DIY Spray Painted Outdoor Lights for our Shed

*This post is sponsored by Krylon.  All opinions and ideas are 100% mine. 


So y’all remember our cute little shed that I shared last month?


Well, today I want to share with you how I spray painted some outdoor lights to add a little charm to the shed.

Since the paint on our shed is a black color, darker lights (like Oil rubbed bronze or black,) would not show up very well. 

I looked for gold outdoor lighting online to see what I could find, and all of the styles that stood out to me where well over $100 each or more.  I didn’t have that kind of money to spend on shed lights, so I found a cheaper option in the style that I liked, (but not the color,) and decided to spray paint them gold. 

These are the lights I found for only $39 each.

I thought this style would look good on our shed, so I decided to paint them with Krylon’s All-in-One Fusion paint in “metallic gold.”  This color is a muted gold, not brassy.  


The cool thing about Krylon’s All-in-One fusion paint is that it is a primer and paint in one and holds up well outdoors. 

I also wanted to add some hardware to the shed doors, but all I had was these brassy gold handles, and they didn’t match my newly painted lights. 


So I gave them a fresh coat of spray paint with the same Krylon’s All-in-One Metallic Gold spray paint.  It took me literally minutes to give my lights and hardware and new, matching look. 


Here is a video I took on my phone of the whole process…



I love the way my lights and hardware look on our new shed! 

The metallic gold paint was just enough to help the lighting and hardware stand out against the dark paint. 

And I was able to get a one-of-a-kind, higher end look with just a can of spray paint!

Use Krylon’s All-in-One Fusion paint when…

  • You want to update old lights or hardware.
  • You want to give new lights a different or more updated/expensive look like I did.
  • You have lights and hardware that do not match, and you want to create a more cohesive look.




I have two more fun DIY projects with Krylon in the coming months, and I can’t wait to share them you!

I hope you have a blessed week!




  1. I love this look! Definitely shows up beautifully against the charcoal look of the shed. It’s amazing to me how talented you both are and Cy’s ability to build anything is fascinating. 😊

    I understand how much you miss your mom. All (4) of my parents are gone, my amazing grandmother and grandfather and all the precious aunts and uncles. I’m not diminishing those at all but the most profound loss is that of my almost 16 year old granddaughter. That’s just not the order of life. 😭 I remember your posts on Wednesdays and always admired your ability to do them! I feel sure Wanda was smiling down on you with so much pride! 🙏🥰

    Have a blessed week!

  2. My favorite update- spray paint anything! I just updated 3 scones in the living room and hall with glossy black spray paint and new globes for 2 of them. The third scone had a beautiful vintage globe but I didn’t care for the color, so I spray painted it too! Love! I was just eyeing the Krylon metallic gold at the store 2 days ago for another project! Great choice for the “She Shed, looks beautiful.

  3. The lights turned out so nice……🤞 you get your “she shed” LOL.

    I just spray painted my kitchen knobs and handles and they turned out so nice. What once was a drab silver tone to now a semi-gloss black! Such a difference.

    I will be facing the same day you did in a few days Traci. My ,Mom passed away, September 26, 2014😢. I miss her so much, she taught me the love of Jesus, love of baking and love of decorating.


  4. Traci…like everything you do, the love guts & hardware look so good! They are the perfect touches to elevate the shed. What a fun project!

  5. You make everything look so easy.❤️ That shed is too pretty to be called a shed. How about mini-house?
    I want to investigate that spray paint further. Thanks for the tip.

  6. The lights and handles look great! Looking forward to seeing the inside!
    Anniversary of parent’s passing seems to never get easier. It’s a gift to have great parents! I too was younger ( late in life baby), 37 when my Daddy passed and 42 years old will my Mom. I too am still learning from them years later. ❤Your Mom would be so proud of you and all her grandkids!
    Hugs to you across the miles.

  7. I love how the pieces look like you picked them out of a “designer collection” now that they all match! During quarantine I’ve been doing a lot of projects around the house and spray painting has become a fave ever since you shared how you painted the plastic chair. That post made me think of all the possibilities and opportunities I now had around my home to make inexpensive changes to things I previously thought of replacing. THANKS!

  8. Love it! You have great ideas and I love your post! You’re so down to earth ! Hugs on sweet memories of your Mom!❤️ Thank you!

  9. The lights and door handles look fabulous! Are they solar or electric lights? You and Cy definitely have a gift for doing DIY projects. I know that you do miss your momma so very much. This past May was the 4 yr anniversary of my moms death, and my heart still hurts. I heard a country song on Prime Country yesterday that talked about the floor of heaven having holes in it so that our loved ones can easily watch over us. I like that thought! We’ve had fallish weather since last Sat., but it’s coming to an end for the next 7 days, which means I’ll have to close the windows and turn the AC back on. Have a blessed day! Sending you virtual hugs from Mauk, GA.

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