TARGET FALL PATIO PICKS! (And Sneak Peek of our New Patio Area!)

The weather here in Tennessee has been AMAZING this week! We’ve had cooler morning and evenings, and way less humidity, and it has been wonderful!!

We’ve spent the past couple of days outdoors working on finishing our deck/patio area. I have been wanting to do this for FOREVER! It feels so good to finally get started on it.

Cy finished enclosing the sides of the deck, while Adam and our friend, Adan, worked on the landscaping.  We have the gravel down for the patio area, and the cut flagstone will be delivered next week to be installed.

I’ll be sharing more of this transformation soon!

But all this work outside has me excited about decorating our outdoor area and “cozy-fying” it.  So I went online to see what I could find.  I put some of my favorite fall patio picks from Target in this post.

You can shop the pictures below.  

Has the weather gotten cooler in your area?

Have you done any fall decorating in your home?







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  1. Your back patio area is looking fabulous! Here in south central Georgia we’ve had a few mornings with the temp in the 50’s and lower humidity, BUT it’s not lasting just yet. We are still going to have humidity and highs in the 90’s. Maybe y’all can give me some suggestions: several years ago I put rocks all around the house, without putting anything down to deter the weeds. Well, you know what I’m dealing with now. I either spray them with vegetation killer or use my weed eater to rid of the height. I am contemplating removing 90% of the rocks all together, but that would be a lot of hard work for me and my arthritic back. Oh, we live on a private dirt road in a very rural area and our neighbors don’t have landscaped yards. So, do you have any ideas for dealing with the unwanted vegetation amongst my pavers and in the rocks? Thank you!

  2. Traci, I appreciate you and your blog so very much! Your home is turning out beautifully and I love your patio and deck area!

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