TREND ALERT: Wood Tile on Walls

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I have been working with one of our Hutcherson Home Remodel clients on a future bathroom makeover project. We are picking out the tile for her shower and flooring, and we have decided on a cool geometric wood tile for above the vanity.

Here is what the bathroom currently looks like…

Here is a mock up I made of how we could remodel the space…

I am in love with this tile from The Tile Shop! It’s called Tavola Decor Porcelain wall tile.

I have been wanting to use this tile in a makeover project for a while now because I first saw this type of tile in a Nashville Home Tour a couple of years ago. And now I am seeing this type of wood wall tile more and more on Pinterest and other home resources.

For several years, we have been seeing the rise in popularity of wood-like tile on the floor, but now it’s making it’s way up the walls. 😂

Here are some favorite pictures I found on Pinterest….


I like how they use the wood tile as an accent on the back wall only of the showers.


I love how they used a different tile in the niche of the shower below…


The wood tile looks really good trimmed out in black molding in this shower…


Below, you can see how they used the wood tile in the whole shower, and of course, black fixtures look great with the wood color.


Not only do the wood tiles look great in showers, but they are beautiful on accents walls too, like we are doing in our client’s bathroom.

Here are some examples I found online…

I love this beautiful accent wall behind the vanity.

In the picture below, you can see how they used tile that looks like wood planks on the wall behind their free-standing tub.

This geometric wall tile is gorgeous in this moody bathroom…

So many cool architectural designs can incorporate the wood tile. Look at this beautiful wall niche…

So what do you think? Have you used wood tile anywhere other than on the floor? Do you like the look of wood tile on the wall or in a shower? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Your designes are very actractive. It also makes me feel good when I see the wall lights on each side of the mirror instead above the mirror. I almost think that a cosmetologist had a hand in the placement of the lighting.

  2. I think it looks super cool! I’m looking on my phone so forgive me, but does the wood tile have ridges or reading like read wood? If so, it seems more practical behind a mirror like your design or on the wall rather than in a shower where soap and shampoo might make it hard to clean. It sure adds warmth to a space though. Looking forward to seeing some of the end results you both have been working on for others. Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. Hi! How interesting that planking and wood floor tiles have bumped shiplap! That’s how fashion and design works, and it is fun to see these new perspectives on interior design. I personally don’t like flooring anywhere else but sometimes, I like the look of wood planks on the ceiling. It would be interesting if the homeowner paints the wood tiles in a few years as a simple change.
    I have just gotten used to seeing wall paper on ceilings. I enjoy your blogs and yours and your husband’s personal
    involvement in the design process. The hard work as a family is paying off! 👍👍👍🎉

  4. Looks so neat. I love all the pictures you showed. Like I said before, I wish you guys lived close to me to remodel my rooms. :). You have such a good eye. I like what you designed for your client. Pretty.

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