11 Creative Ways to Store your Spices



Last week, I shared a post with you on Simple Ways to Store Your Cook Books.

Mainly because I had “cook book storage” on the brain.  My hubby just built me an under the cabinet shelf to store my own cook books on. 



He accidentally called the shelf our “menu holder” in the video he took of it.  Could it be because we eat out more than I cook?  Hmmm…


Well, he is currently making me another shelf on the other side of our microwave for my spices.  So I have been looking around the internet to find cute ways to store and display my spices.


I want to share the ideas I found with you today.


This first pictures is so beautiful to me.  Aaaahhh, organization!  (Something of which I have very little of at this point in my life!)

I am particularly loving those pull down bins beneath the spices.  Aren’t they cool?!  This is so DIY do-able!!


via BHG.com



Spices in test tubes?  Who would have thunk it?  It’s not really my style, but a cool idea nevertheless.  And I like how they have everything they need on one tray.


via BHG.com




Every wander what to do with all those baby food jars?  How about recycling them into spices jars.!  The small size fits perfectly into a drawer, and a little chalkboard paint on the lids makes it easy to label and view.



via FrugalDecorMom



If you have a little open space on a wall in  your kitchen, maybe you could purchase a beautiful stainless steel spice rack?  It’s functional and beautiful.image

via BHG.com




Another way to be “green”  is to use upcylced etched glass spice bottles.  Those colorful spices look amazing.


via Instructables



Here is a DIY idea for storing  your spices on the wall. 


via Shelterness


If you like to have your spices hidden and out of sight, why not store them in a drawer or a pull out spice rack?


via Shelterness





via Shelterness



Open shelving in your kitchen is also a great way to store your spices.  You can store them in all different size glass jars with labels.


via OurHomemadeHappy



And for fun, why not display your spices with a chalkboard background.  It’s fresh and funky!


via Shelterness




via Shelterness


Do you have a creative way to store your spices? 

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  1. I was always taught that spices need to be stored in a cool dark area to preserve freshness. I really like that vertical pull-out that uses just a sliver of space!

  2. I was lucky enough to have a cupboard with a built in spice rack right night to my stove when we moved in. My new kitchen is all ugly and orangey oak right now, but it sure is functional!
    Courtenay recently posted..Stamped Rustic Horsey Sign

  3. I’m totally not creative. I bought a wire rack at Ace Hardware and attached it to my pantry door. I love having all my spices out where I can see them! They used to be in a drawer in our old apartment which made it very hard to use them.

    I love the frappachino bottles though. We’ve been drinking a lot of those lately and the bottles are gathering up. I may have to do that, but instead of etching, I’m going to do the chalkboard paint. :)
    nessa the procrastinator recently posted..Spring has sprung!

  4. Ive been meaning to get my spices in order for the longest time! The rest of your kitchen has inspired me so maybe there is hope for that mess I call my spice cabinet!

  5. We had a double spice shelf built into the wall right above the countertop where I do all my mixing…i call it my baking center. Since i have the spices alphabetized, it is so easy and conveneint to pull a spice for baking/cooking! ♥

  6. I use little tins on the side of my refrigerator that are held on to it with magnets, and i write on the lids with sharpies the contents of the inside :)
    Jennifer Goldinger recently posted..Tea Towel Pillows

  7. I keep my spices in my kitchen cabinets. But, I must tell you that we bought this house that a caterer had previously owned. I have lots of cabinets!! I use carosels that Rubbermaid used to sell. Some are double deckers, LOL. I put spices like you would use in desserts: cinnamon, allspice, etc on one, then on one I have spices like garlic powder, onion powder, etc. Then on another one I have just every day spices: paprika, pepper, etc. Serves me well.
    Barbara Galloway recently posted..New Refrigerator

  8. Great post! Makes me want to kick my spice storage up a notch! Can’t wait to see your new shelf. :) My storage is nothing stylish, but I do use a black Sharpie to label the tops of my spices. They are stored in baskets in the pantry, but only the tops poke out. The labeling keeps me from digging around and pulling each jar out one by one.
    Beth @ Free Stylin’ recently posted..Quick Tip: Save the DVDs!

  9. lol! My husband does the cooking, Traci, so if it was up to me, my shelves would probably hold pretty decorative items! He has a lot of spices in the cupboard (maybe even two cupboards) but we also have a ‘spice loft’ and cook book library (with a sliding ladder). Love the inspiration photos!

  10. I don’t do anything cute with mine as I too believe spices should be kept in dark, cool place in tightly sealed containers. And we should buy in small amounts as they do ‘age’ out. I’m guilty of the Costco buying but have learned my lesson. I follow the tip to date the container so I will know just how old they are, and red spices are attractive to household pests. So buy small, and toss on a regular basis.

  11. Karen Landis says:

    I went to Lowe’s and bought a small sheet of metal. Hubby cut it and mounted it to the inside of my cupboard door. I then use those small spice tins that have magnet backs (bought a set at costco and then bought a few more at Bed, Bath & beyond). They are labeled and put alphabetically on the metal board. I can,t use the front edge of the shelves, maybe an inch, and I have so much more room!

  12. Andrea Rivers says:

    AWESOME post! Someday when we have a beautiful large kitchen and have space to display them- I’m totally doing the etched bottle gig. For now.. I had to settle for the drawer inserts from IKEA…

  13. Ooh, what fun ideas! I love the one by Shelterness that is a pull out cabinet. I would love to have one like that next to my range. I currently have no cool way to store my spices…just a couple of lazy susans in my pantry. Thanks for the inspiration. Maybe I’ll change things up a bit. :)
    Christy recently posted..more favorites

  14. I so love your new kitchen remodel and I am sure your spice rack will be fabulous, like the cookbook shelf is. My spices are in a small corner cabinet next to the stove. Not pretty at all and definitely not on display. I am not even sure how to use most of what I have, so I should probably throw most of it away. lol
    Thanks so much for the gracious and loving mention in your guest post. I definitely think of you as a very special blogging friend. You are such a precious person, I feel like I really know you in real life. Love you tons. Hugs, Marty
    [email protected] Stroll Thru Life recently posted..Guest Bedroom Sneak Peek

  15. Tracy, I am so envious of your white kitchen.
    I transfer all my spices into half pint jars. That way the jars are all the same size so they stack, you can see through them so you know when you are low on something, and the mouths are big enough for a Tablespoon. I keep them on 2 tier lazy susans (think really old Tupperwear ones). I have a baking cupboard for all those spices and baking soda, baking powder and salt all in the half pint jars. Then I have my cooking cupboard with all the dinner type herbs and spices and another one of salt so I don’t have to go looking for it.

  16. I haven’t come up with a good way to store my spices. Right now they’re in the cupboard, and every time Jim cooks, they become disorganized. I like the baby food jar idea, but I don’t have the drawer space for them… hmmmm…. maybe I can works something out. Of course, I also don’t have any baby food jars!!!
    Loribeth recently posted..I ordered my green sofa… Now what????

  17. I loved this post so much that I featured it on my series, Lots of Link Love, this week! Come check it out, and see which other blogs I spread the love to today! :)



  18. I am trying to recreate your shelves with baskets but wanted to know where you got your baskets from? Thanks so much.

  19. This spice storage solution worked perfect for me. Of course the most important thing is the alphabetical order, it saves time and nerves :) This is how i store my spices and herbs:

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