Painting Window Frames Black

Today, I am partnering with Purdy again to show you my favorite tools to use when painting window frames black. 

Painting Window Frames Black

We had these two large windows on one wall in our bedroom that needed some updating.  

Painting Window Frames Black

These are the original wood windows in our home, and they are not in the best condition, but we do not have the budget to replace all the windows in our home right now.  And black windows are VERY PRICEY!

However, black window frames are very on trend right now, and I knew that I could use some paint to give our old windows an updated look. 

For this project, I used these Purdy tools. 

Painting Window Frames Black

Before I started painting the window frame, Cy removed the old dated trim around the windows and replaced it with white primed 1×4’s.   We have slowly been trying to replace all the trim in our old house with these 1×4’s, so this was the perfect time to do this in our room.  

Here is what the window looked like after the new trim was installed.

Now I was ready to use the Purdy Clear Cut brush to paint the frame on my wood windows black.  What I LOVE about this brush is that it gives such a clear crisp line when painting that I don’t even have to use painter’s tape!  It’s seriously the best!

Painting Window Frames Black

*Be sure to watch the video below to see this brush in action!

When painting a window frame, you can choose how much of the frame you want to paint and how thick you want the black part to appear. 

I tried to show the possibility of three different looks in the picture below.  

The first set of windows shows when I started painting my bedroom windows and ONLY painted the small wood trim directly around the window.

The “thicker” black windows in the middle are from my boys’ room.  I painted these windows a couple months ago.   To give a thicker appearance, I painted more of the wood trim coming out from the sides and middle of the window.   (You can see how the white trim piece between the windows looks smaller in the middle picture.)  

And the last photo is of the windows in our dining room where I painted the trim between the two windows black as well. This gives the “thickest” appearance when painting your windows black.

Painting Window Frames Black

I decided to go with the “thickest” look in my bedroom as well, so I painted the middle trim between the windows black as well. 

Painting Window Frames Black

*Side note:  Since our windows are not functioning, I just painted right over the window locks with my paint and brush.  If I wanted my windows to still be functional, I would have removed the windows locks first with a screw driver and sprayed them with a spray paint.

For the new white trim around the windows, I used a bright white semi-gloss paint to make the trim stand out from the wall.  The Purdy Mini Roller was perfect for this job and gave my trim a very smooth finish. 

Painting Window Frames Black

Once all of the trim and window was painted, I hung some new white curtains…

Painting Window Frames Black


I am loving how fresh and clean my windows look now! 

Painting Window Frames Black

This project can be completed in one afternoon and is worth every second!

Let’s remember what our windows looked like before…

Painting Window Frames Black


And NOW!….

Painting Window Frames Black    

Such a difference!

Now I want to paint even more windows in my house!  haha!

Here is a collection of videos I took during this process…


If you have any questions about this project, feel free to ask me in the comments. 

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  1. Traci, would you mind sharing what black paint you chose for the trim and did you use a matte black? There are so many “blacks” that it is mind boggling, at least for me, so many undertones to navigate. I am attracted to the black paired with the white trim.

  2. Wow Traci this looks amazing! I love the look of that and how easy it sounds like it would be to make such an amazing transformation!

  3. Wow, Wow, Wow! The change is amazing. Traci, you have such a gift. Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

  4. Such cute picture of your kids. She looks like your son.
    Love what you did to your Windows. Had no idea black was in and it looks great.
    Could you send link to the white curtains you bought? I am looking for some and you’d think easy but I want kind of sheer and need shorter length. Thanks.

  5. I’ve been wanting to do this! Thanks for the tips. Could you please tell us what paint you used and where your new curtains are from? Thanks! Stephanie in Wilmore :)

  6. We are going with vinyl windows. I have read that you can not paint vinyl. Do you know anything about that. Please and thank you

    1. I have heard that painting vinyl exterior windows black can cause them to warp if they have extended direct sunlight on them. We have painted a few vinyl windows on our house black, but they don’t have direct sunlight all day, so they have held up fine. I do believe that spray painting them voids the warranties on most windows.

  7. This project looks amazing! I love the way you used Purdy products to give your windows an updated look. I’m inspired and would love to try unique home decor products like this in the fut

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