How I Fight My Battles {Lesson 3}

Today, I am back with my third lesson from the series about the Armor of God I did on my instagram page Hope Beneath My Heart. If you missed the first two lessons, you can click on the links below…

Lesson 1: Who is our Enemy

Lesson 2: How our Enemy Fights

In today’s lesson, we talk about the first piece of armor that we are to wear when fighting our battles against the enemy: The Belt of Truth.

Y’all, I LOVED teaching this message, because in a world where we are constantly told to live by our own “truths,” the Bible reminds us that it is the ONLY truth that we can confidently stand on.

We discussed how to put on the belt of truth and how foundational it is to everything in our lives.

I hope you enjoy it!

Have a blessed week, friends! xoxo, Traci


  1. Hi Traci-
    I love the lessons you are sharing and great job on your garden! My husband and I share your Anniversary day, just a different year, 1980. Happy 26th a bit early and may our awesome God favor you with many, many more years together!

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