Notes from Home – Episode 3 {Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, and Demo}

Yay, friends!

It’s FRIDAY!!!! Which means another episode of Notes from Home is LIVE!!  WHOOP!

In this week’s video, we answer some of the questions we have been getting a lot lately about our move from Kentucky to Tennessee.  We are also going to share a little more of the demo process (WITH safety glasses.)

But before I share the video, I wanted to share some of my OWN photos that I took of the demo process.  Each week, I am going to be sharing blog posts that go with our Notes from Home series.  We are not always able to add everything in the videos, so these pictures give you a little more of the “behind the scenes.”

When we first saw our new home (before we put an offer on it,) the two things that stood out to us the most were the sunken den and the long wall separating it from the formal living/dining spaces.

That wall was a wedge between those two spaces, and tearing it down would definitely open up the space and make our home feel larger.

We KNEW that wall was going to have to come down ASAP!

So on our closing day, we went STRAIGHT to our new home and began doing demo.  The boys helped Cy get up all the old flooring throughout the house, and Cy began tearing out the kitchen.

He tore out the old cabinets and removed the old appliances, and then it was time to start taking down the wall.

Tearing down the wall was the part I was most looking forward to!  I knew it would make a HUGE difference in the look and feel of our home once we removed it. 

This process took a while because not only did Cy have to rip off the old drywall and paneling, but he also had to cut and remove all of the wiring in that area.  You guys, Cy said he has never seen so many electrical wires in his LIFE!  They had double and extra switches for everything!  He had to turn off the electricity and identify each wire and what switch it was connected to.  Then he had to label all the wires so we wouldn’t forget.  It was a loooong tedious process, but it had to be done.

Once he was finished with the electrical, he was able to start tearing the wall down to the studs.

This is when it started to get fun!  I was loving how open and airy the house was beginning to feel!


Since this was a load bearing wall, Cy had to reinforce the ceiling joists up in the attic before he could remove it completely.  Then one by one, the studs were removed.


And all of a sudden, two rooms began merging into ONE open room…


I was in LOVE with how it was looking!

Unfortunately, we hit a bump in the road when Cy began to remove the final stud, but you will have to wait until our next episode of Notes from Home to see what happens next!  :) 

Okay!  Here we go….

It’s  now time for Episode 3 of Notes from Home,

where we answer a lot of the questions we have been asked lately, like…

Who are we?

What are we doing?

When can you see each episode?

Where is our home located?

Why did we move to Tennessee? (Most asked question!)

How are we going to complete this renovation?

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode, and be sure to like and comment on the video, and subscribe to my channel on youtube so you don’t miss a single episode!








  1. Opps – your title says Episode 2, should be 3, was confused (doesn’t take much for me) when I swiped up from Instagram so headed to your blog.

  2. Do excited for you all in this adventure and the courage you all have to go through with it! Absolutely think Notes from home is wonderful! Blessings and prayers for each of you.

  3. Y’all!! This is so FIRST CLASS and professional!! Luke is doing amazing! I
    I’m genuinely impressed, and it’s so much fun! I just sent this to HHTV😁 you know I’m not
    gonna give up!! We need this family as a show!!👍👍👍👍👍

  4. I am so enjoying your family and watching you all through this special time in your life. I was wondering how happy are the younger ones to move to a new school and new friends. I know they will adjust to the change but are they in shock? Keep up the good work and can’t wait for the next stage in you adventure!

  5. Beautiful message that the world needs to hear about working together as a family. Praise God. Enjoyed it so much. Can’t wait to see your house come about in remolding. So exciting. Thank you so much

  6. Love this! Love the family aspect, watching the renovation take place, your style, and the video is so fun to watch!! Thanks!!

  7. I love this series! More than that, I love y’all! Always cheering you on and rooting for you from Texas! Of course you already know that, but it never hurts to say it again. Xoxo

  8. Wow, I admire your vision. This is so fun following along with you. I’m anxious to see the drop from the wall you removed to the den! Thanks for taking us along!

  9. I am enjoying getting to know your family and seeing your home renovation through these wonderful “Notes From Home” episodes. I was so sad when the HGTV show “Fixer Upper” ended, but not anymore!!! I’ve found my new Chip and JoAnna! You all are great!

  10. Love your creative family! I’m sure this home will be as beautiful as your Kentucky home, I look forward to seeing the weekly progress. I do wish CY would wear gloves, don’t need anymore injuries!

  11. great to see Cy in good health.. Luke has done a fantastic job and i am so looking forward to the rest of the story..

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