Book Me to Speak at Your Event in 2020!

Hey friends!

I am exited to share with you that I am now booking speaking events for 2020!

This is a new phase of my online business, and it is one that I am very excited about!

I’ve talked about doing this for years, but for some reason, I’ve always been scared to put it out there.  But after a long, encouraging talk with my sweet husband last night, he told me that I had to write this post, or else!  haha! 

I love that man. 

He believes in me.  He knows my heart’s desire. 

And my desire is to move beyond this computer screen and meet women across the world, face to face.   

One thing I love to do is talk.  Just ask my elementary teachers who put on every report card sent home…”Great student, but talks too much.”  haha!

Man, were they right… I do like to talk.  And I want my words to be a blessing to others.  My mom, the greatest influence of my life, always told me that I had the gift of encouragement.  And her words were always like gold to me.

But she was right.  My heart’s desire has always been to encourage.  I want to encourage women in their faith, their family life, and their home life.  

Whether it be in how they raise their kids, how they view themselves, or how they decorate their homes.  I want to be their cheerleader!

So I’m stepping out in courage this year and putting this desire in motion.  

If you or someone you know is planning an event in 2020, and you are looking for speakers, please reach out to me at


Please pray that the Lord opens the doors that He would have me walk through…for His glory!







  1. Ha ! Ha ! Traci… I used to get the same thing on my report cards!!! LOL I can only imagine what it would be like in the room, if we met up face to face and tried to “talk ” with each other. Sure would be fun to try though! Hope all the doors you need to open up, are opened up in 2020. You go girl!!! ps When is the next Notes From Home ?

  2. That’s awesome Traci! Praying for a Gods leading for you! Yes, when is the next notes from home? And when are you tackling your kitchen? 😊blessings sweet friend 😘

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