Let’s Paint Something “PURDY” Together!

I have a fun announcement today!

I am partnering with Purdy to do a furniture makeover with one of YOU!!

I’m so excited about this opportunity! 👏🏻. I have always wanted to travel to meet y’all and help you with a DIY project or with design/decorating! I WISH I had the money to fly anywhere to work with you, but unfortunately, I have to keep this project close to home.

So if you live within two hours of Nashville, TN, or Lexington, KY, and you have a piece of furniture you have been wanting to paint…

Email me at beneathmyheart4@gmail.com! Just include your name and address, and attach some photos of the piece of furniture you want painted. That’s it!

You have one week to enter, and if you don’t live near these areas but know someone who does…please share this with them! 😁

It’s gonna be fun, and I’m going to share it all in real time on my instagram stories, so be sure to follow me there! I will also be sharing it in a blog post in the future as well!

If you want to check out some of my painting projects I have completed with Purdy in the past, click here.

Can’t wait!!

xoxo, Traci

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