Life Update: Cy’s Eye, Our House for Sale, and Jonathan’s Music


Hey y’all!

Well, I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend!

We got to spend time with my sweet dad, and I loved it!

I am also VERY thankful for my children’s father.  Cy is THE BEST dad I could have ever dreamed of for my children, and I knew he would be from the moment we met.  He loves children so much, and I knew that I would want my boys to grow up to be just like him.  I hope he knows how much he is loved!!!

I forgot to take a picture of him with the kids on Sunday, but I found this one that I took of him with Adam at his 8th grade graduation.

Speaking of Cy…..I thought I would give you an update on his eye!

I’ve been getting lots of comments and messages on social from y’all wondering how Cy is doing.  Well, I don’t have good news, but I don’t have bad news either. 

The good news is that Cy can still see out of his eye!  His vision is worse, and we are going to have to get him a new prescription for his contacts/glasses, but at least HE CAN SEE!  All of the doctors said it was a miracle that he still has his vision with the type of injury he had, so we are definitely counting our blessings. 

The bad news is that Cy is still dealing with some very frustrating consequences from his eye injury.  Besides his worsened vision, he has constant flashes of light and “floaters” in his eye at all times.  (Floaters are usually dried up blood or other particles from the injury.)

Right now, the doctors say that his “vitreous” is separating from the back of his retina. 

A normal eye looks like this…

Cy’s eye looks like this…

The vitreous is separating from the retina, which can take up to about three months.  Usually, a  detached retina can happen with old age, but Cy’s was brought on early because of his eye injury.   We have to be very careful and pray that when the vitreous separates from the retina, that it doesn’t tear the retina, or he will probably have to have surgery.  

Another side effect of his eye injury is that his eye pressure in that eye will always be high.  Normal eye pressure is between 12-22.  The first day of his eye injury, his pressure was 78!!  I can’t believe his eye didn’t explode!  For weeks, his eye pressure stayed in the high 20’s and 30’s.

With medication, they were able to get it constantly in the low 20’s, but that’s all.  His healthy eye has a pressure around 10.   Our eye doctor said that low 20’s in his injured eye will be the new norm.  Because of the extreme damage that his eye received, he will probably have ongoing issues to deal with as he ages, but again, right now we are thankful that he still has his vision. 

Your prayers are continually appreciated.  xoxo


As for our home, we still have not sold it.  We’ve had an offer, and some very close offers, but nothing has come through.  :(

I’m not a very patient person, so the waiting is hard for me, but I know that God has all of this in His loving hands.  I have to remind myself to trust, but that can be hard sometimes. 

A good thing that has come out of all of this is that our home has NEVER LOOKED BETTER!  hahaha!!  She is seriously standing tall!  We are fixing, touching up, adding, finishing All. THE. THINGS.   I’m definitely enjoying living here now that all my projects are getting done!  


Cy showed the house twice tonight while I am in Franklin again.   I came down the at the end of last week, Thurs-Sat with Luke, Sania, Eli, and Adam.  We got to see our sweet friend Hannah Houston again on Friday night!

She was on Season 10 of The Voice with Jonathan.  She was on the same team, Team Pharrell, and made it to the final four!  

She still lives in Nebraska, but has been coming to Nashville to record some new music.  We just happen to be in Nashville at the same time lately!  yay!!

Getting ice cream together has become a fast tradition. :)   Hannah took this picture of my crew, and I love it.


Saturday night, we drove back home to Kentucky so we would be home for Father’s Day!

While we were celebrating at my dad’s house, Jonathan was on a flight home from an 11 day trip to Zambia.  He flew through the night and made it to Nashville at 8:30 this morning!

He had the BEST TRIP, and I am so happy he made it home safely!  He was traveling with a group called Ethenos.  They provide hearing aids for people who need them.  

Jonathan provides entertainment through his music, and he also helps teach the children how to use and care for their new hearing aids.  WHAT A BLESSING!!!

I drove back down to Nashville today with my youngest three to meet Jonathan, and his attorney, at 12:30 to discuss his publishing deals.  We are in the final stages of finally signing one, and we are SO EXCITED!!!

The kiddos were so happy to see their big brother, and so was I!

I will be heading back home tomorrow or Wednesday morning.


It’s a busy time, but a beautiful time in our lives.  I’m counting ALL my blessings.  

My sweet father-in-love sent me this picture this morning, and I shared it on my Instagram stories, but I thought I would share it here with you as well. 

Have a blessed day, friends!


