DIY Hallway Bathroom Mirror Makeover!

Hey friends!

Yes, we are STILL renovating our hall bathroom!  

We started earlier this year, at the beginning of Covid, and got majorly distracted when the weather started warming up.  That’s when we started trying to fix up the back exterior of our house by painting the studio suite (MIL suite) black. 


Once we painted everything, we started dreaming of a deck on the back of the house, and our “house baby” idea was born (click HERE to read that post.)

Then the siding warped, and we started down the path of replacing the siding with board and batten, and repainting the whole studio suite. 

Then we had to repaint the whole suite black again.


And we have also spent the past month building our deck. 

OH!  And Cy built a shed somewhere in there too!!  (We get sidetracked easily. haha!). MORE FUN DETAILS about our shed coming soon!

But a couple of weeks ago, we FINALLY moved back inside and trimmed out the old mirror in the hallway bathroom. 

It feels SO GOOD to finally have a mirror in that space!

Do y’all remember what this bathroom used to look like?   It’s come a LONG way!

I wanted to share with you how we did it.  It’s nothing fancy, but I like the way it turned out.   We used the same mirror that was originally in the bathroom, but it used to sit on the backsplash, and I wanted it to be higher up.  So Cy removed it from the wall and built me a frame out of oak.

I shared the whole process on my Instagram stories, so I put those stories together in a video to share with you here on the blog, in case you missed it.  


I hope you enjoyed this little project!

We hope to make the shelves for the black wall next.

Stay tuned….




  1. Looks soooo nice. Wish I had your talent. My whole house needs a makeover. Can’t wait to see your finished deck area. Thanks for sharing on your blog for those of us who don’t have Instagram.

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