Our Kitchen Makeover Video!


Merry Christmas, sweet friends!

I hope you have had a blessed day with family and friends.

I wanted to quickly share a video of our kitchen makeover with you.  After being without a kitchen table for almost two months, it felt great to eat our Christmas breakfast at the table this morning.  The kitchen truly is the heart of the home.  Smile

I will be sharing more pictures of our kitchen in my next post. 


Need a Christmas smile?

Watch this sweet video of one of my close friend’s daughter singing a precious song.

“I’m gonna wrap up myself for Christmas and tie me with a big red bow.

That’s what I’m giving to Jesus.  It’s a present he’ll like I know!

My mama keeps trying to tell me, it won’t do any good to primp and fuss.

‘Cause Jesus doesn’t look at the wrapping.  He’s looking for a Heart that Trusts!”


  1. Now that is a home!! WOW and great job, girl!! I am SO excited for 2012. Doesn’t the New Year just bring such promise and hope? My word for the year is going to be SIMPLIFY. I’m going to enjoy every day and I’m going to make it simple.

  2. Your kitchen looks fabulous!!!! I am in love with your butcher block counter tops and farm house sink, amazing! I cannot wait to see more updates from the rest of your home :)

  3. Your kitchen is just beautiful! I’m so envious of that pantry!!! Love all of the finishing details that you thought through, like the trim on the edge of the shelves, and the beadboard in the back of the shelf above the microwave. It all came together so beautifully!

  4. Traci I LOVE your kitchen but I have a couple of questions. We have hardwood floors that need to be refinished and I want to do them like yours – dark. People are trying to talk me out of it but I love the look. Are you glad your floors are dark. Also I bought a piece of the wood counter top to use as an island. My husband put it on an old treadle sewing machine but I didn’t put any protection on it and it shows. What did you put on the wood to protect it.

  5. Oh my gosh Traci this is so crazy – I know Lori! I saw the link to this post on her fb page. She was my daughter’s mom’s morning out teacher a couple years ago! She is such a sweet girl! She’s also the head of my WH group. Small world! Your kitchen looks beautiful – all that hard work paid off! Merry Christmas!

  6. Love the kitchen makeover! Has anyone ever told you that your voice sounds like Connie Britton’s? She was the mom on Friday Night Lights, and your voices are so similar? (I think that’s a compliment. I love her.) :)

  7. Wow! You guys work fast! It’s beautiful. I noticed that you took down the ceiling fan. What overhead lighting do you have in there now?

  8. Traci,

    The kitchen is beautiful. I’ve been following all of your updates. I’m with Patty…we are redoing wood floors and I like the look of the dark stain. What is the color of the stain that you used? Also, I read in one of your posts on the butcher block that at one point you thought about staining it darker. Is there a stain that is recommended for butcher block counter tops? And ONE more question….the white farmhouse sink….are they as easy to care for as stainless steel….stains, etc.? I know you’re a busy woman…thanks so much for answering questions. ;)

  9. Beautiful. I’ve watched the whole process with delight. You’re also great at creating the videos. Looking forward to much inspiration from you during the coming year. God bless!

  10. Your kitchen looks great! I’m so glad you got it finished and were able to enjoy it for Christmas.
    I enjoyed watching the video. I love the little open space above the microwave and I like the pantry too. So….what project is next? :)

  11. Traci

    ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I also have those same Christmas glasses that you have on your shelf! What a wonderful transformation in your kitchen. I am so happy for you and your family. Thanks for sharing your video too. I look forward to seeing more in 2012

    Wishing you and your family a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!


    Marilyn C.

  12. OH, I love your new kitchen ~ it’s awesome. Your pantry is gorgeous and I love those pretty open shelves you have (and you’ve dressed them wonderfully)! :) I know you didn’t like the glare but that means you have lots of light shinig in your kitchen and I love that! ;) I’m really happy for you and you and your hubby are so smart!
    I love hearing that little precious girl sing her song. Melts my heart!
    I know you had a wonderful Christmas!
    You are the sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. I love your kitchen you are very inspiring. We will be redoing a our kitchen here after the first of the year. I have one question for you. do you have a really long cuboard next to your stove or is that spot empty between stove and the counter top? love your colors and love the pantry. We are using a linnen closet for my pantry at this time not the best option for location but is very needed. thank you so much for the wonderful updates!

  14. I happened onto your website “by accident” just as you and Mr. were beginning the kitchen remodel. I’m sure glad I did. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. So inspirational with a truly beautiful finale.

    Wishing you and yours a truly blessed New Year!

  15. A truly beautiful outcome, Traci! I cannot believe how quick you and Cy get things done when you start a project. I think Cy deserves a trip to DisneyWorld or somewhere, after all his hard and tedious work!!

  16. So glad that it’s coming together for you!! I think it is beautiful. I know you probably have lots more work/projects to do around the “new” house, but since the kitchen is wrapping up, I hope that you and your family can enjoy the new space now! Merry Christmas! p.s. The shelves look amazing and the dishes are so pretty!!

  17. What a wonderful Christmas present for all of you! Such a bright, yet warm and cozy new kitchen! I love all the details, and your open shelving looks fabulous. Love that you have so much SLAH accents too, I’m a SLAH girl too (now Willow House, but you know what I mean!) and there’s something so welcoming and homey feeling about recognizing items in other people’s homes that are in yours as well, you know?

  18. Now those are some big big-girl-panties. Super impressed with all that you did. It looks so much better! Definitely a great inspiration for me to do something with my miles and miles of golden oak cabinets in my kitchen.

  19. The kitchen looks amazing!! So hard to believe how quickly and fully it was transformed!

    All of the design elements you picked out and your decorating touches have made it both magazine ready and very perfect and personal for your family.

    Great work!!

  20. No problems in my google reader. Any issues I used to have with commenting or seeing in my reader stopped after I installed goole chrome. It’s the bombdiggity! Kitchen looks fab!

  21. Traci,

    You and your husband did an amazing job. I wish I had half your energy. I love all of your designs. I completed my laundry room just as you did your mudroom and I will have to send some pics your way when I get a decent camera! Thanks so much for all the decorating ideas and how-to’s. You have some wonderful decorating ideas. Can’t wait to see what you do in 2012! This kitchen looks amazing. You guys should be so proud of yourselves!

  22. Hi Traci,
    I am one who’s feed did not reflect that you have been posting. Thought you had stopped for a while during the holidays! Loved to have so much to catch up on this morning..Absolutely beautiful..I am dying to go in and start painting my cabinets! Your husband does wonderful work, love the new pantry!
    Merry Christmas..and your friends daughter is a doll!

  23. Traci, your kitchen is Fabulous! Neither my husband or I have any kind of renovation skills, but after watching you transform your kitchen for the past two months and showing your renovation video to my husband, I think I might have a bit more pull in having him ‘try’ to renovate our kitchen…we just need to take small steps! ~Cat

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