New Kitchen Table Chairs

We are back from our vacation to Santa Rosa Beach last week!  It was so much fun, and of course, went by way too quickly. 

But I treasured every moment I got to share with my children…

The days, weeks, months, and years are flying by….I wish I could make time stand still.  Right now, it’s still the seven of us, but I know that won’t be forever.

One day, they will have families of their own, so I soak up every single second I get with them. 

It rained a lot while we were there, but we also found pockets of sunshine to go to the beach each day.  And of course, we ate some really good food all week!

Cy slept in each day, and it was so good to see him rest and relax.  He has been working so hard with his new remodeling business that he really needed this break. 

But now, we are back home and back to reality. haha!

Cy and Adam are finishing up a kitchen remodel, and I will be working on some projects at home. 

But today, I wanted to show you the new chairs I got for our kitchen table. 

Cy made me this dining table from left over ceiling joist beams from our Wilmore House in Kentucky.  I thought I wrote a post about it, but couldn’t find it!  #ugh. I know I shared it on instagram, but I will try to write a post about it too.


Anyway, I designed the table, and he made it.  I got new slipcovers from Amazon for the two parson chairs that I have had for years, and put them on both ends of the table.



But I needed some chairs for the sides of the table.  I decided on these RUS dining chairs from Article. 

I love the low profile and simplicity of the design.  They are comfortable and sit perfectly on the sides of my table.


The chandler is from Kichler and you can find it HERE

I still want to get a rug to go under the table, but haven’t bought one yet.  Right now, I am looking for one at Boutique Rugs.  

(Use code TRACI60 for 60% rugs at Boutique Rugs.)

But until then, we are enjoying having our new chairs around the dining table.  They really complete the space.  Now, if I could just get them to make us dinner too, that would be even better!  haha! 

May the Lord be near you today.  I hope you know how much Jesus loves you!  








  1. Thank you Traci for sharing your beautiful home, your family, and your thoughts about holding back time. You blessed me!

  2. Your homes and Your taste is exquisite! You have a gorgeous family and a beautiful home! Love your blog and your sister cyndis blog too! God bless and thank you for all-you-do!
    God bless!

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and gorgeous family with us I love following you and your sister y’all are so down to earth and sweet d

  4. Uhm, wait. Seeing how much all the kids have grown fogs my brain. That means time isn’t standing still!! :-0. Somehow I didn’t notice it so much in Sania’s baptism video. I think of Cy and his eye when I do little projects around the house.
    Wishing you both continued good health. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Love the kiddo’s photo, such a beautiful family. The chairs are perfect for the table, would like them for counter stools. Going to the website to see if they come in stools.

  6. The chairs look great. Love the table Cy made. He’s so talented. Did he quit his bank job to start remodel business? Love your style. I love following you and your sister. Such sweet families. Glad you all got away together. You are fortunate you still have Jonathan with the family so close. Usually after a certain age it’s hard to get everyone available to vacation together. It’s neat you moved to help him get started and have support close by. I’m looking for a new kitchen table. Not sure what to get. I like the idea of not matchy matchy…..Like your covered chairs with the black ones.

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