Covid-19 Time Capsule Activity for Kids (and adults)

Hey friends!

Well, yesterday, I found out that the kids will not be returning to school this year.  I knew that decision was probably coming, but I was in denial. 

Now it’s truth.  

The kids are officially home until August now.  

I hate to complain about it during this difficult time because I know it could be much worse and IS much worse for so many.  At least our family is healthy.  I know. 

But having the kids here, plus Cy, makes it very “interesting” to say the least.  And I am having trouble getting my work done because as mom, I feel like I have to be available at all times.  Ya know?

Anyway, I am writing this post today, because I found this really cute activity that I am having the kids do that I thought you might enjoy as well. 

It’s called “My 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule.”


Its a FREE online resource from Long Creations. 

We printed it out yesterday, and the kids are starting to work on it.  

I think this will be something really fun to look back on years from now, don’t you?

If you would like to use this FREE resource, click the picture or link below…


If you have any other great activity resources for kids at home, feel free to share them in the comments!

I’ll be back tomorrow with Part One of our Bathroom Renovation!

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