Green Home Decor Finds from Amazon

Hey friends!

I started looking at Spring home decor from Amazon today to create some inspiration posts for you in the days to come. They have a lot of beautiful, affordable options to chose from, and I am craving some “new” items in my home to welcome the warmer temperatures (that don’t seem to want to stick around these days! haha!)

As I was looking through all of the Spring decor, I noticed that I kept leaning toward green items. I LOVE to decorate my home with green because it really does bring the “outdoors in.” I also love to decorate with green, because unlike many other colors, GREEN is great for every season.

Green, pinks, yellows, and blues for Spring.

Green, blues, orange, and yellows for Summer.

Green, Orange, Browns, and Tans for Fall.

Green and Red for Winter (Christmas) of course!

So when buying green items, you know that you will be able to use them year round!

I found all of these items and more on Amazon, and I created “idea list” in my Amazon store where you can shop them all, or refer to them later if you want. All of my “idea lists” in Amazon are always there, so you can shop them anytime!

My store looks like the image below, and you can click the blue follow button to follow me over there.

If you follow me on instagram, you know I sometimes share products that I’m loving, like this amazing new can opener, in my stories. I also share the links there, but if you don’t follow me on Instagram, please know that you can always go to my Amazon Store to find my favorite products.

Just click HERE or on the picture below to check out some of my favorite GREEN decor finds on Amazon!

I hope you enjoy some of these finds!

We have a very cold weekend ahead of us. #ugh It’s supposed to get down to 22 degrees the next two nights! I hope you are staying warm where you are at!

Have a blessed weekend, friends!




  1. Wow that’s HUGE news! Opening for Little Big Town! Have a great time at the Atlanta show. Unfortunately a little too far a drive for this Canadian. It’s going to be a great show.

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