Treasures from our Wilmore House

I want to share the Instagram stories I posted last weekend over here on the blog, in case you don’t follow me over there.

I spent a week last week in the Wilmore House by myself to get work done on my blog and get Cy’s Hutcherson Home Remodel site up and running. (I’ll share more on that later. )

It was so good to spend time in our sweet Wilmore Home before we sell it. We are suppose to close on it on February 2nd. 🤞🏼

It gave me the time to reflect on why I love our Wilmore house so much. I realized it was not only because of the way it was decorated, but because of the way it made me FEEL when I was there.

There were so many treasures in our Wilmore house that I want to take to our new home, Four Gables at Still Waters.

So I shared in my instagram stories the reasons why I love our Wilmore house, and how it ties in to the reason I named my blog “Beneath My Heart” in 2009.

I put those stories in a video on YouTube to share with you here. I hope you enjoy them. ❤️

Have a blessed weekend!

xoxo, Traci


  1. Just seeing this. Can’t wait to watch your video and listen to Jonathan’s song. It’s late and I plan to do this after church tomorrow. Just wanted to thank you for sharing your heart and I wanted to reply back to you.

    1. The chairs are from Arhaus, but they don’t make the exact ones anymore. You can find very similar ones for less money on Amazon for less money. Just search for something like “cross back” dining chairs.”

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