Sania’s Egg Gathering Apron!

Y’all, Sania got the sweetest handmade gift you ever did see from a follower of mine on Instagram…

This adorable egg gathering apron!

It was a gift from a sweet instagram friend, Ms. Linda.

Ms. Linda has followed our family ever since Sania was adopted, and she wanted to make her one of these aprons. She wrote the sweetest note to Sania on a handmade card…

How precious is that?! Sania felt so special and so loved! She LOVES her apron and wears it every time she goes up to the coop, which is many times a day!

We are so very thankful for the time and love that Ms. Linda put into making this beautiful, special egg gathering apron for Sania. What a blessing!

Here is a reel I shared on instagram of Sania using her apron to gather eggs from the coop!

Y’all have a blessed Easter weekend!

I can’t wait to celebrate our RISEN SAVIOR!



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