DIY Gold Spray Painted Solar Barn Lights {for the coop!}

Y’all remember when I painted our chicken coop earlier this month?

Oh my! I LOVE it soooo much! It makes me happy every time I go up to the hill to get eggs or check the garden.

Even though I loved it painted, there was still something missing….🤔

It needed lights! And not just any lights…I wanted them to be GOLD barn lights for my little queens! 👑🐓. Since we don’t have electricity at the coop, I searched on Amazon for some solar barn lights, but of course, there were none in gold.

No problem! I bought these solar barn lights on Amazon with the plan to spray paint them gold!

I liked these because they were a good price point (two for $39.99,) and the solar panels were not super obvious. A lot of the other solar barn lights had large, tacky solar panels on the top. I didn’t want that.

So, I grabbed my favorite gold spray paint, Krylon’s Gold Leaf, and covered the solar panels and motion detector with some painter’s tape

I sprayed each barn light with a couple coats of paint and let them dry. Then I carefully removed the painter’s tape, and they were ready to be hung! The whole process took about 15 minutes.

I enlisted Cy to help me hang them on the coop. I needed to be able to stand back and make sure we hung them where I wanted them. 😉

I knew I loved my gold barn lights the second Cy held them up against the painted coop. I absolutely love the contrast between the rustic wood and gold lights.

I mean… how cute are they?!!! I seriously love them!

Some people might think my coop is too fancy, but I don’t! It makes me smile. 😁

I’ve actually been really surprised at how clean the outside has stayed! I wasn’t sure if the chicken’s would poop on the white rocks or pick at my flowers, but they haven’t done either. 👏🏻. The only part I have to sweep off is the black door mat. Sometimes they kick the shavings out of the coop onto the mat, and I sweep it off about once a week. Not bad at all!

These solar lights have three different settings to choose from:

  1. Come on only when motion is detected from dust to dawn.
  2. Come on full brightness from dusk til dawn.
  3. Come on at half brightness and then when motion is detected, it switches to full brightness from dusk til dawn.

I chose option #3. When I come up to the coop in the evening, there is just a soft light coming from the barn lights, but when I walk up to the coop it detects movement and switches to a brighter setting. It’s perfect! And, I’m hoping that might help to scare predators away too.

It’s been fun decorating our chicken coop! Since we aren’t able to build our house on the hill yet, it’s been fun having something to spruce up. ❤️. We live in Dickson, TN, so I want to get a sign with gold letters that says “The Dickson Chicks!” 😂😂😂😂. (A play on the “Dixie Chicks”). If you know country music, you’ll get the reference. 😉. Should I do it?

Sania LOVES our chickens and takes such good care of them! We love taking special care of our chickens and are so thankful for all the wonderful eggs they provide us. Currently, we get about 9 eggs a day, and our newer chicks haven’t started laying yet!

Let me know what you think about the new coop lights in the comments, or if you have any questions, let me know!

Have a blessed day, friends!

xoxo, Traci


  1. Oh my gosh! I just love your coop! The lights make it! And yes, you should definitely have a Dickson Chicks sign! 🤗😂💕

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