2011 Beneath My Heart Highlights! (Wow! What a Year It’s been!)


I canNOT believe this year is over!

And I canNOT believe all changes that our family has been through this past year as I look back over my posts!

It has been fun, depressing, exciting, nerve-racking, and More!


Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite highlights with you.

In January, my sister and I hosted a series called, Organizing your Heart and Home.


I got a LOT of organizing done that month!  Here are the areas of my home that I organized…

My new laundry room (that I miss a bunch!)…



My bathroom closet makeover (in my master bedroom)…



My kitchen pantry makeover…



And lastly, my craft closet makeover




I dressed up my mudroom sink…



Made over a table with my new favorite paint color…




I found a mirror at GW for $7.50 and painted it for our guest house…



I had fun creating this “I Celebrate YOU” tablescape for a guest post…




In June, we sold our house and moved into a new one!



After a month of being in our new home, we broke ground on a new addition!




I made a HUGE announcement on my blog that I still cannot believe I have the honor of being a part of!


So excited about Haven 2012!!!!  I hope I get to meet some of you there!


We were busy on our addition, and I shared a tour of it with you.



While Cy was busy on the addition, I found some time to make a skirted desk for my office, and I showed you how to do it.



And oh yeah…

There was this little project I started in the middle of October…

You know…the one in the kitchen.  I wanted to paint those cabinets white!


And I ended up with this!

kitchen 015 (2)

Woo to the hoo!!!

My husband and I agree that our kitchen renovation has turned out to be one our favorite projects that we have completed together.

It was rough at times, but we are so glad we did it!

There was just too much going on this past year to add in all in one post.

We actually found time to makeover a friend’s kitchen and bathroom.

My Dad remarried.

I became a Great Aunt to my precious great nephew,  Colt.

Cy ran in his first full marathon.

I went to Blissdom and Relevant.

Stayed and shopped with my friend Sarah.

Hung out in Tennessee with Layla.

Whew!  What an amazing year!


This blog continues to bless me in ways I could never have imagined!

And YOU are the biggest reason!!

Thank you for following my blog.

Thank you for being such a blessing to me!

I pray for God’s blessing on 2012!

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  1. Aww Traci! You Rock, my friend. Congrats on all your accomplishments this year. Thanks for taking me along on the journey. I am still loving looking at that kitchen, it really looks so much bigger!

    Happy New Year to you and your family

    Marilyn C.

  2. I personally want to thank YOU for sharing YOUR life and husband (in a way – haha) with all of us! You two are a wonderful asset to blog land and I’m thankful I came across your blog quite by mistake. I just love your blog!!!

    You have inspired me as well to start my own in 2012 (fingers crossed), so I thank you for that!

    Happy New Year and I’m ready to tag along on your journey in 2012.

  3. I am seriously impressed with all you managed to complete :) I hope you will continue impressing us in the new year, and for the whole 2012 I wish you never ending ideas and a lot of time to make them real, but above all I wish you lots of happiness, joy, prosperity and health for you and all your loved ones. Happy New year, Traci:)

  4. Hi Traci..
    what a pleasure it has been following you throughout the years I’ve been b
    We’ve shared both good and not so good times, Laughter, tears and smiles..
    You’ve always been an inspiration, and a blessing in so many ways..
    above all, you’ve always been a friend to us all!
    thanks for sharing your family, your home,your accomplishments, and your heart!!
    ps.. your kitchen is beautiful!!
    warmest hugs and laughing smiles….

  5. I love the pantry project!! Your pantry looks a lot like mine in size and setup. I always want to update and reorganize my pantry, but I always calculate the cost (and hassle!) of adding some additional shelving and storage containers and I get discouraged. Maybe this will be a project for this year….preferably next month!! Thanks for the kick in the pants!

  6. Traci you bring so much inspiration to the blogging world! My little blog is so much fun, and a GREAT way to find wonderful people such as yourself. I LOVE the kitchen, and cannot wait to start on my own in the next few months! Thank you for all you share with us!

  7. Traci, thanks for reviewing all of you organizational ideas from this past year. My house is in need of some beginning of the year reorganization.

  8. Yes, it’s been quite a year in your home and following your blog has brightened my year in ways that will continue to blossom over the next year.

  9. Just one question. What vitamins do you take?!?! LOL! I love what you have done and the fact that you and your hubs are such a great team. You are lucky.

  10. How satisfying to look back and have so many wonderful projects completed with such fantastic results. You certainly have me wishing I could talk you into living with us for the next year! :). Knowing that wont be happening, I will continue to follow your blog because you are so inspiring! Have learned a bunch from you already…..can’t wait for more! Happy, happy new year to you and your family! Cheers!

  11. You take my breath away with all of your projects. I also want to thank you for having to chance to speak our minds, Most of the other blogs don’t give those who don’t have a blog or facebook and twitter a chance to talk to them about their blog. You are so thoughtful to give everyone a chance to “Speak” to you with out a hassle. Love, love you blog and I have learned a lot. Now if I could borrow your husband.
    (Ha-Ha). Have a safe and happy New Year.

  12. What a wonderful year full of great accomplishments to look back on! Isn’t a blog neat like that, you are documenting your life as it happens, and it will always be there for you to be encouraged by. Hope this next year is just as full of good things! Happy New Year Traci! Oh, and did you ever get your feed situation worked out?

  13. This is the first time I have ever commented on a blog and I love your blog. May I ask your paint color in laundry room.thanks

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