New Episode of Notes from Home! {New Patio Doors!}

Hey sweet friends!

I hope you had a good weekend!

Cy and Adan were busy working on our back deck, and it is really coming along!

The kids started a half-day of virtual school on Friday, and today is their first full day of virtual learning.  We don’t have the best wi-fi, so it is a little interesting with three kids on their chrome books, and me and Cy working from our laptops all at the same time.  

Our county’s school plan is to do the first two weeks online, and then go to traditional school in the building (if cases of Covid do not increase.)  Parents have the option of letting their kids learn from home throughout the semester, but I have chosen to let me kids go back into the building for traditional school.  

But for now…we are all hunkered down at home working together.  :)

This week’s episode of Notes from Home is a fun one because we make a HUGE change in our kitchen and back of our house by adding new sliding patio doors!!

Let me know what you think about them!






  1. What a difference!!!! Still can’t believe what you have done to my friend’s old house!!
    Love following your progress

  2. Wow! You are so brave to have your kitchen torn apart with all the kids to feed each day! This project is going to be AMAZING!!! Great job, Cy! Prayers for your eye.

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