Makeover Monday – Laundry Room Refresh

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a good weekend. :)

For today’s makeover, I’m going to share a laundry room makeover that Cy did for a client in 2021 that I never shared here on the blog.

Our client had a laundry room that wasn’t functioning well for her. There were no closed cabinets to hide the “uglies” or a place to fold clothes in the room.


Over on the opposite side of the room, there was an unused corner that had a hamper and trash can, but the homeowner was envisioning a storage cabinet in that corner with a drying rack.


She also wanted to replace the linoleum flooring with tile.

It took Cy and the boys a few weeks to complete this laundry room makeover, and it turned out beautiful!


As you can see, Cy installed two shaker style cabinets on both sides of the wall for storage, and used some leftover butcher block to create small shelves in between the cabinets.

The homeowner was THRILLED with the butcher block countertop that Cy installed above the washer and dryer. Such a perfect, large space to fold clothes or place supplies.


I LOVE the floor tile that the homeowner picked out! It is such a fun addition to this space!

She found this flooring at Floor & Decor. CLICK HERE to view it.

You can also find a similar ceiling light to the one she chose on Amazon HERE.

In the opposite corner of the room, Cy installed a tall storage cabinet for the ironing board and other cleaning supplies.


This created the perfect place to hang a drying bar to the right with the laundry sorting bins below.


I just love how fresh and clean the laundry room looks now!


Here is a video that we created on our Hutcherson Home Remodel instagram page to show the whole laundry room makeover!

Isn’t it fun?! What is your favorite part?

Thanks for letting me share this makeover with you today!

I hope you have a blessed day!




  1. I love that laundry room renovation! I especially like the convenient bar for hanging clothes, and the folding table. When my husband and I were first married 40 years ago (yikes!), we actually had more closet space for hanging clothes than we had drawer space for folded clothes. We started hanging up everything that would possibly work on a hanger, even down to sweaters (on padded hangers) and pajamas, and we have always continued doing that.
    It takes us way less time for us to put the clothes on hangers, and our “foldable” loads are limited to kitchen/dining linen loads, towel/washcloth loads, and socks/bras/underwear loads. So, I absolutely look for hanging clothes rods in laundry rooms!

    I love the colors and the tile in the new laundry room, too! Going to pin this one for inspiration!

  2. My favorite part is the butcher block counter top for folding clothes and the matching little shelves above. She needs to put some decor on them. :) LOL The weather here was beautiful and sunny all weekend with 60’s for temps but now its cloudy, dreary and some rain showers on and off and probably high 40’s. I am so ready for Spring weather even though it says Spring is today. :) I haven’t talk to anyone that hasn’t felt like this was a very long Winter.

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