Before and After Pictures of our Kitchen Makeover {without mouse over effect!}


I know these pictures are a repeat, but I wanted to share the before and after pictures of our kitchen for those of you who cannot use the mouse over effect on your computer.

It was just too many pictures to put in yesterday’s post.

So here they are!











































kitchen 022_thumb


kitchen 043_thumb





kitchen 020_thumb


kitchen 008 (2)_thumb





kitchen 027_thumb[1]


kitchen 025_thumb






kitchen 011


kitchen 003




We have a few more things left to do, and I will share those with you soon.

I will also answer a bunch of your questions about our counters, lighting, floors, etc. in a future post too.

THANK YOU so much for all of your sweet comments!  Sharing this kitchen renovation with you made it so much more bearable during the difficult days.  Smile



Here is an updated picture of our kitchen!


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  1. Stephanie Barton says:

    Traci, It took my breath away when I say the mouse over pictures yesterday. Truly stunning, great job to you and Cy!! I hope you have many happy moments with your family in that beautiful space!!

  2. OMG!!! I LOVE your new kitchen!! So special, since you’ve done it yourselves!!!

    Happy New Year!!


  3. STUNNING!!! I love it :) The white, the pops of red, the floors….ALL of it!

  4. vicki sutton says:

    Wow! Its beautiful. Such a transformation. And to think u did it just shows ur talent.

  5. Wow, I’m speechless. What a gorgeous kitchen. Like something out of a magazine. Truly stunning, you all should be very proud!

  6. Simply stunning! Love the ceiling, counters, open shelves, pantry… the list could go on and on! Love it all.

  7. Love your kitchen makeover! I’m thinking of painting my cabinets and would love the details of what products and colors you used.

  8. This looks wonderful! So bright, fresh, new!

  9. I am jealous and in love! This is absolutely beautiful and I would love that in my house. Perfect!

  10. Wow! what a transformation! I love everything you did in the kitchen from the ceiling to floor . Love the farmhouse sink, subway tile and the new bright white cabinets. Your pantry transformation is great as well, the french doors add so much character to the room.

  11. How do you not walk in your kitchen with you mouth hanging open in awe? That transformation is so amazing. 8) You two are so talented.

  12. This has got to be one of the most beautiful kitchens I have ever seen! Beautiful job! So much work and it came out like a magazine picture~ I can’t tell you how much I love it!
    Thanks for sharing it!

  13. The makeover is fabulous. I have loved following along with your progress. I am wondering how you are liking all the open shelving and no upper cabinets?

  14. Yep, I still love it the 2nd time around! :) Are you planning on adding an island back in (maybe something moveable?) or just enjoying the space? I think it would look great either way, just curious what your preference is


  15. I LOVE those floors. I know you have shared some about them already and I am dying to know more specifics especially color and the finishing/sealer process (like after the stain). Looks great!!

  16. Absolutely AMAZING!!!! I mean……wow! Love your blog and your kitchen…..thanks for sharing! You and your hubby did an AMAZING job!!

  17. WoW! What a difference the white makes. My kitchen is very small and with the dark cabinets doesn’t help. How did you prepare the cabinets and process of the painting? Thank You for showing the pictures and I hope you have a safe and happy New Year.

  18. Wow Traci! Your kitchen looks amazing! You must be so thrilled with the outcome – what a beautiful and professional-looking job! I love all the details and how you maximized your space! Enjoy!

  19. Betsy London says:

    Way to go Traci and Cy! It looks AMAZING!!! You rock! Seriously, magazine material right there! Gorgeous! You can come over my house when you finish yours:) hehe:)

  20. Wowzers Cy and Traci!! A very professional job!! I am very proud of you both for a great job. And thank you for letting us all share in your progress and lives.

  21. Whoops, I got so carried away trying to give you guys my sincere compliments, I forgot to add that I think one of your biggest improvements comes from tearing down the soffit above your cabinets. I know that was also one of the messiest jobs with all that insulation falling everywhere.

