A Few of My Favorite Things!


Hey friends!

Today, I am joining some of my blogger friends in a little blog hop where we share some of our favorite things with you!

Basically, its the “stuff we love,” and we think you might love it too!  You may want some of these things for yourself, or you may gather some great gift ideas from these posts. 

You can find links to the other bloggers who are participating at the bottom of this post.

I’m going to start with the bracelets that I wear every. single. day.  They are from Victoria Emerson, and I have four of them.  I love them so much because they go with everything, and they immediately dress up even a very casual outfit. Here are two of the ones that I have that they still sell…












And they are having a “buy one get one free” sale right now…


Next up!…I’ve been using this Derma Roller  on my face for a few months now, and I love it.  It’s great for exfoliating your dead skin cells.   I’ll use it a few times a week at night and follow it with my Beauty Counter Overnight Resurfacing Peel.




This is the Overnight Resurfacing Peel is what I apply to my face after I use the above derma roller.  It tingles a little on my skin, but I love that.  You can feel it working!  

BTW, if you like Beauty Counter products, they are having a sale right now…


I shared on my Instagram stories this TENS unit that I bought on Amazon to help with my sore back muscles.  I love this thing, y’all!  It makes my back muscles feel soooo good, and it’s only $25!   I take it with me whenever I have long distances to travel in the car, and it really helps my back from getting sore when I’m sitting a long time.  It is also great to have on my back when I am working on my computer.  A lot of people like to use it after a strenuous workout. 



I think I am going to have to buy another one for the rest of the family because the kids keep borrowing mine!!


So this is one of my all time favorite products….a white noise machine!  Guys, I have two of these exact machines, and I want to buy another.  I keep one in Sania’s room and one in my room.  I love them because they block out all those extra noises while we are sleeping.    They are also very compact so I take them with us when we travel.  I actually brought both of them to Kentucky with me this week!





My favorite colorblock sweater is 50% off and only $14.98!  Every time I wear this sweater, someone will ask me where I got it.  It is so colorful, comfortable, and the perfect length.  You can find it HERE.

The camisole that I am wearing under the sweater is from Macy’s.  I have it in white and black, and I wear them both all the time.  They are perfect under cardigans this time of year.



This primer is my absolute favorite!!  It is great for “mature skin” and always gives my face a dewy look when I apply it under my foundation.  


These Echo’s are fun little devices to have in your home.  I love them for listening to music and podcasts, getting weather updates, or finding a recipe.  You can also watch movies, news, and TV shows.

So I hope you enjoyed checking out a “few of my favorite things.”  It you have a favorite thing that you want to share with me, drop it in the comments.  :)  I always love hearing about what other people love too!

And now you can visit my blogger friends below and see what their favorite things are too!  Just click on each blog name below, and it will take you to their blogs. 



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