Christmas, Cy’s Eye Surgery & Getting My Butt in Gear!

Hey friends!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday!

We had a wonderful one in our new Tennessee home.  

The kids opened their presents here on Christmas Eve morning so we could travel up to Kentucky later that day to celebrate with my family like we always do at Dad and Janet’s. 

My sweet Daddy!


That night, Sania and I stayed together at a hotel in Lexington, and it was definitely a first!  I have NEVER stayed at a hotel on Christmas Eve, but Sania and I think we should make it a tradition now.  haha!  It was wonderful!


Cy and the boys spent the night at our Kentucky reno, even though there was no electricity or heat.  They “camped out” in one of the rooms, and had a great time together…just the boys.

Christmas Day, I went over and checked out the work Cy had done at our reno, and then we went over to my sister’s for Christmas dinner.  

It was so good to be with my family.  

Jonathan, Sania, Eli, and I drove back to Tennessee that night, and Cy, Luke, and Adam stayed back a few more days.  Cy had more work to do on the reno, and Luke and Adam spent time with friends.

Cy’s eye has been hurting him again, from the major injury he had to it last April when cutting tile for the bathroom in our Kentucky reno.  So he had his eye checked with his eye doctor on Thursday, while he was there.  The doctor discovered that Cy’s retina was detaching, so surgery was eminent, or he would go blind in that eye.

Cy drove home to Tennessee Friday, and had surgery on his eye Saturday here in Nashville.  It’s a pretty big surgery, and the recovery time is anywhere from 2-4 weeks for his eye to heal.

So the past few days, he has been resting and recovering.  And as you know, sitting still is not easy for Cy.  {wink}  He’s already been telling me what he’s going to do next on the Kentucky reno as soon as he is able. 

The kids are off school this week, and I am enjoying spending time with them, but I am looking forward to having more of a scheduled day again.

I am also looking forward to getting back on track with my eating and exercising.  I have NOT done well over the holidays, and have definitely put some pounds back on.  (But oh how good they tasted!  haha!)

Anyway, I’ll be doing the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, and it’s the best program I have ever been a part of!  It’s gotten even better because now there is a new FASTer Way to Fat Loss App!!

This app has everything you could possibly need to be successful, and it’s easy to access right on your phone!

Y’all know this program has completely changed my life, and I love it!  (Yep!  Those pictures are of me!  yikes!)

The 6 week next round starts on Monday, January 6th.  

Click the button below to get signed up!  It’s the best way to start the new year!

And of course, you can email me with any questions you have about the program at, or check out this “frequently asked questions” post HERE.


Here’s to a great 2020, friends!  




  1. Thank you for resending the correct link. Glad Cy is doing well and I’m married to one of those “can’t sit still for two seconds” kinda guys!! Hope Cy heals quickly (for everyone’s sake….wink ;-). I don’t see how anyone can go through the holidays without gaining some weight! I started the day after Christmas and am already back to normal. It’s just a matter of cutting out the sugar and size portions for me to maintain my weight. I lost 60 lbs ten yrs ago and am determined NOT to gain it back. So far so good. I just turned 78 in Oct. and getting weight off at my age is NOT easy! Took me a year, ten yrs ago, to change my eating habits. I walk on the treadmill everyday now (I know, boring) but at my age that’s about all I can do. Had major back surgery 2 yrs ago so I’m limited on exercise. My dr said walking is the best thing I can do for my back and I’ve even lost inches in my hips and legs. Love your blog, your kids and you! Found you through Cyndi!! Happy New Year to all of you!

  2. Hi,
    I love your blog so much! You make me feel like I have known you forever even I just found you snout one year sho! Prayers for Cy and a complete and fast recovery! God Bless you and your family Traci!

  3. Where did you find solid wrapping paper for Christmas? I really need some! I am still sort of shocked that Cy’s surgery was such for a Saturday, but that tells me it was considered to be an emergency. I do hope that the recovery is going as well as can be expected, and that he doesn’t have to keep his face down towards the floor. This time that he has to stay down can be a time of learning and growing in different ways than what he’s used too. And of course, it’s probably a growing time for you as well. I know since Larry’s cancer diagnosis in 3016, I’ve had to work in being more patient and understanding, and how to take care of some things that we normally see as the mans role. Thanks for the update and God bless! 🙏🙏

  4. Oh no!!! Poor cy!! Praying for quick healing for him!!!
    Your video was so hilarious…you crack me up!! Your complexion looks amazing! I gained some weight and I’m dieting and following a fasting diet and need to lose about 10 pounds or so. I walk everyday a mile with our dog. I’m 61 and heavy work outs are out of the question but I do stay active. I just love you post. I following about four bloggers but yours is my favorite. Thanks for all you do!!!

  5. I’m so sorry C is still dealing with eye issues and prayers for a speedy recovery- I’m a can’t sit still person and the wait to heal can be very frustrating and frankly humbling. I say that to say if he gets “snippy” just understand that he’s just frustrated and it’s not personal – LOL – my husband can tell you I can be a beast if I’m out of commission:).
    Love you and your family and looking forward to seeing why you all have for us this new year!

  6. Sending my heartfelt prayers for Cy. When I was in my twenties ( not saying how long ago) I worked for many years for a retinal surgery group. That really is nothing to mess around with. I am so glad his doctors saw what was going on and were able to address it. He will be great as long as he follows orders and lets that heal!
    As far as your returning to your weight loss program, Wow, is my hat off to you for your honesty in posting those pictures! You will never know the inspiration you have just been for sooo many fighting weight problems. As someone who has been on thyroid supplements most of my life, I know first hand what it is to struggle with weight. Any program that helps you stick to you inspiration is a blessing to give that support that you need so much. The goal is never to be skinny like the unnatural models in advertising but to be healthy and strong in your body and spirit working together.
    Bless your family for giving us so many different ways to be inspired!

  7. Traci & Cy! Congrats on the decision to take on speaking engagements Traci! It’s not only Cy who is a go getter! Happy you had good holidays and will pray tonight for Cy’s quick recovery from the eye surgery and for you to get so many interesting speaking engagements you forget to eat and don’t need a treadmill for all the running around LoL. Blessings to your family.

  8. Traci & Cy! Congrats on the decision to take on speaking engagements Traci! It’s not only Cy who is a go getter! Happy you had good holidays and will pray tonight for Cy’s quick recovery from the eye surgery and for you to get so many interesting speaking engagements you forget to eat and don’t need a treadmill for all the running around LoL. Blessings to your family.

  9. Finally getting caught up on your posts. (Hangs head in shame.) Hope Cy’s recovery is quick and he can get busy again. I totally understand the feeling! Have a Happy New Year!

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