  22. I absolutely LOVE it!! You guys did an outstanding job!!

  23. It looks awesome! My favorite part is still the pantry. It really opens everything up.

  24. Thanks for doing this post because usually I’m on an iPad, so I couldn’t do the mouse overs. : )
    It looks so fresh and clean. Amazing amazing amazing.

  25. It is incredibly beautiful! WOW. I am so impressed that you did it all yourselves!! Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  26. The kitchen is BEAUTIFUL. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. How long did it take to complete the project?

  27. I keep pulling this up and oohing and awwwing. So sweet!

  28. Love it! Love the blog! What kind of wreath is that in your window? Where did you get that beautiful thing?

  29. I was going to tell you what I LOVED the most, but I truly couldn’t decide as I LOVE it ALL!!! The ceiling, the moulding, the open shelves, the wood floors, the subway tile! EVERYTHING came together like notes on a music sheet that made a #1 song :) BEAUTIFUL!!

  30. Wow, the kitchen looks so great! I love the color of the floors with the white cabinets – very crisp and clean! Makes me want to start painting!! Ha!


  31. I LOVE IT! You guys did an amazing job…where did you get those counters?!

  32. Wow! Wow! Wow! I’m too much of a chicken to ever try open shelving but I do love the look. Amazing!

  33. Gosh I love your kitchen ! It just looks so amazing! You need to send those pictures into some before/after contest because you would have to win! I’m struggling with the green eyed monster because your kitchen is way better than mine, but I’m trying to be a grown up and be happy for you!;-) Great job!

  34. Traci
    the kitchen is beautiful! Such a 360 degree difference from where you started. It’s open, fresh and bright! I love your open shelving and how you styled them. The additional basket storage is really nice and that BIG pantry with the lighting is just over the top.
    When you share all the details. can you share with us on the sealing and maintenance of the butcher block top and how it’s holding up for you? I love the look of butcher block top, but not sure if It would be a maintenance thing or not.
    Almost forgot to say that the flooring is FABULOUS as is the ceiling. My two faves next to the pantry and the open shelving. Y’all did a great job!

  35. Simply beautiful! Hard to believe it is the same kitchen! It looks like something you would see in a magazine, or something that would be pinned on Pinterest! Wish my husband would allow me to make some similar changes…someday :)

  36. Marilyn C. says:


    I have looked at this pictures more than once! Your new kitchen really should be featured in some kitchen renovationo magazine. Your kitchen is absolutely stunning my friend

    Marilyn C.

  37. So fresh, clean, cheerful…and inviting! All of the hard work paid off! It is great!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  38. Don’t you miss the island?? I think I would…

  39. Sallie Baker says:

    Go over sometime what you do when you paint your already existing cabinets…what kind of paint to use,
    primer, sand etc…?

    SO impressed!!

  40. I love, love, LOVE your new kitchen.

  41. This looks AMAZING!!! Such beautiful touches from the sink to the countertops. Love the subway tile and open shelving too. IT looks beautiful!

  42. WOW WOW WOW Traci, this is amazing! You guys did an amazing job, doesn’t even look like the same kitchen, I love it!!
    Happy new year and belated Merry Christmas

  43. what a lovely new and bright space
    you’ve created for yourself

    adore the butcher block counters
    and subway tile

    great job!


  44. Amazing! I can’t wait to overhaul my kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The biggest problem is they’re RTF, and I haven’t seen anyone refinish those yet. I think I’ll have to have them refaced or completely replaced.

  45. oh my WORD Traci…it looks like a true model kitchen!! Seriously beautiful & amazing transformation…it’s been so fun to follow you through all of the steps!!!

  46. Such an impressive transformation. Just beautiful! You should be very proud …

  47. It’s breathtaking Traci! Wow, it’s so much brighter and so cheerful. I know you heart is soaring!!!

    Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute :)

  48. Uh.
    I love how crisp and bright it looks, LOVE the pops of red and green, the dark wood floor and white wood ceiling. You two rocked it out big-time. How much do you love simply removing a glass from the shelf & filling it with water at the sink? What a delight it must be after having the sink in one room, the glass in another and the water in a third!!!!!