  1. Thanks for the update on everything! What a wonderful family you have! Jonathan is really a special person. Prayers continue for Cy. Hoping you sell your beautiful home soon!

  2. My husband developed a detached retina while on vacation at the beach a few years ago. The hospital at the Outer Banks couldn’t treat it, so they transferred him to a Norfolk hospital. They didn’t have anyone available to treat it, either. (Never get sick on a holiday weekend!) Our eye doctor here in the D.C. area arranged for my husband to see a specialist as soon as we arrived home. My husband had laser surgery on his eye and has completely recovered his vision. He still has regular checkups, but he made a full recovery. Cy’s injury sounds much more serious, but there is treatment available for a detached retina if that is part of his problem. Just wanted to give you some hope and send you some prayers for a good recovery for your husband.

    1. Hi Sue! Thank you for sharing your husband’s story! I am so glad he had a full recovery! Thank you for your encouragement! xoxo

  3. Traci, prayers going out for Cy. You are blessed indeed to have such a loving Father and husband. Your family is such a loving unit with servant hearts. You are my favorite blogger. You are real, and so very talented. May God continue to light the way for all of you. Blessings to you!

  4. Praying for continued healing on his eye. I wish I could buy your house, it’s so beautiful. We have a contract on ours but haven’t found one to buy and we’re running out of time.
    Loved the picture of Jonathan with the sweet older man. You have a wonderful family. 😇

  5. Thanks for this update Traci! It is a blessing that Cy can still see. A very close friend of ours had surgery for a detached retina several years ago. I hope that Cy is able to drive some. Such exciting news on Jonathan! Like you, I have trouble being patient at times, but I remind myself that my Heavenly Father has everything under control. Have a blessed day!

    1. Hi Ginger! Yes, Cy is still able to drive, but since his vision has worsened, we are going to get him a new prescription for his contacts and glasses. I know that will help! xoxo

  6. Love what your father-in-love shared because it is so true. Like you, I have zero patience, and selling a house and all the things that go with that is VERY stressful.
    Sorry to hear that Cy’s eye is still an issue, but thankful he has his sight. Sometimes bad things happen for a reason, and reasons we won’t understand this side of Heaven.
    I love your family, and I know good things are in store for all of you…in God’s time :).

  7. I’ve been thinking about Cy and his eye injury and wondering how that was progressing. I pray he will make a complete recovery but if that is not possible, I pray that it will improve enough to not diminish his quality of life. Isn’t it terrifying how in a moment’s notice something can happen that can alter our lives forever. We live on a precarious balance daily. I hope your beautiful home sells soon. I wish it could be picked up and moved to TN where I live! I think your home is so gorgeous and you all worked so hard on it! I’m so proud of Jonathan and his work with Africa. You have sure raised a fine young man! I hope your summer goes well!

  8. Hello,I also had the flashing light and floaters which unfortunately resulted in a detached retina. I recently had a vitrectomy (insertion of a gas bubble) and am still recovering from it. The operation itself was not an issue- it’s the recovery – about 4-6 weeks of keeping your head in a very specific position. I hope all goes well for your husband, and glad to read he has vision in his injured eye. Please dont wait to see retina specialist if any change in his floaters. I waited too long cause I was flying home when my floaters worsened and by the time I saw dr. my macula was off which lowers the success rate.

  9. Keeping Cy in prayer. I think most of us struggle with God’s timing be it Cy’s healing or selling the house! God’s aware of it all and in the midst. So excited for Jonathan! If I could bring myself to leave the ocean (not happening), I’d buy your home in a heartbeat!

  10. Prayers for Cy and your wonderful family. All things will come to you in good time! Keep the faith.

  11. So I live here in Nicholasville with y’all and I enjoy watching your ideas and wish I had talent like that! Anyways…. I work as a nurse anesthetist in Lexington… I just wanted to throw out a few names of some retina surgeons that are fabulous for Cy’s eye…. Dr John Kitchens, Dr Thomas Stone, Dr Belinda Shirkey (Retina Associates of KY) are the ones I recommend…. I have done the anesthesia at the hospital for their patients and they are great surgeons. ….. Sometimes, it’s just nice to have a name with those who actually see those types of surgeries first hand…. Just wanted to share… Oh, these type surgeries are so very common….. I’m talking every day we do them….. Hope his eye heals! Prayers….


  12. I feel your pain on the house sale. We are currently in a recession here and our property has been on the sale for 11 months. We have also had 2 offers fall through just before conditions were removed. It’s been hard on our whole family, but we are also trusting that God has everything under control. And, as you said, our home has never looked better!

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