! I would totally watch your show! I’m sorry you were disappointed in the end, but you know, when one door closes, another always opens. You should be so proud, you all rocked that Sizzle Reel! Such fun!! Love you all!

  46. Traci, I absolutely LOVED it! You all are so natural in front of the camera. You and Cy are very gifted at doing renovations. I feel certain that God has something better in store for you, so I hope you don’t give up on your dreams. I’m reminded of the quote: “When God closes a door, HE opens a window.” Keep dreaming and believing. I’m praying for you to be filled with peace and faith as you wait on the Lord’s perfect timing.

  47. I was just thinking this afternoon … geez I haven’t seen a peep out of Traci from Beneath my Heart for the longest time on FB so I went to your page and scrolled and sure enough, I’ve missed so much! Obviously!!

    I watched your sizzle reel with such enthusiasm as I have since the day I started following Beneath my Heart. HGTV sure has made a mistake because your show would be a hit! I have no doubt about it! With the skills that Cy has and your vision and the help from the chillens your show would be so entertaining! I might add that it certainly wouldn’t hurt having Jonathan on it ….. OMG he has grown into such a handsome man and talented singer. I remember you sharing him singing “This little Light of Nine” in church!! I follow his page as well and wish the best for him!!

    I truly believe this door has not closed yet for you all! Blessings and keep us informed (after all you did purchase a door with a window to your future)!!!

    1. Aw, thank you for checking in on me, Darlene! I appreciate all of your sweet words! I will keep everyone posted for sure if anything ever comes from this! :)

  48. What in the world! That’s a show I want to keep watching. Your kids are precious, what good little worker bees. So sorry you’re not on the show but you’ve got a loyal following and your heart is bigger than HGTV! Love you, girl!

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