  49. LOOKS

    Traci. You guys did it!!!!!
    Great inspiration.
    I am so ready to have my white kitchen that I could cry.
    Thank you for sharing this huge task and the lovely results.
    Looking forward to a great year,

  50. WOW!!!…It looks great…love it all…it’s so much work, but so worth it…just finished our too…come on over and check out the final kitchen reveal post…nice to meet you and your blog…Mariaelena

  51. Hey Girl! Congrats on the lovely kitchen!!!! I think my favorite thing is the ceiling. Just L.O.V.E. that look! We have and IKEA butcher block too – how did you seal yours?
    Love it – can’t wait to see your moves in your addition!

  52. It looks amazing, Traci!!! I love ALL of it!! You know I’m a fan of open shelving. ;-)

  53. What a beautiful kitchen. You did an amazing job! You should be so proud! I just want you to know that I just love reading your blog! I think it’s my favorite because you are so personable and I feel we’ve been friends forever! You are a wonderful person and deserve wonderful things in your life. Thanks for letting us “come along” as you design, and share your life with us!
    Congratulations on your kitchen! JOB WELL DONE!

  54. Wonderful transformation! Really makes me want to work on my tiny kitchen! I’m afraid neither my husband nor I are talented enough to do it as creatively as your family did! Great job!

  55. Your new kitchen is GORGEOUS! Love all the details…the pops of red, the white beadboard ceiling, the white tile. Love it! Amazing girl!

  56. Unbelievable! It’s SO GORGEOUS! I’m sooo happy for you!

  57. Love, love, love it! Every bit of it. Thanks for sharing.

  58. I just stumbled upon your blog. I’m in love with your kitchen! I love white cabinets and red is one of my favorite colors. The thing I like the most is the way you re-purposed your existing cabinets. What a gorgeous transformation!


  59. Wow, great job on the redo! Looks amazing! I noticed you changed the ceiling to beadboard…can you share what type you used to install and approximate cost? I’m going to be doing this in my kitchen soon and wondered how hard it was to install.

  60. Hello! I saw you kitchen featured on Hometalk, so I had to come over for a look. Wow! The transformation is simply amazing! I know you must be enjoying your new space so much!
    Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads recently posted..Fresh Cucumber Salad Dressing

  61. barbara waterman says:

    i love everything about your new kitchen.but i have one sink finished?will water seep under counter?should there be some kind of protection so water doesnt damage?maybe im missing something here.but other than my question,kitchen is perfect.

  62. What color did you use on the walls??

  63. Wow, it’s AMAZING! You did an incredible job. I would never even guess that was the same space. Enjoy your new kitchen. :)


  64. Cherith says:

    I absolutely love this. I love the open shelving, the french doors on the closet, the floors, back splash….love it, love it, love it. Great job.

  65. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I just love it! You must be so proud of yourselves. A job very well done.


  66. It looks wonderful but where did you put all the stuff that was in the cabinets? Where is your storage?

  67. Your new kitchen is amazing!!! Splendid remodel you did, it looks fabulous, makes you want to go and spend time there cooking and baking! Beautiful!
    Big hugs,

  68. I just stopped by from BNOTP. I am a foodie, but I just wanted to say you did an excellent remodel.

  69. I think I’m going to die, I love this kitchen so much! I really like the ceiling – is it beadboard, or something more complicated?

  70. How did you creat your wood ceilings? Are they painted panels or boards?
    Any info would help us a ton!


  71. Lisa Cantrell says:

    I am a little late to the party, but I just saw these pics and your kitchen is beautiful. My kitchen has the same layout from the sink around the corner to the fridge, but my fridge seems very intrusive in the space. How deep is your fridge?

  72. I love this kitchen and it’s the inspiration for new home! Could you please tell me the wall and trim colors? Thanks!

  73. How are you liking the butcher block countertops several years later? I love the look but fear having wood next to my sink.

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