FREE September Essential Oil Goodies from Me to You!

Hey friends!

I just realized I never told y’all about something FUN I made, and I’m giving away for free!


And now we are in the last week of September, and this is the last week to get these freebies!  

Y’all know that I love my essential oils!  I’ve been using those magic bottles of plant juice for 8 years now!!  Can you believe it?!

Even though I use them year round for my health and wellness, plus cleaning my home toxin-free, FALL is one of my FAVORITE times of years to use my oils because there are so many yummy fall scents like Clove, Nutmeg, Ginger, Orange, etc.  

My diffuser is going strong right now with all the wonderful smells of fall.  (And I don’t have to worry about those nasty toxins or chemicals found in all those fall candles!)

Plus, THIEVES oil is a blend of oils that smells like fall, AND it boosts your immune system!  Who doesn’t need that right now?! 

So I found some adorable fall labels for my essential oils, and I decided to give some of these goodies away to people who purchase a starter kit from Young Living in September through me.   (Again, I’m sorry I didn’t let y’all know about this sooner!)

I made labels for a

  • “Pumpkin Spice” thieves cleaner bottle
  • “Honey Lemon Throat Spray” bottle
  • “Wellness Boost” roller bottle
  • “Diffuser Bombs”
  • THREE MASK SPRITERS called “Aromas of Autumn!”   

Those mask spritzers are a GAME CHANGER, y’all!  My kids spray them in their masks at school to keep them fresh!  The oils are energizing and uplifting and make wearing a mask so much more bearable.  I keep my mask spritzers in my purse and give my mask a squirt each time I have to go in the grocery or another store.


If you have been on the fence about getting an essential oil starter kit, this would be the BEST time to get one!  Because not only will you get amazing essential oils, you will also get my September fall freebies to enjoy!

Here’s how you can get your hands on some of these freebies:

Purchase a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living through me and get:

  1.  Throat Spray Bottle
  2. Wellness Boost Roller
  3. Aromas of Autumn Mask Spritz Trio (pre-filled with essential oils!)
  4. Recipe Card (full of more diffuser recipes!)


Click “yes” and “yes” to use your starter kit as your first Essential Rewards order and get these extra freebies:

  1. Pumpkin Spice Thieves Cleaner Bottle
  2. Three PRE-FILLED fall “diffuser bombs” (Pumpkin Spice, Fall Romance, and Orchard Stroll)

“Diffuser bombs” are bottles that contain a blend of several oils that are already mixed together and ready for the diffuser.  You just place a dropper full or two in your diffuser and enjoy!!  (Diffuser bombs are so much more convenient than dropping oils from a bunch of different bottles each time you use your diffuser.)

These diffuser bombs (Pumpkin Spice, Fall Romance, and Orchard Stroll,) will come to your house PRE-FILLED with essential oils that are not in your starter kit.  


I have been having so much fun making these fall goodies, and I hope I get to send some to you!

Check out ALL of the amazing Premium Starter kits Young Living has…



How cute is that Owl diffuser?!  And if you purchase a “Little Oilers” starter kit by September, you get a BONUS  15ml bottle of KidPower!  A brand new oil!

This would make a GREAT Christmas gift!!

If you want to get started with a kit and get some of the Fall goodies I made for FREE, just click the button below.

And of course, you can comment with any questions you may have or email me at!

I’m here to help you on your oily journey!!






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