Notes from Home – Episode 8! {Home Exterior Project}

Happy Friday!!!

We have another episode of Notes from Home!  I love this one because it shows you the exterior of our Tennessee home, PLUS the kids do a little project in the back yard to help their dad!

Cy has been going to Kentucky on the weekends to work on our reno there, and we share some more updates on that house in this week’s episode.  While he was gone, the kids chipped in on a project that I have wanted to do since we moved in, but Cy just hasn’t had time to do it. #gofigure

I think it is REALLY important to teach our kids that we are a TEAM, and we need all of us working together to get things done.  When they started this project early on a Saturday morning, NONE of them wanted to do it. 

To which I responded…“Suck it up, quit whining, and get out there and do something to help your dad and I.”  haha!  Yep.  I cannot STAND whining and will have NONE of it in my home!

So the kids went outside and started working on the project together.  By the end, we were all sweating and laughing and having a good ol’ time!  And they were all so glad they did it.  Eli said, “Mom, I’m glad you made us do that because I feel so much better knowing that I worked hard today instead of wasting time on my devices.”  #TRUTH

Getting up and out and working on a project ALWAYS makes us feel better…young and old!

So here is today’s episode!

I hope you enjoy it!  Please share it with friends and family if you do!  




Our next project will either be our fireplace makeover or our home exterior makeover?  


Have a blessed weekend!





  1. Gosh, that was great! Loved it all. Your choice on the next project – either will be good and make a huge difference.

  2. Another Great Episode on Notes from Home🎶!!!
    Great Job on the fence and Cy is doing so much on KY home.
    Keep up the good work.
    I think you should work on your fireplace😜

  3. Traci, your kids are great. Such hard works. I loved how they all work together and helped out their sister.❤💪

  4. Traci…a black “paint of coat” on the doors!😂
    This is looking so good! You guys have the vision & the magic touch!

  5. Can i borrow each and everyone one of you guys! You make it all look like so much fun. Traci, thank you for sharing. I so enjoy watching your progress. Thank you

  6. Looks SO much better without the fence! Your family seems truly wonderful! You are blessed, and so are they for you and your husband as parents.

  7. Looks great! Those kids do d a great job working together. I am glad you made them get out and do some living! Kids need that today. Valuable life lessons that they won’t get anywhere else but will need everywhere they travel in this life! Great job girl!

  8. The fence project was my favorite! Your kids are awesome. They each have such neat personalities!! I was laughing out loud!!! Great work everyone!!

  9. Work for y’all and fun for us! Your son is doing a great job editing and putting these entertaining videos together! I look forward to Fridays to see what y’all have been up to next. I love the cute little Kentucky house! This one will be terrific too, when you get finished. You have such vision! I vote for black rails in the living room, like that one example that you showed us. It will be interesting to see what you decide. I’m impressed with the amount of work that Cy manages to get done, and how he’s willing to make your dreams come true. I love how your sweet family works together! Team work makes the dream work!

  10. Exterior next. With season changes now might be the time to do a bit of outside stuff before it gets cold.

    Love how the flip house is turning out. The exterior looks amazing. Well done Cy & Traci.

  11. I really watching the progress you are making on both houses. One of the best part of how well the kids worked together. So many great memories!

  12. So fun watching ALL your videos! Not only do I love all of your decorating style, but so nice to get to know Cy and your kiddos.

  13. I look forward to your video each Friday. The kids are doing an outstanding job in helping. Did you find your desk yet? I’ve seen a couple on the selling wall in the Columbus, Ohio but that doesn’t help you. I am living through you and your family. See you later!

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