We Painted our Den Wall BLACK!

So guys, it has been a couple months since we did it, but we painted a wall in our den BLACK!!

I shared the process on my Instagram stories in September, but I know that not all of you follow me there, so I want to be sure to document all of our home renovation on my blog as well.   (P.S. If you want to follow me on Instagram, click HERE.)

Anyway, living in a renovation is not fun, and sometimes changes can feel slow because we can’t do it all at once.  It takes time. 

When we first moved in last summer, we gutted and re-worked the main area of the interior.  

Then in the fall/winter we worked on our exterior with Lowe’s.  


In the spring, and during quarantine, we made some improvements to the hall bathroom (that we are still working on,)

and we also started removing the siding, installing board and patten, and painting the back exterior of our house.

This summer,  we have worked hard on our deck, and Cy built a beautiful shed (that we can’t keep.) Did I share that story here?

Anywhoooo, we hadn’t done much to our den since last summer, and it has basically looked like this…


We re-did the fireplace in this space last fall, but that is it. 

Our tv has been propped up on that wood table that Cy built for our Kentucky home for over a year now. 

It has made the space feel so unfinished and not cozy at all. 

So after we painted the exterior of our house and our shed my favorite color of black:  Valspar’s Ebony Fields, I got a “hankering” one night to paint the wall behind the tv the same color as well.  I was hoping it would help the tv to blend in and not look like such an eye sore. 

So here is how it went down…



As you heard in the video, getting a new rug from Boutique rugs for our den, really got me wanting to try and pull this space together more. 

My rug is called the “Nyngan,” and if you use the code HAL60 by October 30th, you can get 60% off my rug or any rug on the site!

CLICK HERE to check out their beautiful rugs.

After that, use the code TRACI55 for 55% off.

Well, I ended up doing a second coat of paint on the wall, and I LOVE it!  Cy hung the tv on the wall, and it blends it so much better, instead of looking like an eye sore!

I got some new chairs for our den as well, (they recline and swivel and are only about $300 a piece!,) and I will share more details about them in my next post.

But I am SO GLAD I painted the wall black. I really do love it!   What do you think? 

(Of course, I’m not finished decorating.). :)

I’ve been on the look out for a piece of furniture I can put under the tv.  I’ve looked for something on Facebook marketplace that I could re-do, but haven’t had any luck. 

So now I’m trying to see if Cy might could build me what I want for under the tv?

We also need to get new recessed lighting and a main light in the middle of the room, but the space is starting to feel more cozy and homey, and we love it!


We are headed to Kentucky tomorrow to work on the Wilmore House.  I hope to have more updates from there for you too!

Have a blessed weekend!





  1. The black wall looks amazing!!! Love the chairs, too!
    I got off social media and miss your instastories and your sister’s, too, but it is liberating to be off. However, I missed the news about the shed. Please do share!!!

  2. I love the way that the black wall hides the tv. I can’t wait to see how you decorate around the tv. I’m thinking a collage of black and white pictures and/or photos would look really good. Also, love the new chairs and definitely would like details on those! I hate that you can’t keep the shed – what happened?

  3. You can’t keep the shed?! Whaaaaaaat?! I am so sad! Is it another permit issue? I’m so sorry…Cy did such a beautiful job…all that work….

  4. Dang…. I had no idea I would love that black wall so much. Girl, you know how to tie it all together!!! It. Looks. Awesome!!!

    And SOOO sorry to hear about the shed!!! What the heck?! Details!!

    Hugs and thanks for all your inspiration,


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