Y’all, the last few weeks have been an absolute WHIRLWIND!  We said goodbye to our Nashville home…

And we are off to our next adventure!

We had to be out of our house last Thursday, June 30th.  The only problem was that we did not have a house to move our stuff into.

So for several days before we moved out, we took multiple UHAUL trips to a large storage building we rented in our new town.  It was absolutely exhausting, especially the last day with all the miscellaneous little things you find leftover in the house and you are not sure what to do with them!  haha!

Thursday night, I stayed at the hotel with Sania, Eli, and Adam, and Cy, Luke, and Jonathan slept at the property.

Right now, we still have no electricity on our property, so we have a generator that is running the RV.  (And we are still working on renovating the RV, so it’s a hot mess in there!)

Early Friday morning, we drove down to Georgia for our nephew’s wedding (Cy’s sister’s son, Cory.). It was a beautiful (and hot!) day, but we had a ton of fun celebrating the special couple. 

Since we were basically homeless, haha!, we decided to stay a few extra days and celebrate the 4th with Cy’s family, and Jonathan’s birthday on the 5th.

Tuesday, we drove back home from Georgia, and since the sleeping conditions in the RV are less than desirable, Sania and I stayed in a local hotel for a few more nights.  Some of the boys took turns staying with us too.

We’ve been doing a lot of work around the property, including finishing the cottage house (formerly known on instagram as the Love Shack. haha!). 

We painted it my favorite color, and the same color as my She Shed, EBONY FIELDS by Valspar.  We also added lights and a small air conditioner which is all run by solar panels!  It’s the first time we have worked with solar panels, but Jonathan wired the whole thing and got it running.  It’s super cool that this cottage is run by the sun!


We are supposed to close on the house (on the hill) in two days, and Cy will eventually run electric from that house to the cottage, but it will be nice to have the solar energy if the power grid goes down.  {wink}

Right now, we are all still sleeping in the RV.  I’ve gotten more done in there, and it is looking better.  If you have Instagram, be sure to follow my daily stories HERE.

It’s gonna be SO CUTE when we finish renovating it, and get all SEVEN of us out of there!  When we move into the house this week, Luke will live in the RV.  

Ya’ll, I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to moving into our new little home!!!  That home is such an unexpected blessing from the Lord that He knew we would need even more than we did.  He is so good.  

I’ll keep you posted this week with all that is going on.  

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Have a blessed day!


  1. When you say y’all fly by the seat of your pants, you really meant it. Many many prayers that the closing goes well and you are not homeless anymore. You sure keep things interesting LOL!!!

  2. God is so good! I am so excited about y’all getting that house and can’t wait to see the renovations y’all make down the road. It’s obvious that all of you have the type of personality that can handle so many unknowns at one time and keep smiling. I am super excited that Luke has come home and I know that he will find the perfect videographer/ photographer job, if that is what he still wants to do. I hope that the chickens have gotten used to their new location. May God continue to bless y’all!

  3. You are having exciting times and quite the adventure! So glad the closing of your old house went well and I’m sure the new owners are LOVING all of the remodel improvements you have made on it. More fun and adventure to come….in a good way!! Thanks for sharing the Prime deals. I’ve got to check out what else is on sale ;)

  4. I am so happy for y’all! Such exciting times! And I know how terrific it is to have able-bodied and wise sons who can do things we never thought possible! As a mom of 5 sons, they amaze me 🥰

    Will you be able to give us a final tour of your Nashville home? I know you have done tons of work on it 😅 Maybe even just the real estate listing?

    1. Thanks, Carmen! I do need to do a final tour of our Nashville home, although we still had so many unfinished spaces. I will try to put a post together.

  5. So happy for you all. Lots going on for you but fun memory making for sure. Enjoy the ride. God is good.

  6. I am so excited for your family. I get exhausted watching you constantly moving on to a new adventure. However, we all remain glued to our screens to see what you and Cy will come up with next!
    I do worry about Sania. My parents moved us from one end of California to the other (I was just about to start high school). Little ones adapt so quickly making new friends but it is so much harder during those teen years.
    Praying for each member of your family that this new adventure will bring them each joy in a special way that God has planned, just for them!

    1. Thank you Glenda!
      We are excited to get rooted in to our new community and find a good church for Sania to plug into. She makes friends very easily, so I know the Lord will provide her with some good ones! :)

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