NEW EPISODE of Notes from Home! {Kentucky Style!}

Hey friends!

I hope you’ve had a great week.  The weather has been GORGEOUS here in Tennessee.  A couple of weekends ago, we got to travel up to Kentucky to our “Wilmore House” to do some more work on it. 

Quick Back Track…

We purchased this delapidated 100 year old home in our small town of Wilmore, Kentucky when we were living there.  Most people wanted to tear it down, but we wanted to save and renovate it. 

We worked on it four several months before we decided to move to Tennessee.  We’ve continued to work on it while living here the past month, but Covid definitely slowed things down. 

Most of the exterior is finished, but we still have work to do on the inside.

Our goal while we were there was to start installing the kitchen area.  I was also wanting to paint the pine trim.   We were able to get a lot accomplished on both those things!  AND we got to spend time with family and friends, which was the icing on the cake!

We loved staying in this sweet little home in Wilmore. It’s a special little town with Asbury University and Asbury Seminary a short walk away.  I love hearing the chapel bells ringing during the day!

We hope to get this house finished by the first of the year to be able to rent out as an AirBnb.  But we still have a lot to do, so it will be cutting it close for sure!

I took some video of the trip to Kentucky on my phone, and my son, Luke put it together for me in a new episode of Notes from Home!

I hope you enjoy it!





  1. Awh, come on! Give Eli a shot at it! :-) It may not be Luke-style quality, but I bet he’d do pretty good! My 15 year old does some neat editing on her phone that I had no idea was possible. It’s crazy what the kids can do these days. (Of course I would have to say, “You can only work on it after homework is finished!”)

    I can’t believe Luke is working in California! That’s so cool!!

    Happy Friday and prayers and blessings for your family.

  2. I cannot BELIEVE how much better that old house looks with the changes y’all have made! The new porch columns and plantings give it so much more curb appeal. I’m impressed by your vision and your hard work!

  3. Everything is looking great! I love the gray on the trim. You make things look so easy. Enjoy visiting your blog. Can’t wait to see the house completed.

  4. So good to see a Notes from Home. Have missed them! But understand…… life changes especially when our kids start growing up. The house looks amazing with all the work. Can’t wait to see the completion. Good luck with time line by Christmas.

  5. Absolutely love the grey trim. This is the cutest little house and is going to be a wonderful Airbnb. You have done a fantastic job transforming this beauty
    Love watching Notes from Home !!!
    It truly inspires me …

  6. My favorite house I’ve lived in was one built in 1910 and had had a couple additions to get it to the 900 sq. ft. it was! Good luck, and enjoy the process!

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