Cy’s New Career!

Happy Hump Day, loves!

I just wanted to pop on here and share what I shared on Instagram yesterday, just in case you missed it. 

The NUMBER ONE question we have gotten since we move to Tennessee has been “Why did you move? And we answered that question in our latest episode of Notes from Home.  Click below if you missed it!

The SECOND MOST ASKED QUESTION has been “Is Cy working?”  haha!  

And questions like…“Does Cy have a job?”  “Did Cy leave banking?” etc….

Well, here is the deal.  Cy has been in banking ever since we got married, over 22 years.  He has been very successful at his job, but he is not a “sit behind a desk” kind of guy.  So as soon as he would leave the bank every day, he would do what he really loves…working on hands-on projects at home.  He is a very active person and doesn’t like to sit still much, like me.  We LOVE working on projects together. 

When we started talking about possibly moving to Nashville, we talked about whether he should look for a banking job, or look for something else.  We knew the first couple of months he would be working on renovating the house and wouldn’t be able to get a job right away.   But then what?

One day, before we moved from Kentucky, I was getting ready in the bathroom and the thought came to me, “Cy should go into real estate!”

It was like a light bulb moment.

I thought, “Cy’s great with the financial part of buying a house because of his banking experience.  He is great with people.  He knows how to build a house from the ground up.  Real estate isn’t a desk job.”

And then I thought….“Why in the world hasn’t he gone into real estate in Kentucky?!!!”

I mean…it makes perfect sense!

So I shared my idea with Cy, and he agreed.  It sounded like a good plan. 

Since we were already on a new adventure to Tennessee, why not try something new?!  I think he will do GREAT at real estate, but. if not, he always has banking to fall back on to.  So it’s a calculated risk.  

I shared this photo on Instagram yesterday, (and lots of people thought it was our anniversary, but it wasn’t.)  I was just writing a post to celebrate this man the that I love so much!  I wanted to share it here on the blog as well…

This. Man. Right. Here. ❤️Hardest worker I know…hands down!  The past few months of moving from Kentucky to Tennessee, I have seen this man put literal blood, sweat, and tears into providing for, taking care of, and loving on his family. And some how he does it with a smile and some funny one-liners to keep us all going!  He is the heart beat behind Beneath My Heart, and I couldn’t do what I do without him!  Twenty two years together and going strong! 👊🏼 And I know the best is yet to be! 🙌🏼 So thankful for you, Cy Hutcherson!  I pray that our boys grow up to be just like you! 😘😘😘xoxo
P.S.  Every day I get asked what Cy’s job is now that we have moved to Tennessee.  He has been in banking for over 20 years, but with this move, he is starting a new adventure of his own!…He is going to pursue a career in real estate while he works with me on my blog!  Cheers to new beginnings!🥂


So there ya go!

That’s the plan, Stan!

We will see how it goes and let you know.  Thanks for your continued prayers for our whole family.  You guys are the BEST!!




  1. Enjoy the adventure and thanks for sharing with us. It’s a step of Faith to make such a big change (our family did something similar), but it will be such fun! Prayers daily for all the adjustments.

  2. Love it! and it sounds like the PERFECT plan! I also like seeing those safety glasses hanging off his shirt, AND that he’s wearing them in the Notes from Home. Love, love, love y’all. Now that you’re in Tennesse, when I’m over in the Nashville area I may have to look you up :).

  3. Yep….PERFECT!!! Seriously. And isn’t life a process and each and every day brings a new adventure and if we accept things for what they are, god will always provide the answers! Cannot wait to hear all about it. Love what you guys do!!

  4. how exciting for all of you – as a realtor myself I can already tell that he has all the tools he’ll need – no pun intended lol – definite light bulb God moment :)

  5. I have nothing but admiration for you and Cy. It takes a lot of faith and bravery to uproot your family and leave your home. Your mama has to be smiling down from heaven on her daughter who puts Faith in the Lord and love for family first. What a shining example you are to women everywhere. HGTV needs to give you your own show!!! Y’all don’t forget us little people when you and Cy are the next “fixer uppers!!” 😜

  6. Prayers for you, Cy, and all of your family as you begin a whole new life in Nashville. Because you have asked for the Lord’s guidance and have listened, blessings from Him will overflow. Thank you for being such great examples of faith filled followers. ❤️

  7. Best decision ever! Can you imagine buying a house from an agent that can tell you what shape the house is really in and give you a heads up on how much it may cost you if you needed to renovate it? Just make sure he doesn’t sell the house and try to rehab it too! Could be a conflict of interest thing. Either way, I think its a win for him. I’m sure GOD has his eye on you and your little family and the rest of us are praying really hard for your success. Good luck and keep us posted. Have a BLESSED week!

    1. Thank you, Mary! Yes, Cy is able to point out all types of things about a house to future buyers. I think it will be a big help for him and them! :)
      Thank you for your sweet comment and for cheering us on! xoxo

  8. Thank Am one of those that thought it was your anniversary. Cy not having an outside job to go to right now does give him more time to work on your TN and KY homes. I hope your excitement about the floor install tomorrow won’t keep you from sleeping tonight! I can’t wait to see the floors! Good luck to Cy with the career change! I hope the kiddos are doing good in their new schools.

    1. Thank you, Ginger! Yes, I probably won’t be able to sleep tonight! haha! And the kids are adjusting to school much better now! Thank you for asking. :)

  9. Hi Traci!!
    When I see your mail in my inbox I can’t wait to open and see what in the world you guys are up to and the updates and now the videos on Fridays!! You are my hero!!!
    What an example of faith snd family!!
    You go girl!!!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful plan, Bet you wish you had thought of years ago, fits him very well. GOOD luck on your new adventure.

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